Thinking Out Loud...Literally

1:33 PM

Thinking...sometimes it's a little rough ;)

Busy week, outside of my work hours. Every day is something and will be until Sunday. I know I am the culprit of this, I can say no to things/events, but I think I thrive on a jam packed schedule. I'm not the best "home body," even though I can be at times. I'm much more efficient when things need to be fit in, in certain time frames. If you give me tons of time to do it, I generally still wait until the last minute. Rant over :/ Haha!

Yoga - I've been saying I want to do it again, but I just haven't taken the initiative to go. There is a local yoga spot on the grid that offers 10 days for $10. I've been talking about it for awhile, but just haven't done it. I think I'm going to put it on the calendar, and make myself go ALL 10 days. My body could really use some flexibility and relaxation in it's life!

Shit Talking - We all do it and yes, I probably do it more than others at times. I'm not proud of it by any means, but when The Hungry Runner Girl posted this article 9 Ways Women Can Become Better Women and the first point was: 1. Stop the Shit Talking. It hit home. I need to empower women (and men) and stop talking mess. I know that I do not like when people talk shit about me, and I know it or find out. Which seems to be happening lately. Whether it is in jest or isn't meant to harm, it still doesn't feel good to know that its happening. Just some food for thought...

BLT Week - I think Sacramento just wants to keep Sacramenten's FAT! From a Burger Battle to Bacon Week, they've now found a way to incorporate another momentous occasion, BLT Week! I'm sure they are just attempting to stimulate the business on the Grid (downtown area, for those not familiar), but geez, my waistline can't wait these delicious food posts via social media. I have literally gone to two different restaurants because of foods posts I've seen. My love for bacon can only lead into a love for anything BLT related, especially a Californian of me!
Revolution Wines // BLT Cheese Dip
Bad Evening & Morning After - I had a rough morning the other day. I was in a physical and mental funk. I played a tough game, because we had no subs and were missing one girl, and then got up to go to my Strength and Conditioning class the next AM. Less than 5 hours of sleep, a tired body, and a really rough workout left me grumpy. Super grumpy. So what did I do. I went onto Pinterest to find a motivating quote to lift my spirits and remind me to get over it. My little struggles are no comparison to many others in this world. So especially, I was telling myself to "Suck it up, Buttercup"!!
5 Rounds of  this HELL: 25 secs of movement 35 mins of rest
Celebration of Birth - I'm not sure where I (or my girlfriends) got the notion that each birthday has to be celebrated grandly! Maybe society? My pressure from our friends? But when the Bestest suggested a simple dinner to celebrate (her birthday), I was all in. Of course, dinner turned into grabbing more food somewhere else, then drinks at another place. This is not technically "low key," but compared to a wine tour or some elaborate party, this was just want we needed and wanted. 31 is the new 21....
The only party people in the whole restaurant.
The Birthday Girl and I.
Green - I feel like everything green is healthy. Or at least it tends to be or is marketed as such! Although I use Vega products already (other), my friends and I had recently discussed using Chlorella - a super food algae in pill form. It is known to  detox, cell rejuvenate, and help make the body feel better. After trying Energybits for a pre-workout jolt, I figured I'd give Chlorella a try. The recommended dose is 5 pills, they are decent size (much larger in size, when compared to EBs) and they still have that gross taste to them. I only started yesterday, so I'm not sure what effect they are having. But I feel good today, however it could be attributed to more than 6 hours of sleep (for the first time since Monday), or the Vega One shakes I've been taking daily, or because I've been eating healthier since Monday (with the exception of BLT Week indulgences). So, I can't really ascertain if they are helping my body. I will continue to take them and see if I notice any changes.
India.Arie - Have you heard her music? I absolutely love it! She continues to be a conscious reminder of how one should strive to be. Authentic, at minimum. Awhile ago,  on FB she posted something that was obviously bugging her: India.Arie Regarding Blue Ivy's Hair . I didn't even know this was a controversy. It reminds me of her "I am not my hair" song, to say the least. With the exception of judging a child, more specifically a child born into stardom. Miss. Arie poses two good questions to the reader:

Why NOT be a person who is loving towards human kind as a whole AND people as individuals?
WHY NOT be a person protects the hearts of children?

Some good food for thought. Another quote that is perfectly put is: "Denying ANY PERSON their humanity , is a GAME we should ALL stop playing." Her music makes me feel like we are friends, I can relate to her lyrics, love her voice, and support what she believes in. It's not often you find a performer who can move you, beyond just their music. I'll always be a #SoulBird!!

Lulu Love - I came across an interesting opinion piece on LuLu: CNN Money - Investing the Buzz: Lululemon Sure it's not Nike, and maybe I'm stuck in my Sacramento mindset, but I still feel like Lulu is still a fad that won't necessarily go away. Yes, when you compare it to it will never be the conglomerate that is Nike. But when Nike is emulating or attempting to emulate your are doing something right. Imitation is the highest form of flattery, right...or a saying similar to that! I don't solely buy Lulu, who's not to say I would if my budget could afford it, but I still cop a few pieces here and there. I'm all about their "We Made Too Much" section on-line, aka for ballers-on-a-budget looking for sale items!
Lululemon // Water Bound Crop
ESPN Mag - The body issue is going to come out soon!! So they've been leaking pics of who made it this year. I absolutely love this issue. I love seeing these athletes bodies. In a completely non-sexual way, except for when Collin Kaepernick was in it last year. Their muscle definition, their strength, and their vulnerability are what make it so awesome. These humans get paid LOTS of money to keep their bodies in the best shape possible, so the seem them fully exposed is neat. I think this is one of the best things ESPN Mag could have ever started!

My thoughts threw up on you, pardon the mess...

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