WIAW - San Diiiiagggo Edition

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Stay classy, San Diego!

Peas and Crayons
Thanks, Jenn!
I waited to post all of my food pics from my long weekend for this link-up! Nothing was too fancy and Starbucks was repeated 3 times, but here's what/how I eat when I travel for a RUNcation!

When you are at the mercy of others, you go with the flow and eat wherever they eat. Trust me, my foodie ways would take me all over the place trying 4-5 star Yelp reviewed places, but when you're in a group, it's not always that easy! But luckily, I'm easy to please!

Snack (before road trip): Sac Co-Op - G-force juice --> carrot, apple, lemon juice, ginger
Juice selfie, duh!
Snack (start of road trip): back to Nature - Crispy Cheddar Crackers, lasted through the entire trip!
Healthy Cheez-Its
Dinner (start of road trip): Pizza Rock - Pepperoni pizza with light sauce, Boss!
Pizza Rock // Sacramento, CA
Road Dinner
Snack (gas station goodies): Chevron - Letting my inner Chubby out! Does anyone else use a road trip as an excuse to eat like crap? Join the club!
Let a snacker, snack!
Breakfast (not pictures): At the house - coffee & Bel Vita Breakfast Crackers

Snack: Pilates+Cycle - Boxed Water - That's all she sells, so boughie!

Only in So Cal!
Post Workout Snack: Mead's Green Door Cafe
Vegan Kale Muffins - they taste way better than they look, that's for sure. Don't they look like an "edible" to you?
Green Dream Smoothie - I wish I could remember what exactly was in there. I remember kale and ginger, whatever it was it was good. A little larger than I'd prefer, but there is only one size to order.
Vegan Kale Muffins - Sharing is caring!
Green Dream Smoothie
Lunch: Taco Bell - Mexican pizza, two soft taco supreme's, and a Pepsi. It's a pre-made meal to order and yes, I killed ALL of it! So funny to eat this after we worked out and had a smoothie, real healthy, huh?!?
Taco Smell
Dinner: Homemade by Ali - Pasta with Italian sausage, bread and butter, and wine!I had to pick out the mushrooms, hope she wasn't offended, but I tore dinner up. I had about 2.5 servings to carb up for Sunday!
Carb loading dinner!
Breakfast: Starbucks
Iced Coffee: w/ soy milk and one pump of classic
Sausage Breakfast sandwich - I love these dirty sausage sando's! I won't eat them at McD's, but I will eat them at Sbux!
Breakfast Poolside

Snacks for the weekend & the beach: Sprouts - Mostly for the beach and some items for race prep! Bought the cutest reusable bag, can you see it hidden in the back?!?
Sprout's come ups!
Snacks on the way to the beach: Popchips - these were interesting. They are potato, but use veggie food coloring (if you look at the ingredient deck). They are very savory and almost peppery in flavor. Not too bad, but not sure I'd get them again. The Lovebug actually liked them, I thought that was interesting...
Love popchips, like these...
Beach Beverage: Copa - Cab Sav for the beach. I do what I want! Even though we were right by the lifeguards, I still was a rebel. Apparently, this brand was on Shark Tank, but I don't watch that show, so I had no clue. It wasn't the best, but it was wine for the beach. My standards can't be too high...
Wine at the beach!
Dinner: Wahoo's Fish Tacos - It wasn't good, but it wasn't bad. We should have went next door to a real taqueria to satisfy my fish taco craving!
Baja Rolls - cream cheese, spinach, chicken & salsa rolled in a large lard- free flour tortilla - served cold and the dip was kinda spicy.
2 Taco Combo, no beans - The fish tasted fresh, but they weren't authentic, very Americanized! I also subbed my tortillas, but since the tortilla's are so big, they folded them in half to use for tacos...weird!
Wine - Cab Sav, can't remember the brand. It wasn't bad, but in a plastic wine cup just makes it that much worse!
Baja Rolls
Fish Taco Combo - Flour tortillas
Breakfast #1: Homemade
Coffee: w/ sugar and a little creamer
Protein English Muffin w/ Justin's Peanut Butter - ugh, I need Skippy in my life, none of this healthy gross Justin's garbage! I bought the single serve packet because I knew it would be convenient, next time I'm bringing my jar of Reduced Fat Skippy!

