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8:23 AM

Sometimes being a SF Giants fan is heartbreaking...
...other times it amazing. Seriously, my boys in Orange && Black love to keep us on an emotional roller coaster. Pre all-star-break they were killin' it, although those pesky Dodgers were close behind. Now, I'm celebrating them ending a six game loosing streak! Gah! They break my heart on a continual basis, but I guess that's how it goes as a Giants fan!

I honestly, wouldn't have it any other way. A day/evening spent at the Yard is magical. So, I thought I'd convince show you, you should love my boys and AT&T Park, just as much as I do!

1. AT&T Park - I really don't have to say anything. If you Google this park, you will see some very gorgeous, very professional photographs. Please don't judge it by my silly iPhone pictures. But there is no bad seat in the house - I lie, because I'm a seat snob - but literally every seat has something going for it! We haven't sold out 300+ games for no reason :) If you're all hippy dippy, then you can also appreciate that this was the first park to become LEED Silver Certified, making us the Greenest of all MLB ball parks!!
2. The Food - Very notably the garlic fries, but I didn't get them on this occassion. Many ball parks like to highlight local flair, The Chowder Bowls and Garlic Fries scream SF. They don't just stop at SF fare, but they get multicultural too - Chinese, Italian, Mexican, and your typical American food. They also serve adult libations of all the drink groups - wine, beer, and hard alcohol! Although you could go broke eating and drinking here, it's worth the foodie adventure!
Tres Carnitas Nachos
Keepin it classy with some vino!
3. The Memories - From Cain's perfect game to spending quality time with my family, going to the ball park guarantees memories will be made. Even if they happen to lose, something from each trip/game is memorable. I love making day trips out of games and tailgating is by far one of the added bonuses of going to games (of all sports, alike)! Meeting people who love the Giants just like you do, talking baseball, singing the national anthem & take me out to the ball game, the Kiss cam (I am a sucker for this, especially with the old people, I love it), and the 7th inning stretch are all things that make going to the Yard that much more special.
The Kiss Cam (hard to see) sponsored by The Monterrey Bay Aquarium

4. The Swag - We all already know I'm a sucker for shopping, one of those damn girly (of the girly tomboy) tendencies. My Orange && Black swag is not limited to just the Dugout store or MLB.com, but I love to shop local too. There are some dope SF companies that produce some sweet Giants themed swag! The only reason I really started buying Nike after 25 years of NOT, is because most of the cute girl Giants stuff is made my Nike. Damn them, I'm such a sucker, my morals are weakened by cute clothes :/ They also always offer the most random stuff, but also some of the cutest themed stuff you'll ever find. It's all overpriced, of course, but what can us fans do? But buy it ALL!
Loyal Roots new tee!
A new collab for 2014, how cute, but cheesy!
5. The Team - Duh! ...Really it should read the organization. I couldn't forget about the 40 men who make up the Gigantes...plus all the men and women behind the team. More importantly, those who make the everyday happenings work for the organization. This organization, although they make some silly decisions (re: Uggla), they truly are passionate about the Orange && Black and its followers. From the master mind, the Skipper, to the ball boys - our staff wants nothing but to win in a VERY unorthodox fashion! Our awesomeness is not limited to just the organization, but we have the best broadcasters in the game! Kruk & Kuip are theeeee best, and best of all, they coined the phrase "gamer babes" which I absolutely love! You cannot follow a team you do not see something in. These boys play their hearts out, good or bad, and I will continue to support them with cheers, ticket sales, and drape myself in their colors...because they are MY G-Men!

**I had to post this, because it is just too funny. With 42k people there, there is always epic people watching...
Extreme #selfie
Happy August y'all!!

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  1. Happy August! I need those nachos. :D

    1. I needed a partner in crime for them, hey are H-U-G-E! xoxo, ganeeban

  2. Sounds like such a fun park! I luuurve ethnic food. And when you take one of my favorite food groups (potato is totally a food group) and cover it in garlic you make me one happy girl.

    1. It SO is a great park! I kinda stretched it when I said ethnic food, they have it...but it's not the best ethnic food ever, but the nachos are TASTY! Yes, I agree on potatoes being a food group, I'd also argue bacon should be too ;) Thanks for stopping by! xoxo, ganeeban

  3. Nice touches and additions to your blog, Ganeeban!

    1. Thanks Wenchy! Gotta spice it up every once in awhile!! xoxo, ganeeban

  4. You def bleed orange & black! AT&T Park is such a great place to watch a game! I always have to get garlic fries when I'm there. BTW, are you planning on doing the Giants Race? I think it's next month.

    1. I paid for it, but then my parents planned our HI vacation during it. So, luckily they will let me use the registration for next years race! Are you? I love doing the 10k!! xoxo, ganeeban


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