WIAW - Race Day Eats

10:32 AM

I run to E-A-T! 
Peas and Crayons
Thanks, Jenn!
How a middle-of-the-pack half marathon runner goes about fueling her body before and after her most recent half marathon. (Did I just third person myself, weird?!)

Race Day - Sunday, 6.8.14 

Coffee: Peet's w/ rice milk & natural raw sugar
Whole wheat English muffin w/ Skippy PB
Pre-Race Fuel
Location: 33 Street Bistro - Sacramento, CA
Not Pictured: Coffee w/ cream and sugar
Appetizer: Cinnamon Roll - Special for the day
The Puget Sound - dungeness crab, Alaskan bay shrimp, artichokes, tillamook cheddar cheese, crusted sourdough bread
Location: Cafeteria 15L - Sacramento, CA
Mac And Cheese (Yes, I think this has made an appearance on my blog about 10 times already)
Grilled Skirt Steak Salad: spinach, arugula, red onions, cherry tomatoes, green goddess dressing, grilled bread and corn
The Boys Dinner, which I took plenty of bites of - Chicken & Waffle: fried chicken breast, country gravy, Belgian waffle, pecan butter, and maple syrup

Some other things that were consumed during the day, which are not pictured:
1. Vega Recovery Shake - Apple Berry [post race recover]
2. So many water bottles, pee ALL the time!!
3. Vitamin Water XXX

Yes, Sunday was a good freakin' eating day. Well besides breakfast, that was more for functionality than anything. I wish I could eat like this everyday, my wallet and my waist line would hate me for it! Sometimes (or always) you have to splurge on goodness after a tough race and a great weekend!!

Eat all the food...run later to compensate...

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  1. So um you are NOT a middle of the pack runner - I saw your stats lady! Good job!

    Your pre/post race food makes me think I need to run more. The icing on that cinnamon roll?! That chicken and waffles would have also found its way onto my plate. I can't believe he shared with you - what a keeper!

    p.s. I ran 4 miles today and almost died. This is huge for me. HUGE!

    1. Aww thanks girlie!

      Haha. I run to eat! I like food way too much to NOT run ;) Yeah, cream cheese icing, balanced out the sweetness perfectly! I lucked out...the Boy shares very well!!

      Yes, nice to hear you're running. I'd high five you if I could! Any miles are better than no miles, way to get after it :)


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