Thinking Out Loud - Nothing of Importance

9:39 AM

Verbal uselessness headed your way!

I hate to call my life boring, but this week has been pretty, ho-hum! Nothing too crazy going on, but I'm also not just sitting around twirling my thumbs. So, here goes my usual Thursday randomness, you're welcome ;)

Colbie Caillat - I'm obsessed with her new single "Try"! I love the message. I wish I didn't "try" so much. Catching me out without my make-up is something that doesn't happen, unless it's for the gym or after a facial. Because, come on, who wants to pay upwards of $75+ for a facial to ruin it with make-up?! I draw the line at some point, in wasting my monies!
Anniversary Sale - So, it's that time of year! Time for the BEST sale of the year. And lucky me, because I have a Nordies account, I can shop early. 8 days early to be exact. After pure giddiness of shopping on my Nordies app, not having to step a foot inside the store, I decided to tweet about it! To may happy Twitter delight, they responded to my Tweet. Cheesy, I know, but it's the small social media things that make my heart happy! They didn't even call me out that I mistook the Anniversary sale for the Half Yearly sale. What a rook move! Any who, I'm waiting for my first purchase to arrive and have plenty of items in my cart, but am trying to practice "self-control," really, what is that...
Snacking - Do you ever snack? Do you snack regularly? Do you snack at the same time every day? Well for some damn reason, I tend to as well. At 10:30AM and 3:30PM my innards are starving again. I've been trying to satisfy these with healhty snacks. With no rhyme or reason I will have a Vega One shake at one of these snacks. It has been my go to lately. At first, for the first couple of days, these things reek havoc on your innards. They are "detoxing" your body, if you will. After that, all is good...but don't say I didn't warn you!

My Damn LEFT Knee - this one is always the bugger than won't stop! I think I've figured out what is going on. It is actually my IT Band, which is pulling on my Patella...which in turn is making my knee hurt. So after one interesting, experimental session of using a TENS Unit I decided that an intense, self prescribed IT rubbing/elbowing/icing/rolling therapy was what would cure this knee pain. So I am utilizing the Boy and his elbow to dig deep, tear worthy deep, into the side of my leg. It hurts and not in a good way, but I'm hoping after a few sessions, with rolling also, this will get better. I have a 5.82 mi run/race on Saturday that I need to do decent on for my team!

Venting - You know when venting to your best friend(s) is the best remedy for any emotional issue. Until, that said continual venting makes them change or alters their opinion of someone. It is a byproduct of you venting to the one person who will listen, give advice if needed, or just laugh/commiserate with you! You feel great after speaking with them, but then in turn all they hear (tends) to be the negative stuff. If they cannot separate the venting and the ventee, then it becomes a sticky situation. An unforeseen outcome of being a best friend is being the sound board to everything. So maybe, stick to a journal...
I hope you smile, just like I did, when I found this on the sidewalk...
Verbal purging continues to be therapeutic...

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  1. Ah, I hope your knee feels better! I battled the exact same problem all winter when I was training for Boston :( I also love the message behind 'Try.' The video is amazing!

    1. Thanks, appreciate it :) Hoping my leg of the relay isn't too bad on Saturday...fingers crossed!

  2. Ugh, hope your knee feels better and you're able to run on Saturday! Oh, I'm a total snacker! I look forward to my snack times when I'm at work. In fact, I'm eating those almonds right now! I bought a big bag at Tarjay! :)

    1. Yay! Thanks for supporting my company :) Good thing I loved the product before I started working here. Thanks for the kind words, I should be okay to do the run, just going to have to ice and roll, like crazy, before and after! Oooh you said the magical I have an insane craving to go there and buy all the things I don't need ;)


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