Thinking Out Loud - Social Media Detox

8:22 AM

Yup, no IG, no Twitter, no FB...

...and I'm still alive! Who would have thought...

How it Started
At first I bet the Boy that he couldn't go 8 12 16 hours without using his phone. He proved me wrong and went strong for those 16 hours, although he was teased relentlessly by his friends for going through with the bet. However, many of them did attest that he's always on his phone. Small, bonus victory for me. I will give him 100% props for doing the bet and completing it.

After that we threw around the idea that we'd see who could go the longest without looking on social media. Although I am a self prescribed social media maven, I am also stubborn as hell. Knowing this, meant that I would and could go for weeks on end to win a bet. Also, knowing that he only really cares about Twitter and his ability to be stubborn, made it seem like this bet could last a looong time. We thought about capping it off...

As we discussed the details, we came to the conclusion that the goal of us not using social media was not to just try to stay off it (partly for me, that is true though), but it was more for us to stay connected when we are together. To put our phones down, engage in conversation, rather than stare at our phones without conversing.

So our end result: We would go from Monday through Friday without looking at our social media accounts. Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to be exact. Both of us each have one of these accounts, so it was pretty even-Steven (why do I use this saying?) there. We also decided to make an effort to not play/use our phone in the presence of each other. We weren't being unreasonable about our "non-bet". If you received a text, you could respond to well as an e-mail. You could use the Internet (on your phone) to search whatever. It was just important to both of us to make a concerted effort in being cognizant of using our phones while with each other.

Sunday night, right before Midnight we kept joking about our non-bet. However, I knew myself well enough to know that I needed to log OUT of all my accounts. Problem is, I never do, so I had to figure out my passwords and write them down. After securing all the correct passwords, I was signed out with about 10 minutes to spare, before midnight. The Boy laughed that I had to log out of them, but it was necessary on my part.

As Monday rolled around, I realized it was the right thing to do. I would catch myself tapping my finger on the app(s), only to realize I wasn't logged in, thus reminding me I wasn't supposed to be looking at it. It shed some light on how often I actively go there, without even thinking about it.

It definitely got better. I'd catch myself randomly tapping on the apps, but much less frequently. I was also bummed because I was going to the SF Giants game on Tuesday night and I wouldn't be able to post pictures, especially wearing my new Loyal Roots t-shirt! A serious case of #FirstWorldProbs . The Boy even text me, teasing how hard I'd miss social media to post pictures. To be true to the non-bet, I didn't even go on the MLB apps and check in or anything like that. I've also been avoiding Yelp, unless we are looking up somewhere to go. No checking-in or reviewing anything.

Random Thought: I wonder if people realize that I am not on social media? I post on every account at least once a day, so I wonder if anyone notices I won't have posted for five days in a row? It really doesn't matter, but it was just a narcissistic thought that crossed my mind...

November Project is on Wednesday AM's and I normally tweet, IG, and FB about our meet-up, but I couldn't. Not only that, it was my turn to write the blog this week, but I couldn't post the link (to the blog) on any social media accounts. This task normally goes hand in hand with the writing the blog post for the week. So, I wrote the blog, but one of the co-leaders had to do the social media part of the efforts.

During a spontaneous trip to visit one of my fave families, we hung out for much too long! But it was so fun, both the husband and wife were teasing us about not going on social media. But what was interesting, was how often social media came up in conversation. They even opened their apps to show us pictures to go along with stories. So, technically we looked at social just wasn't ours, loophole ;)

Another highlight, I've taken up playing a silly game on my phone to cure my boredom moments. So instead of "trolling" while bored, I play a very mind-numbing game. Hope one addiction doesn't turn into another...

That's today, and it's fairly early. So I don't have much to say. Other than, I made the bright decision to schedule my no-social-media week when I planned on attending a Tweet Up. What is that you ask? No clue. I believe it's a networking event, but also a social event. I do know that I can win free stuff, holler! However, I cannot tweet about anything while I'm there, beforehand, or after. So I wonder if I'm playing myself? We shall see. The Bestest and I recruited some people, so hopefully a few of our friends will check it out with us. We will all be newbies!

Friday (Predicting the Future)
Is it Midnight on Friday yet? HAHA! So, I'm writing this as if I know what will happen a day in advance. Wouldn't that be nice? I wonder if the Boy and I will hop on right at midnight? Just to be cool about it, I'll wait until Saturday morning. As I'm learning, nothing too pressing is on social media that I can't learn about five days later. However, I did learn my cousin got a new job via Poppa Bear who saw it on FB. So I guess, some hot news items come down the social media pipeline!

My Week of No Social Media Take Away's...So Far:
  1. I can survive.
  2. I go on there to cure boredom.
  3. I go on there out of habit (need to break this habit).
  4. Taking a hiatus is a good idea, every once in awhile.
  5. Taking pictures and not posting them is still satisfying.
  6. I'm thankful I still have blogging, although most would consider that social media as well.
  7. I enjoy spending my time with the Boy, so I should try to make a better effort to do so.
  8. You will be mocked if you take a social media detox.
  9. How did I survive before social media?
  10. Social media is so ingrained in my life, I felt guilty not using the tool (for NP)!
I'm sure there will be more take away's, but since it's only Thursday I have to take my best shot with the almost four days I've gone with out it.

I guess the (social media) world will survive without me for five whole days!

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  1. Wow! What a great experiment! No wonder I haven't seen you on Twitter! I had to catch up on all your posts. :) Anyway, I'm glad that you survived. It's amazing how we are addicted to our phones and social media these days! I think having at least one day to disconnect during the week would be good for me. I'll have to try it.

    1. Yes, someone noticed ;) Thanks for reading, I sooo appreciate it. Yes, addicted is the right word, for sure. That would be a good thing to try, one day a week. I could see that being a helpful reminder each week, to be present. I like that, thanks for sharing that idea. xoxo, ganeeban


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