Pre-race fuel.
Breakfast #2: Broken Yolk Cafe -
Chicken & Waffles - this really should be chicken strips on top of waffles! I rarely ever crave sweets for breakfast, but post race had me craving for some sugar goodness. I did however, eat them completely separate, there is no way syrup is going on my chicken...that's gross!
Coffee - w/ sugar and creamer (apparently soy milk is out of the question here)
Love the old school sign!
Post race fuel for the day!
Snack: Starbucks - Iced coffee w/ soy milk and one pump of classic (this should be dubbed the Ganeeban on their menu)! Because I didn't have enough coffee at breakfast #2 and all of coffee at breakfast #1 was burned off long before I finished the race! Perfect poolside beverage!
Iced coffee for the WIN!
Snack: Homemade - Shrimp Cocktail - on. my. goodness. Besides my lips burning and looking like I got Botox, this was amazing. Amazing enough for me to keep eating, even though it was spicy and my lips paid the price. I saw MIL making it and cutting up 2 chilies, only to find out she didn't think it had enough heat and added 2 more...a total of 4 chilies! Gah, this "baby spice" girl was dying and chugging water in between bites! MIL made this because her son kept asking for it and complaining that he needed it because he just raced, such the Golden Child!
Collage by the cook!
My ration of the goodness!
Dinner: Homemade - The family we stayed with put on a great BBQ before we had to leave that evening. Prior to dinner, they had chicken sausages, carrots, chips, crackers, and a nut mix for appetizers. Then they grilled up chicken, elk, and asparagus with a side of pasta salad! It was a great final meal :)
Family BBQ
Breakfast (on the road): Starbucks
Iced Coffee: w/ soy milk and one pump of classic 
Sausage Breakfast sandwich - On repeat, such a classic choice for me!
Blurry, apparently the car was moving
Snacks (on the road): Chevron - Just some stuff to get me through until lunch. Always trying to stay hydrated, while not having to ask to pull over to pee - it's an art form. I was not lucky when it came to scratchers this trip - 0 for 3! Hi-Chews, the Asian version of Mamba's! Love these things and now craving them again!
Road trip essentials!
Lunch: Mc Donald's - #1, son! Sans pickles! Gotta love the golden arches on a road trip. The others wanted Wendy's, but I am opposed to square hamburgers, that's just not natural! So, rudely, I brought McD's into Wendy's and we all enjoyed a quick lunch and then it was back to driving!
Dinner (of sorts): Sac Co-Op - Madame Curie juice - carrot, beet, lemon juice, garlic, ginger. The garlic is way too much. Now, I know. I had no appetite after arriving back from our road trip and playing in half of an indoor soccer game. So this was my dinner for the evening..
Juice for dinner...
So, there you have it. My trip to So Cal via my stomach! Some good stuff and some NOT so good stuff. Probably more of the later. But we didn't spend that much on food while we were there and the bonus of homemade food when you're staying with family/friends is always nice. I'm glad there was a grocery store near by, so I could at least have snacks on hand! This is the most fast food I've eaten in a few months, but randomly, my stomach didn't hate it too much. I think as long as I don't drink too much soda, it works out fine :)

I'm still craving true So Cal fish tacos....

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  1. This post made me hungry and now I'm craving Mexican food and ceviche! Haha! I love the way you eat! We can def hang. You don't like Justins?! LOL --> "healthy gross Justin's garbage"! Have you tried other flavors? I like to sweeten mine with honey. I'm addicted to almond butter and can go through jars of that stuff! :)

    1. A girl after my own heart :) Sorry, and yes I'm finally getting some good fish tacos this Friday night, but not typical So Cal good fish tacos! I didn't mind the Justin's version of Nutella...but their PB is not sweet enough for me! I wish I could eat almond butter, it doesn't not sit well in my stomach!! That or almond milk :(

  2. 1) Junk food on road trips is a requirement.
    2) Eating Bell after your smoothie and workout = hilarious
    3) I eat my chicken and waffles separate too!
    4) Bringing McD's into Wendys - hahaha!

    1. 1-4 make me smile :) I felt guilty eating all the fast food, but when on vacation, do as vacationers do ;)

  3. p.s. I was wondering where the heck all your food pics were on that last post. I thought you'd lost your mind ... :)

    1. HAHA! I try not to re-post the same pics, so I don't bore you twice ;)


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