5 Things Friday

10:06 AM

Cinco, cinco, cinco, cinco...
Comin' at you (in sets of) five different ways...

5 Things I'm Grateful for This Week:
1. My family - spending time with them is always refreshing and brightens my spirits.
2. Midtown - for my coach and fellow crazies who push me to be better and try harder during our workouts.
3. Work - sometimes the random perks of my job, make me remember why I like my company and my career choice.
4. Sleep - I was able to get in a crazy long night of sleep on Tuesday and it was exactly what my body needed.
5. Blogging - I love my minute space in the Intranets, I love how cathartic it feels to let the words flow, and I'm grateful I can just write to write.

5 Workouts That May or May NOT Have Happened This Week:
1. Monday - Indoor Soccer, down a girl player (which means no subs).
2. Tuesday - Missed Midtown, too tired from #1.
3. Wednesday - November Project - PR's & 1.47mi run.
4. Thursday - Midtown S/C Class
5. Friday - Swoledate = squats for cakes, cakes, cakes!

5 Links I Liked This Week:
1. Your Body is Not Your Masterpiece  Huffington Post
2. Love Him Or Leave Him? 11 Honest Questions To Ask Yourself About Your Relationship Elite Daily Website
3. 4 Ideas to Reconnect with Old Friends Goodlooknout.com 
4. All of the Information  venustrappedinmars.com
5. Food Pyramids for Runners runnersworld.com via FB

5 Images I've Been Sent This Week:
1. From my co-worker. Re: Our discussion regarding people creeping on your page and liking hella old stuff or accidentally liking, then unliking. Gotch 'ya!! HAHA!
2. From the Boy. Because he was mocking my love for wine knows I love Seinfeld.

3. From Hotlanta (the Bestests' BF). Because he loves coke and I sent him one with his name a few weeks ago.

4. From the Mormon. Part of our girls group message, because we love to eat and are not ashamed about it :)

5. From Jennifer. She said it was a treat for me, because she's a great friend (I said this, not her). Oh yes, eye candy and drool worthy.
If only we lived our lives in five...

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  1. Great lists as always! My fave lift days are leg days but my Fave hates them. I do it for the booty yo! :) You know I still can't find my name on those darn Cokes?! Haha! Have a great weekend!

    1. Booty, booty, booty! HAHA! I just have a common (re: boring) name ;) Have a great weekend! xoxo, ganeeban

  2. I got my own personalized Coca Cola today too from a friend! I was so excited...it was ridiculous..lol. I love the 'liking old stuff on facebook!' ----creepers, LOL. So funny!

    1. I saw your post and laughed that we both posted the same thing...great minds think alike :) Yes, creepers are always lurking ;) xoxo, ganeeban

  3. I really loved the article, Your Body is Not Your Masterpiece. I think it is always an important reminder - we are our ACCOMPLISHMENTS not our jean size :)

    1. Thanks, I did as well. That is a great line, that we should be instilling in little girls (especially) at a young age! Have a great weekend! xoxo, ganeeban

  4. I just laughed out loud at the "This is how you look when you like a 42 week old pic." I've totally done that before, but always by accident! It's tricky because you can't really unlike it since everyone gets phone alerts.

    1. I know, so was I, I tried to stifle my laugh at work when he sent it to me. I'm sure that's what happens to most people! Yup, even though you unlike it you get caught by those dang notification/alerts #FirstSocialMediaWorldProbs! haha! Thanks for stopping by! xoxo, ganeeban

  5. Great list! I literally LOL'd at the creeper pic of someone liking a 42 week old photo! Ha! I feel the same way... yet am guilty of doing so sometimes. :) ha!


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