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11:31 AM

Happy 7-11 Day!
Go grab yourself a free mini Slurpee today at 7-11! I do it every year, so this year shouldn't be any different!
I've been looking forward to this weekend for a long time! Saturday is a family beach day trip to Capitola. If you aren't familiar with Northern California, Capitola is a quaint little beach town about 10 minutes from Santa Cruz. So underrated in my book, we've been going here since Freshman year in High School. One of my best guy friends' family owns a cabin here! So many memories and plenty more to make!.

5 Breakfasts' This Week - This is the grossness that is my breakfast when I'm trying to eat healthy. It was all tasty, just not the prettiest of meals...
1. Monday - Toast w/ avo & egg white

2. Tuesday - Breakfast burrito taco w/ deli turkey, Swiss cheese, and egg whites

3. Wednesday - Toast w/ avo & egg whites
4. Thursday - Breakfast burrito taco w/ deli turkey, Swiss cheese, and egg whites.
5.  Friday - Turkey burger patty, avo, quinoa and brown rice mix, and Swiss cheese

5 Read Worthy Links - For your reading pleasure
1. Cassie included Are You a Social Media-Try Hard? to her most recent post. I knew I didn't even have to link my social media accounts to the website, to know the algorithm would tell me I "Try Too Hard". I have no shame in using my social media accounts, multiple times per day. If you don't like what I post, unfollow/unfriend as you see fit. It honestly won't hurt my feelings.
2. Shape Magazine (on-line) decided to pick 6 of the "top" bodies from the upcoming ESPN Mag "Body Issue" - 6 Best Bodies - ESPN Magazine Body Issue.
3. My good friend posted an article on FB and I didn't read it because the title is a running joke between us. However, the content doesn't match the article title. Undervalued traits, what a great way to put what should be important in a relationship or the beginning of a relationship. Is it Time to Lower Your Standards?
4. I skimmed this Runners World article that they put on their social media this week - Walk Breaks for Faster Running?, then the Boy sent it to me and asked my thoughts. So, I took the time to read it. I do feel like walk breaks are a sign of weakness or failure, but maybe my perspective has changed...
5. During my daily trolling of Twitter, I came across this Huff Post link. Although they are fairly basic in nature, sometimes it's good to remind yourself these things. Also, I wish, at 26, I could have been this articulate and self aware to take note of the simple reminders - 26 Things I've Learned About the 'Real World' in 26 Years

5 Things I'm Looking Forward to This Weekend - It's the freakin' weekend!
1. Capitola for the day!
2. Spending time with good friends.
3. Watching the World Cup FINAL! So bittersweet...
4. Being in a bathing suit for most of the weekend.
5. Going to Midtown for class on Sunday, gotta step up my fitness game!

5 Things that Made Me Smile this Week - It's always nice to remember to be grateful for the things in your life, big or small!
1. Free tickets to see the Sacramento Republic play on Monday night and hanging out with Friends!

2. Finally tasting these beverages, I've been salivating over their social media marketing campaign for long enough!

Purchased at The Nugget Market // EDH, CA
3. A surprise present from my co-worker. She bought it for me because it reminded her of me, how sweet is that?

Neon Yellow Tank // H&M // Size: 6
4. My co-worker from Europe brought me some "thank you" treats for helping him when he's here. Again, such a sweet gesture that was unexpected.

5. Getting back to our Swolemate Dates w/ the Bestest. With both of us traveling the last few weeks, we haven't done our weekly Friday AM workouts! Today was a great sweat session of lifting and laughing :) 

Warm up // Squat Pyramid w/ Medium Weight // 6x6 Heavy Squats // Farm Walk w/ OH KBs // Abs
Hope your yesterday, today, and tomorrow are as good as you make them out to be :)

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  1. Haven't been to Capitola in ages! Shame on me because it's so close to the South Bay! Love the 'stache too- I have the same one. Haha! Have a fun weekend!

    1. Oh man, if I lived closer you'd have to keep me away :) Those 'stache straws were too good of a deal to not get one, they are hilarious! I always wondered what I'd look like if I was a boy! haha! Hope you had a great weekend!

  2. I love the Slurpee mustache picture and that cute yellow top. Yellow is quickly becoming one of my favorite colors. I am excited for the World Cup game and will be spending my weekend in a bikini too! Sounds like a great weekend to me. Have fun!

    1. Thanks lady! Yellow is always a fun color to add accessories/shoes too! Hope you had a great weekend and didn't get as burnt as I did :/

  3. That is super cool that you get free slushies at 7:11 today! We don't have those here in Canada :( it looks like you had a lot of yummy food again! and I hope you are loving those San Pellegrino drinks :)

    1. I'm so sad that I didn't even get to take advantage of it this year :( Bummed ya'll don't get them in Canada, sorry girl! I've been quite the indulgent one lately. Yes, I've only tried one can each, I'm trying to savor them and I've been trying to drink mostly water these days...but they are sooooo GOOD!


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