Thinking out Loud - It's All in the Name

10:42 AM

Contemplating my little corner of the blogisphere...

I'm so thankful I have an outlet to let the shit I think about spew out all over this thing called a blog. I'm not sure what I'm doing, I'm sure that's obvious, but as long as I'm having fun I'll keep doing it.

I seemed to have started a pattern, as I've started regularly blogging M-F, it's like a non-paid job, lucky me ;)

Monday = Weekend Recap
Tuesday = Anything goes
Wednesday = What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW)
Thursday = Think out Loud (duh, you're reading it)
Friday = 5 Things Friday

I'm not sure how it evolved to this, probably because as I've read on various blogs - link ups such as WIAW - drive large traffic to your blog. Yes, I love seeing that number go up, but without anyone actually commenting or interacting with me, its not as enjoyable. So, if you comment on my page, you better be prepared for me to write back, and probably immediately! I enjoy page views, but enjoy what anyone out there (especially those who took the time to read my post) have to say much, much more.

Naming the blog. It came fairly easy. Since I didn't have anything specific or a niche I was going for - I just wanted to ramble. So it seemed like a perfectly odd pair to combine - girly & tomboy. Both of which I completely am. As opposite as they are, I am a pretty good mixture of both of them.

Girly...I love dressing up. I love SATC. I love pink. I pretty much always wear make-up. I love shoes. I love shopping. I love being crafty, yet don't do it often enough. I love chick lit. I find it important to have my toes on point and my nails at most times. I have a closet full of everything. I accessorize my outfits. I don't like sweating (even though I do). I always make sure to put on perfume. I have a Mia. I hate pumping gas or anything car related, really. I love purses, the bigger the better! I have a great group of girlfriends whom I hang out with regularly. I am thorough and organized. I get waxed (in more places than any boy ever would). I get my hair done every 6 weeks, like clockwork. I love to EAT!

Tomboy...I can curse like a sailor. I have always fit in with the boys. I love watching most sports. I love playing sports, specifically soccer, but will dabble in all others if asked too. I don't care about most drama. I'm pretty laid back and will go with the flow for most things. I don't get too angry about many things. I try to watch all 160ish something SF Giants game each season and I have no problem listen to them on the radio or my iPhone. I love ESPN. I don't mind talking about farting or pooping. I'm sarcastic. I have callouses on my hands. I love to lift weights. I sweat like a pig, not that girly glistening type of sweat! I don't mind getting dirty. I like lifting heavy things. I like helping out with house stuff (I did most of it when I lived at home). I don't mind sporting soccer/workout clothes all day/weekend (even if I look very tomboyeee)! I'm not addicted to Pinterest. I love dirty jokes and am usually pretty crass.
I love to EAT!

I'm  totally stereotyping gender's here, but oh well. I'm over it. It's my blog and I'll do what I want ;) haha. I wouldn't change the person I've become. I love that I can be either way, at any time I want too.

And because I don't only think about my blog, here are some other things I'd like to think about out loud:
1. It's time the mutha 'effin WORLD CUP started. 4 years is a looooong time!
Such a thing of beauty!
We've waited 4 year for this...
2. Do you peruse Pinterest for cool things to post on social media like I do?
Source // Somewhere on Pinterest
3. Suja - damn them! I said I wouldn't buy any more, but I couldn't resist trying a new one!
Glow // Sac Foods Co-op
4. Ruth Chris HH is top 5 for sure - best for a baller-on-a-budget looking to be boughie!
3x's Everything
Burger // Crab BLT // Steak Sandwich
5. Ordering and sending bridal/baby/wedding gifts directly to the recipient AND not having to lug it around at the event, is by far the way to go! :) Technology, gotta love it!6. Diviriginizing the Bestest to her first Midtown workout was FUN!
Lookin' rough at 6:30AM after our Midtown workout!
7. Funny post about Racing Shirt Etiquette - please take with a grain of salt, for the most part.8. The Dollar Tree started following me on Twitter, I'm not sure how I feel about that!
9.  2 of my 3 social media accounts are public (not including this blog, which would make it 3 of 4), so please feel free to peruse/comment/like anything - it's open for a reason. I'm an open book and don't mind sharing what's going on. My social media philosophy - You can always unfollow/delete me at any time!
10. It's too hot!! But I can appreciate it dropping to the 90's with a breeze.

