currently // ganeeban

9:31 AM

reading // current Runner's World / local Sacramento bloggers/ wedding night by Sophie Kinsella (still)

feeling // unmotivated to workout / tired / giddy when I go on mid-week movie dates with the Boy / happy to celebrate Lil's b-day / almost excited to start marathon training / sad that Landon Donovan is end of a USMNT era / liberated for sharing the blog with friends && family

eating // European pastries / Turkish food / Vega One all-in-one nutritional shakes M-F / french fries / ground turkey for breakfast /

loving // being in a bikini / spending time with my family / wine / qt with friends / doing chores with the Boy / a very sweet g-chat message from a friend / iced coffee

watching // Royal Pains / SF Niners pre-season / Giants lose more than win / pre-screening of When The Game Stands Tall

listening // Pandora / India.Arie / the Boy's random Spotify playlist

wishing // it was time for our Hawaii vaycay / I was more dedicated to saving money / to go on beach trip with the Boy / to have the juevos to commit to an Ironman / new running && training shoes

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  1. What is keeping from signing up for an Ironman? You should do a shorter triathlon first - it would be a good stepping stone. You'll have to let me know how When The Game Stands Tall is. I love sports movies.

    1. In all honestly, just excuses. But, money is one factor and time. I know training will be expensive, so I want to save a bit first. My goal is to do one by 35, hopefully! The movie was good, all the elements of a good sports movie! I wouldn't have minded if I paid to watch it. xoxo, ganeeban

  2. My tip for saving money has always been to have it pulled from your checking to a savings account right away when you get paid. You learn to live on the lower income and don't miss it because you never saw it! Good luck!

    1. Thanks for the suggestion! The trick would not be dipping into the dang savings account ;) xoxo, ganeeban


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