Rose & Thorn [9]

11:59 AM

I'd been looking forward to this weekend for awhile. Any time spent in a bikini, near the ocean with sand in my toes, has to be a fairly perfect weekend!

Rose: Our family beach day trip to Capitola.
Thorn: 2 things are rivaling each other, relationship stuff (don't want to go into too much detail, sorry for being Miss Vague) and an epic sunburn!

What was your Rose & Thorn?

Because I am feeling completely uninspired today and I don't want to bog you down with some verbal nonsense, I will post pictures from my beach weekend and keep the literary genius to a minimum ;)

Got my girl scout on and was preparing for our beach day. Packed the essentials, grabbed dinner to go, and gassed up our chariot! Early to bed, for an early rise on Saturday. 

Obligatory Starbucks run was essential. A surprise stop at Whole Foods and approximately 6 hours with the sand in my toes and the salt in my hair, all with my faves!
Nordies // Savvy // Dress Tag, love the small details!

Levi ready for our adventure!
We arrived in Capitola!
The beach was calling our names!

Cervantes Family - Rick, Levi, Carolina!
Suja Elements
Traveling Hot Dogs
Wenchita y Yo
Feed him Taco Bell!
SUNDAYWorld Cup Final Day! First, I had to get a session in at Midtown and then I was ready to start my day! Watching soccer with a bunch of soccer freaks is always fun! Although I wasn't focused on it, the G-men had a fabulous day as well - MadBum & Posey hit grand salami's!! That's a big deal, in case you didn't know!
Breakfast // Turkey Patty / 1 Egg White (some yolk snuck in too) / Rice Mix / Ketchup
Sunday w/ Hannah!
World Cup FINAL && Pizza!
Love these kinds of updates!
I know I mentioned it previously, and yes this is a personal blog. But blurring the lines between divulging too much and writing through my thoughts is a grey area. What I feel like I can write is this, relationships have a learning curve. Some more than others, or just peak higher at different times. Whatever it is, it's not always sunshine and roses. But if you can work through it, I feel like it helps build the foundation. I'm a work in progress and so is my relationship.
Ever evolving...

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