Rose & Thorn [11]

11:14 AM

Summer time weekends always seem busier than any other season!

Rose: Celebrating BABIES this weekend...a baby shower and a Baptism!
Thorn: The dreaded HOT, HOT, HOT Sacramento summer weather (both days)!

What was your Rose Thorn?
Another good weekend mix of relaxation and running around being super busy! I was craving being poolside and this weekend the weather, more than cooperated. I was able to see almost all my faves this weekend, so it basically means it was a fabulous weekend :)

Dinner plans changed at the last minute. It was supposed to be a girls night with the three peas in a pod, but one of the peas got a stomach bug or the stomach flu (boo). So the evening just ended up being the Bestest and I! Since it was just the two of us, we didn't really rush like we had planned on doing. We ended up at a local Italian restaurant with a great patio. The patio decision was a good idea, until we realized how the summer nights were not so cool anymore. We chatted, we laughed (a lot), then we decided to saunter over to a local wine bar, 58 Degrees & Holding! 

Paesano's // Caprese Salad
Paesano's // Blueberry Mule
Paesano's // Cappelini D'Angelo
Paesano's #selfie
 58 Degrees (for short) are always slightly pretentious, but they have a great selection of wine and their food has been good recently (although we didn't eat)! After a glass of wine and ear hustling the girls next to us, we headed to meet up with another group of friends. My friends are recent Fire Academy grads, I still owed them a drink, so I was making good. Little did I know we'd be suckered into taking a Fire Ball shot too! After our stomachs burned from the Cinnamon grossness, we headed home for the night! Showing our age apparently...
58 Degrees & Holding // Primitivo
Alley Katz // Fireball Shots
Beau y Yo // Our Get Your Butt to AK Face

Up and att'em fairly early, I had an appointment followed by a Barre class. Barre & Bubbly at a local gym called Fitness Rangers. Think boughie, imagine a whole class of women draped in Lulu, boughie! The Bestest is a regular here and she has brought me to one of their Boot camp classes, I was still able to take this class for free, because it was a new line of workouts they are offering! Score for me :) Our other friend T joined us and we literally didn't stop laughing the entire class! 2 of the male employees put on white button ups and vests and served us our bubbly, it was awesome. It was even better, when they moved from behind the table and they had workout shorts on as their bottoms!

Pre-class breakfast
Fitness Rangers // Barre & Bubbly
I will never talk shit about look down on Barre again! Rebecca, our teacher, did awesome creating the program and running the class. It was crowded, which is to be expected when you offer free champagne after class! Boughie ladies are suckers for some bubbly! I didn't know what I was getting into, but I will say that you don't really move from one spot, but I was sweating like I ran freaking 8 miles! The small movements are torture. I was literally sitting there thinking to myself, I work out a good amount, but this silly class is KILLING ME! Touche Barre, I totally respect you!
After class we enjoyed our bubbly turned Mimosa and decided to have a mini photo shoot! We also sat there and watched the boot camp class finish up their intense workout. Too keep it real East Sac we decided to head over to the McKinley Farmer's Market and get some juice. The Bestest had stopped here the week before and swore that this juice was the best! And you know what, it was pretty darn good! Since I didn't have much time before I had to get ready, I grabbed two juices gave some hugs and jetted home!
Bubbly Time
Liquidology // Sacramento, CA
Next on the agenda was a baby shower for a friend named Stephanie (best name ever)! We started playing soccer in 2007 and we've continued our friendship through her marriage and now her first child! I go to dinner with her and her husband about once every other month, they are crazy fast runners! I see her at almost all the local races, it's always a lovely surprise! Although I didn't know many people at the shower, everyone was so nice and it was a lovely afternoon. They definitely took notes from Pinterest, everything was adorably decorated. Various cocktails and mocktails, appetizers, a thank you note station, a onesie station, and decorate a tree  picture station, and then lunch was served. Followed by the best local dessert offerings in town - a lemon poppy seed cake and the best ice cream ever, Vic's! We unsuccessfully tried to get Steph to tell us her baby's name. We have tons of clues, but could not figure it out. I guess we have to wait until baby boy arrives :/

Baby Boy Petty/Zook Shower
Freeport Bakery Lemon Poppy Seed Cake & Vic's Vanilla Ice Cream
My decorated onsie for baby boy!
Please note the One Direction bag!
After the baby boy festivities, I headed to hang out with the Boy at the pool. We literally spent 5 hours at the pool. I can't get enough swimming and sun bathing in my life during the summer! I (almost) wish it was summer every day of the year, rain and I don't get along. The Boy's friend came and hung out for awhile. After five hours in the sun, we were starving. We headed home to shower and then I picked up some pizza, wine, and salad for dinner. It was carb heaven!
Poolside Hotdogs

I had every intention of getting up and going to a Midtown class, but it just seemed like more fun to be lazy with the Boy and have breakfast, so I did! Sometimes you just need a rest day! I jetted home to get ready for the Lovebugs Baptism. There were three Baptism's going on at the church, two were held together (Lovebug was in that one) and one going on in the chapel. Such a small world, the Baptism in the chapel was for a good friends nephew too! So there were tons of people I knew at church this morning!

After the ceremony, which was lovely, we headed over to the parents house to change and get ready for the party in the park. It was way too hot to still be in a dress and heels, so I had a wardrobe change and chilled out before we headed to sweat it out at the park! It was nice affair, low key, but nice to see all of their families. The mother and I have been friends since freshman year of high school and she is one of my best friends. Her husband was my next door neighbor my entire childhood, so to say I'm close with this family is an understatement. Not only close with them, but also close with both of their families - immediate and extended. Not to mention the Boy is the husband's first cousin! My parentals were invited as well, so I was able to hang out with them for a little while!

Lovebug enjoying his gift from us!
After sweating it out for a few hours, some swing action, and the kids squirting me with water toys we headed out to the Boy's soccer game! Ugh, it was disgustingly hot. Since the other team wasn't fully staffed and they were old, we left at half time. We didn't leave for any other reason than the game was a joke! It was too hot for everyone to take it serious! We headed home to chill out! I was finally able to rent "Single Mom's Club" and made the Boy watch it with me while we ate our veggie week dinner of Mexican food!

What a poor sport! Who does this?
Absolutely no complaints about my weekend!

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  1. I have always wanted to try a barre class but I don't even know if they offer them here in my region. :( I love that tank and bra!!!

    1. You totally should, it was fun to change it up a bit! Thanks, I love lulu and I loved your pink shorts in your race! Those are perfect for a race, so everyone knows to look for you :) xoxo, ganeeban


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