Girly Tomboy's, the best of both worlds :)

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  1. I love your blog name b/c it totally fits you. You're so good about blogging on a schedule- I can't keep up with commenting on them! BTW, congrats on your half the other day! I'll have to check out that Suja juice too. Oh and have fun watching the World Cup! :)

    1. Thanks, I'm glad someone agrees with me ;) Oh, you taking the time to read my blog is greatly appreciated, but the comments are just icing on the cake! Thanks, it was tough, but I got through it. Yes, it's pricey, but a good treat for my body (that's how I justify it)! Thanks, I'm dying for the second half of the first game to start!!

  2. Another suja?! Which has been your favorite so far? That racing shirt etiquette post was pretty darn funny! I bet some people got bent out of shape over it ... which makes it even funnier!

    1. I know. I'm such a sucker for them, but only every once in awhile...I liked the first one (orange) and this one. The one in between that was eh! I only can remember their colors, not their names :/

      My cousin posted the race shirt link, I thought it was hilarious, but a little long winded. Yes, I'm sure some people were offended and their undies in a bunch. Not us though ;)

  3. Comments are weird right? Like, I want people to comment but I don't want bullshit comments, does that make sense? I can't stand when I write about something halfway serious and some chick will be like, "I like your shirt in that photo!" Um. No. Ha.....such is life I guess. Sorry to ramble!

    1. Yup, makes perfect sense! Now I'm totally thinking about all the comments I've left you so far...hahah! I think Blogging in general is weird. You're putting shit out there for people you've never met and then BOOM - you've made blog friends and even maybe friends in real life! All because you took the time to write your babble down and they read it...and most likely vice versa...

  4. I have a pretty set blogging schedule as well, and I kind of love it because if I'm running blind and have no idea what I'm going to post about, I start to panic, clam up, and end up not posting lol. And I love the idea of a girly tomboy... I don't necessarily love getting dressed up as much (mostly because I hate going to the mall to go shopping, but I'm a HUGE fan of makeup, pampering myself, and purses... those things will be the death of my wallet. Aaaand then there's the side of me that loves the outdoors, snowboarding, and can take apart and put together a car engine, no prob ;)

    1. Yes, the linkups I do weekly help give me a base/theme, but then I do whatever I'm feeling! What, you don't love shopping? I don't know about that ;) Haha! I need to take a snowboarding lesson one of these winters, I say it every year! And I'm in awe, you can take apart and put together a car engine!! You go GIRL!!

  5. Can I mention how much I love that T-shirt Etiquette post you linked to? I'm definitely that superstitious person that doesn't wear the race shirt until after race day. Don't want that bad karma juju to get me!!

    It seems I'm the opposite of you and Amanda (commenter above). I've been blogging for a long time and used to pressure myself into posting a certain number of times a week. Looking back on those posts, I can see the quality was much lower, it just lead me to the "I HAVE TO POST SOMETHING" sort of writers' block. Of course, everybody is different. Some people find they produce more content with specific themed days, so if that works for you, that's awesome! :)

    1. I loved that article too, I figured my fellow runner friends would appreciate the humor, wit, and truth to the post :)

      I'm still finding my way with my blog, I haven't been doing it for long. But I'm sure at some point blogging M-F will not be possible, unless I'm getting paid for it! I do enjoy your posts, so you're doing something right!! Have a great weekend!

  6. I love growing my readership, of course, but it's not the reason I blog - I blog to share my story, to vent my frustrations, to meet new people, I am ALL ABOUT blog interaction! though, I love that! :)

    1. Amen! I completely agree :) The comments and interactions are just the icing on the cake. Thanks for stopping by!


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