10 Day YOU Challenge - 7 Wants

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I want it ALL...
In case you missed My 10 Secrets , My 9 Loves , and My 8 Fears take a peek! This "challenge" comes from Kristen's at Glitter and Dust. I mean, I could really go on and on about my "wants," but I'll keep them to 7, I don't want to sound greedy or anything!

7 Wants
1. To Be Running at 85 - I can only hope that at the ripe 'ol age of anything over 70 I will still be running or even better, playing soccer. I see the older women playing (soccer) when we have our yearly women's tournaments and I want to be them. I want to continue to love the sport and have enough passion to keep playing until my body physically does not allow me to. I also want to be those older folks who are running in races and even just running daily. I want to treat my body right, so I can do all these things when I'm older and have all the time in the world!

2. Marriage & Kids - I lump these two together, because the traditionalist in me wants them in that order, marriage and then kids. I agree that it doesn't have to go in this order, although I'd prefer this order. Although both commitments scare the complete shit out of me, it is something that I want at some point in my life. I'm willing to sacrifice time (yes human population, I realize I'm 31 and not married or having kids any time soon, thank you for the reminder), to make sure I find the right partner who I want to spend the rest of my life with. I don't ever want to get divorced. I accept that this is sometimes for the best, but my hope is that it is something that I never have to go through.

3. Better Credit - It is definitely a want, but I know that I need to actively work on this. I am, but I could be doing better. My Mom as been right all along, although I hate to admit it. The long term implications of my stupid decisions as an immature young adult, will be here for awhile. I can only say that I learned from them and I need to strive to make better financial decisions.

4. New Car - I'm hoping this will happen sometime in the summer of next year. My loan will be paid off and I can start putting that money into savings for a down payment and then for the monthly payments. Trick is, I have to really save for the down payment. If you see #3, you will know this isn't the easiest for me to do.

5. Fake Boobs - Yes, you read that correctly. If you asked the 16 year old me, I'd say hell yes. If you asked the 21 year old me, the answer would have been the same. If you asked me a few years ago, the answer would be hell yes and they are probably coming soon. I have been trying to figure out a secure financial way to make them happen this year. I actually tried to make a consultation appointment, but my work computer blocked me from going to their website - NSFW! So, that is my next step - actually make the appointment and see what happens from there. Sure, I'll be judged for this enhancement, but I don't care. Yes I am doing it for myself and in vain. I want to not wear a bra, I want them to be bigger, I want them to look great in a strapless dress, I just want them to look better (and bigger) than they already do. Sure, I'm guessing they'll get some attention, but I don't really need that. If you think that's why I'm getting them, then you don't know me at all. 

6. To Travel More - I wish I had the funds to travel wherever I wanted. Since this isn't the case, I have to learn to travel within my budget. However, sometimes I feel like I need to take more of a risk and be adventurous and just travel and not worry so much about financials. There is so much of this beautiful world that I have not seen that I fiercely desire to see. I have traveled some and for that I am grateful, but I feel sheltered. I feel like my world travels are slim to none and that I need to add culture and life experiences to my life.

7. Ironman - This is a secret want, but as I start to follow more bloggers, I become more inspired to actually be crazy enough to try this. It's a huge financial commitment, see previous numbers, but I know it is genuinely something I want to accomplish in my life. I'm scared to say it out loud, because it is such a lofty goal. I'm hoping the year I turn 35 is when I will make this want a reality....

Growing up, my Mom always said my middle name was "want" because that's all I did, was want things. Mean, huh?! No, but it makes me laugh to think about it. Sorry Mom, I was and am really grateful for all that I have/had, peer pressure to have cool things sucks ;) But as I sit here and write this, I know that there are plenty of big and small "wants" in my life. However, if I sit here and think about it, I have it pretty good. I have everything I need, but if you give the opportunity to list out my wants...then all is fair game!

Do you WANT it or do you NEED it? - Another infamous Momma quote...

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