10 Day YOU Challenge - 3 Films

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I go for the popcorn and stay for the movie...
In case you missed My 10 Secrets , My 9 Loves , My 8 Fears , My 7 WantsMy 6 Places  ,  My 5 Foods, and My 4 Books take a peek! This "challenge" comes from Kristen's at Glitter and Dust

I feel like is a total "first date" question. So, I have this one nailed down! Well, I know my top 2 for sure, the third one is going to be hard to narrow down. I love going to the movies, but I think I love movie popcorn much, much more than the actual movies/films ;)

3 Films
1. My Girl - Now that I have to verbalize why I love this movie so much, I'm partially drawing a blank! I mean who wouldn't love Vada, she has the coolest name ever and is so spunky with a goofy dad and lives in the creepiest place ever! A little suspense, a little love, and a little sadness, makes for the perfect movie growing up when you watch this as an 8 year old. I still stop to watch this movie whenever it is on TV. I can't really verbalize why I love it, but I just do. PS - The title is also one of my all time favorite songs!
 2. Father of the Bride - I love this because it reminds me of how my father is with me. Sports loving, enamored with his children, and selfless in all he does for his family. Although George Banks (Steve Martin) acts competently crazy at moments, which is not like Poppa Bear at all, it  makes for a great laugh. Many girls (generalizing here) look forward to this day, as I always have, and this movie makes light of it, but also captures the true essence of a familiar father daughter relationship. Also, the monologue that George does is pretty amazing :)
3. A League of Their Own - Soccer is my first love, but softball and/or baseball (don't get your undies in a bunch about comparing the two) is a close second or third. This was one of the other sports I grew up playing for many years. Poppa Bear coached me for many years and I had a few all-star stints in my day as well. To say I could connect to the actual act of playing softball would be a fair assessment. However, this movie represents much more than that. As I've gotten older I realize this more and more, after every time I watch it. Can I just say, that when Tom Hanks pees for over five minutes, is still one of the most hilarious things to me! Dottie and Kit always remind me of me and Lil, not the actually story line or their characters, just that they are a Big and Lil duo that plays softball, nothing more than that.

These three are for sure three movies I will sit and watch, no matter where it is (within the movie) when I stumble upon it on TV. I'm not sure if its all nostalgia, but these movies reel me in every time!

Oldies are ALWAYS goodies!! 

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