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1:37 PM

Three. Day. Weekend!

I thought it was going to be a 3.5 day weekend, but in solidarity with my co-workers who have been working crazy hour days, we didn't get released early on Thursday. I wasn't a happy camper, but I can completely sympathize with why we weren't let out early.

4th of July Edition:
Rose: Doing something new and going to hike University Falls with the Boy.
Thorn: Missing my Grandma in every way possible!

What was your Rose & Thorn?

July Girls Night! Last minute change in location, but worked out like a gem. Low key, Mexican themed dinner. These nights always leave me grateful for my beautiful friends and the fact that we take the time out of our busy lives to meet once a month. Sure, not all of us show up every month, but everyone makes it a priority. It's nice to know I can surround myself with strong, independent, loyal, and creative women who support one another.

July Girls Night // Nachos & a Taco
Something is a little more important!
Just a little playtime with Ate!
One of the best out of about 75 attempts!
Funny face prompt - You smell a stinky fart!
Happy 4th of July! I knew it was going to be a busy day, but oh wow, was it! Started off super early for Mass. Mass you ask? We go to church to celebrate my Grandma's death every year. It might be a Filipino thing, it might not. So I'll totally get if you don't understand this tradition. After mass we headed to the cemetery to visit with Grandma and Grandpa, give them new (fake) flowers, and say a prayer.

The World Cup game was about to start, so we ditched the family breakfast and went to have brunch on the Grid. Lucky me, we ran into one of my good friends and her family. I had just seen the girls (of the fam) the night before, but any time I get to hang out with my lovebugs is a good day! We had brunch, with included endless Mimosa's and watched the Argentina v Belgium game. Lil Mad decided she wanted to take over my IG and was a "guest poster" as we called it. She was having way to much fun posting and taking random pics during our brunch adventure. 

Firestone Public House // Sacramento, CA // Fourth of July Brunch
Firestone Public House // Bloody Mary
Firestone Public House// 2 Eggs Breakfast
Firestone Public House // Huevos Ranchero
We actually took some time to chill before we had to run around for the day. Not much time, but a quick little 30 minute nap to get us through the day. We headed over to the Boy's family's house to hang out and do BBQ-ish stuff. We watched the second WC game and I got to play with more cute little Lovebugs. After a few hours, we headed over to my family's BBQ. Ate more, swam a bit, and chilled out before the Fireworks finale! When it finally started to get dark, we headed over to another family member's casa to get the fireworks started. My family, the kids mostly, are obsessed with the TNT Poppers. We throw them at each other constantly, which you totally aren't supposed too. Another family favorite is sparklers. Running around with fire, acting a fool - what's not to love about that?!?
4th of July BBQ Lunch
Just sitting on the diving board, chillin'!
Our original plans had changed. We were going to do our planned hike, but we decided that the World Cup was much more important. I got up fairly early for a Saturday, thanks to another "girly" appointment. Grabbed some coffee and breakfast, and we settled in to watch some footy! I don't even think we ate lunch in between the first and second game. We watched the second game, which was dramatic...much as this whole WC has been.

We decided we should probably leave the house and not be vampires for the day. So we headed to the pool for some Vitamin D! After a good dose of sun and swimming, we fed our growling stomachs. Since Monday starts our eating healthy (for Hawaii) mode, we decided it was important to gorge out on bad foods this weekend. We lived up to this and ate at Pork Belly Grub Shack. Yes, you read that correctly. Pork Belly, EVERYTHING!

Also, it deserves its own paragraph! The Pineapple Ace Cider is liquid crack. After my cousin brought a 6 pack to the 4th of July BBQ, we decided it was imperative that we invest in another 6 pack. A quick stop at Bev Mo and it was a done deal! 

Ace Cider // Pineapple
As we watched TV and ate dinner, we both decided that something sweet was a necessity. So at 10PM at night we drove our chubby butts over to Cold Stone. Thank goodness they have "summer" hours and are open until 11PM! It was fairly cold, but we enjoyed it outside and even had a free concert from a nearby restaurant.

Cold Stone // Like It // Chocolate w/ Almonds
Hiking! Yay! A new adventure for both of us! I've heard about University Falls for years now, but have never taken the time to go! I'm glad the Boy planned it and we went. First things first, since I'm a well seasoned hiker, SIKE, I know that eating a big breakfast is important for the day (everyday actually). So we grabbed coffee and breakfast bagels to suffice, which was good because we didn't eat our next meal until 4PM.

Noah's Bagel - Sesame Bagel w/ Bacon, Cheddar, and Egg Whites // Starbucks - Iced Coffee w/ Soy
Loaded on the sunblock, packed a backpack, and we were off. It took about 1 hour and 45 minutes to get to there. We were winging it and using Google Maps, but it worked out great. For some reason none of the signs called it "University Falls". That was a little concerning, but we just put our trust in the hike and went with it. No one ever really talks about the actual hike. It's a real hike, like a really real one. Lots of uphill and downhill, all dirt. I should have assumed, but everyone just talks about the falls. No one ever mentions the actual hike. It's a great workout. Depending on who's phone you believe the hike was either 5.54 miles or 5.69 miles.
University Falls // Quintette, CA
There was tons of people watching here. There was even a McGuyver rescue. Apparently, there used to be a rope to help people up from one of the last falls, but it was cut. So a huge crowd gathered to watch a bunch of dudes use a dog leash and some other belt thing and pull this guy up. One guy even made it to the very bottom (past the fall where the guy was stuck) and somehow managed to find is way back to the top. We still don't understand how he did that. I overheard someone say that 4 people have died here already this year. Geez, get it together people! 

The water was really cold and I didn't do any of the falls/slides. I wasn't really into slipping and not wearing my shoes around the rocks. If I were to go back again, I'd totally bring water socks, even though they are super nerdy. Safety first, y'all!! After we'd had enough of the Shit Show, we hiked back. All up-hill. No exaggeration, it was definitely our workout for the day!

After we weaved our way out of that little town, we finally made it back to civilization. We were starving by this point. We stopped at the Nugget Market and tore up their hot bar and salad bar and had the best drink ever - a Watermelon Refresher! We are totally going to recreate it, because all it is is Watermelon and simple syrup!

Nugget Market // El Dorado Hills, CA // Watermelon Crusher
Nugget Market // Goodies from the Hot and Salad Bar
FINALLY found these bad boys // Nugget Market
After that hike we were spent. Half dozing, half just watching TV we chilled the rest of the night. And to get all the bad eating out of the way we ended the weekend with McDonald's for one last hurrah! Can't get any more classic with a #1 (no pickles) and an orange soda! Although I was excited to splurge on some fatty goodness, that stuff never makes you feel that good in the end. One would think I would learn my lesson, but I'm sure I'll be back at the Golden Arches after Hawaii!!

A weekend for the books, it's these weekends that feeling blessed is an understatement....

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  1. My husband and I are hooked on those Sanpellegrinos! I'm dying to taste that pineapple cider beverage....YUM! Once again, you truly have the most food appealing posts. :) It sounds like a super fun weekend....I have to admit, I've not watched one single game of the WC...gasp! ;)

  2. If this posts twice, sorry. I wrote a reply, but it isn't showing :(

    I'm officially obsessed with the new flavors! Blood Orange might not be my fave anymore! Oh, yes do yourself and get your hands on the Ace Cider, you won't be sorry...PROMISE :)

    Thanks! They look good because I didn't make any of them! haha! Yes, if you can, I'd highly suggest watching the final on Sunday...should be a good game no matter who Germany plays! Have a great week! xoxo, Ganeeban


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