10 Day YOU Challenge - 9 Loves

11:38 AM

Love. Love. Love.
In case you missed my first post take a look at My 10 Secrets. This "challenge" comes from Kristen's at Glitter and Dust

9 Loves
1. My Family - For this one, I will keep it intimate. The three VIPs in my life that will always love me unconditionally. My Poppa Bear, Momma, and the Lil! The three humans who have spent most of my waking moments and life with, the good and the bad. They have proven time and time again, that they are willing to do ANYthing for me. Although I fall, they are right there to pick me up. They are the essence of what a family should be. I know not everyone is lucky to be surrounded by such a loving, compassionate, caring, and giving family - but I lucked out somehow and I plan to honor and continually show them how much I love and appreciate them.

2. Marketing - I love everything about what it takes to market something. I love the ideation, the strategy, and the execution of marketing a product or service. Kinda nerdy, sure...but I love reading about it, being part of it, or learning how to do it better.

3. Surprises - Not the in 9 months ones...haha, just kidding...I had to say that ;) Any surprise, from large grand gestures to small little surprises. I am very intuitive and generally know when something is off, so I normally can spot a surprise a mile away. So, when someone (or people) can surprise me, then I absolutely love it! It's a hard thing to do, but if someone does it, I'm in awe!

4. Soccer - I've talked about how my love for soccer started (in case you didn't: I saw a young girl in her jersey at a fast food restaurant and I wanted to do whatever you had to do to get one of those jerseys), but from the moment my parents put me in rec soccer I have been in love. So in love that I am continually paying to play in various leagues and tournaments. Sometimes playing with people I don't even care for, but it's for the love of the game. I love playing it, watching games on TV, watching games live, and just kickin' the ball around with friends! There is something about those 90 minutes where I can transcend myself into another world. The fact that it's a group sport, but you can shine individually, is also appealing to me. I've met some of my greatest friends through the sport...and even a handsome fella!
5. Reading - I love getting so immersed in a book, you don't even know what time it is. I love reading the words that the author has perfectly (or not so perfectly) chosen to string together to create something for you to imagine. Each person reads and interprets differently, which makes it all that much more special. Curling up with a good book or taking one to the beach, either way, I love to read!

6. Getting strong - I don't care where it is, but as long as I'm becoming physically stronger, then I'm in love it with it. This is not limited to a long run or my early morning workouts at Midtown Strength and Conditioning...or even my "me" time at 24 hour fitness. If I'm in motion or have a heavy weight in my hand, I love what I'm doing. Not going to lie, I love weights much more than running...but I cannot say straight faced that I don't love running...because I do.

7. Food - I'm not just talking about because it is something that every human needs. I have a genuine love for food. I have a few strict items I won't eat, but other than that, experiencing new flavors, dishes, or meals is always something that I love. Finding that new restaurant that you want to keep coming back too, is love. Trying a sauce that compliments a dish so perfectly, truly is love...to my belly!

8. Baseball - It is America's past time, but it is also mine. I think I have a special place in my heart for it, because it is what I share with Poppa Bear. Sitting at home, watching random Giants games, completely content. My love for Barry Bonds and the G-Men started with him. It continues to be something we share together, as well as what I can share with Lil...and even Momma comes to games with us (but doesn't really care about them)! I love going to the yard, cheering, the excitement of being there...EVERYTHING about it makes me giddy. Yes, sometimes it can get boring...but I love it. I love the dynamics of the game, the mental and physical aspects, and being a true fan to a team I've supported since I was younger.
9. A new kind of love. - I knew I wanted something, but I wasn't exactly sure what it was. Ever  since our first date it has been a great story that is unfolding before my eyes. It hasn't been perfect, but each day we are growing together.

Love is much easier than secrets...

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  1. My husband is a partner at a marketing and PR firm here in town. I am always fascinated and a bit jealous of what he gets to do for a living. That is really cool that marketing is something that you are so passionate about. And YAY for soccer!! So many people jump on the bandwagon during the World Cup, but otherwise forget about it. That's great that you are a devoted fan year round. BTW, you and your “new love” are super cute together. ;)

    1. Yours husbands job = my dream job! Ironic, but I really have job envy of you as well. Educating on such topics, has to be very interesting on a daily basis. I'm totally okay with the bandwagon fans, as long as it helps the popularity of soccer in the US! Thanks, he's a cutie...I lucked out ;)

  2. What a great list! You have such a cute family! I hear ya on the weights vs running. Lately, I've been hitting the weight room more so than the trails! Reading is also one of my loves too- I love spending time in a bookstore or at a thrift shop to look for books to add to my collection. Oh and you and your boy make a lovely couple! :)

    1. Thanks lady :) It's a fun "challenge" and I'm glad I decided to take part. I need to visit a Thrift store for books, I never go there when I need a new book. Amazon has become so convenient, I can just have my "Book" wishlist and buy one when I'm in need. But "thrifting" books would be much more economical...but also a gamble! Thanks, you know how to make a girl blush :)


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