5 Things Friday -

10:49 AM

Friday one of my favorite F words!
Along with food, fried food, friends, and did I mention...food?!?

5 Links That Peaked My Interest:
1. 10 Mistakes Women Make In The Gym  - I love to go to the gym, its cathartic. Buuuut, I'm definitely fakin' the funk when I'm there. I know how to accurately execute most movements, but I still am very far from being as knowledgeable as I should be in my sanctuary. #2 makes me laugh, because my coach has mentioned she enjoys my "workout face"! So glad I took the time to read this article.
2. Instant Replay - Giants Lose - This did happen, but on Wednesday the SF Giants argued this and the MLB upheld the ruling and they will play the rest of the game on Thursday. Twitter went crazy with meme's making fun of the Cub's field staff and their lack of skills in pulling out the tarp for the rain, there were some pretty hilarious ones. Since my boys are close in a pennant race, this loss would have hurt...but not for the Cubs who are in last place!
3. How to Network at a Social Event Without Being a Creep - I mean, I'm social and a fairly agreeable person...but, when it comes to networking I suck. I flat out suck at it. Especially if the sole intent of being somewhere is to network. But in social settings it's a little different, dare I say even a little easier to navigate. I'm always looking for ways to grow and improve, I thought I'd share since it seemed helpful to someone who desperately could use the help in that department.
4. 15 Words and Phrases We Need Stop Saying - I don't agree with all of these AT ALL. My blog name as tomboy in it, so ugh! But I thought it was an interesting read, I can bet behind most of them...but some I disagree with! 
5. Starbucks 'Pay It Forward' Streak Lasts 11 Hours In Florida - Who doesn't love a feel good story?I I do kinda feel bad for the lady who ended the streak. I'm going to go on the assumption she didn't understand what they were asking of her, maybe a language barrier or something along those lines. Anywho, 11 hours is a long time to go for the human race. Good job humans, I'm proud of you in FL! I'm sure other Starbucks will be trying to beat this record now, which is silly in my eyes.

5 Workouts This Week:
1. Monday - Indoor soccer game, tied 5 to 5.
2. Tuesday - Midtown S/C class.
3. Wednesday - NP - stairs, stairs, stairs.
4. Thursday - Midtown S/C class.
5. Friday - Swolemate Date at 24hr.

5 Things I Craved This Week:
1. Breakfast for Lunch - dream came true with a fun lunch date with the Boy!
2. Wine - Bestest date for some vino, Wine not? (My new fave saying I stole borrowed from Helene In Between )
3. A easy run - still haven't done it, but the week isn't over yet.
4. Fresh baked cookies - but really a treat from C.R.E.A.M. - I can't justify driving to Davis, CA to get one, so fresh baked cookies will do. The Boy made this a reality and bought my fave go-to Toll house pre-portioned and ready to bake cookie dough!
5. Besto Pesto Sando - One of my absolute fave things to eat during Veggie Week! Thank goodness SS wanted to have a lunch date and picked that place, without me even prompting her!

5 Things I've Been Feeling/Think About:
1. This ALS Ice Bucket Challenge - Maybe I'm heartless, but I'm over seeing it. It was a genius ploy to raise money, so 100% kudos! But I'm over it, just donate and be done with it. But I'm glad it's bringing awareness and money to help those with ALS. I just don't need to see any more videos of people dumping cold ass water on their heads! #RantOver
2. I'm scared shitless of losing a parent! I have no say over when and how this will happen, but the thought of it makes me want to break into hysterical sobs!
3. [Potentially super TMI] - Turning 30 and some some weird shit happening to my body! I've heard this before, but I didn't believe it. Apparently, my body decided this was the time when I should get super, crazy lady emotional during my period. Sorry, TMI! But, it's unreal how emotional I get during this 4-7 day sabbatical from normalcy. Sometimes I even forget to associate the two things, until I realize I'm tearing up for no damn reason. Thanks hormones, really cool!
4. Excited for our fam vacation to Hawaii!! It's been awhile since I've had a proper vacation, that lasts longer than the weekend! Can't wait to do nothing, be beach side, and eat all the goodness the island has to offer!
5. I might have a slight case of OCD or OCB as the Bestest calls it - Obsessive Compulsive Behavior(s). It's really annoying me that my FB app continually says I have three notifications because I have three messages and I won't download the Messenger app. I know, serious case of #FirstWorldProbs...but I hate to see that little red circle with a three in it! Ugh! If we can't use the function remove it from our app!

Food // Friends // Friday // Family // Food // This girl has absolutely no complaints!

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  1. A couple of those links have my interest peaked as well. I'm definitely going to check out the gym mistake one and the sayings. I got very emotional in my 30s as well with my period. I also got adult acne which of course is just lovely! :S NOT.

    1. They should really tell kids that acne never goes away. The proverbial pimple will follow you around for years ;) Yay for our 30's! HAHA! I absolutely adored my 20's, but dang these 30's! Hope you had a great weekend. xoxo, ganeeban


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