Rose & Thorn [7]

10:23 AM

A surprise, lazy weekend!

Normally, I have five thousand things to tell you - but this weekend was fairly simple. Lots of watching soccer, lounging, and a little pool time. My heart is content

Because every weekend needs to have one of each:
Rose: Relaxing and enjoying a weekend without many plans, parties, or obligations
Thorn: The guilt of not running a race that I had paid for!

What was your Rose & Thorn?

Left work a little early to hang out with Pop's at the hospital. Unfortunately he wasn't released, they said it should be early Saturday morning. Let's just say he was miserable, but excited to eat...but couldn't for a few hours because of his procedure. His grumpiness level was above average, especially since he hadn't eaten for 3 days at this point! Much better than I would have been! After some good Poppa time, I did a quick little retail therapy at Nordies. Do you ever have the insane urge to buy something? I do. I must admit!

After that I went to meet the Boy and head out to Movie in the Park, put on by the Mayor Pro Tem, Angelique Ashby.  I randomly saw a RT by someone showing that they'd have this event and we decided to check it out, since it would be super kid friendly! Although the flyer said the event started at 8PM, you can't control the sun. The movie didn't start until around 9PM, which is fairly late for kidlets, so we left around 10PM. For it being the end of June, the evenings are still very cool in Sac. They did offer free popcorn and bottles of water at this event, which serviced over 1,000 people. It was a great free event for families and I'm glad we decided to go!

Movie in the Park - Once a month!
Holding down the blanket until the rest join us :)

Monster University
I should also go into a little detail about my "race that never was" part deux! This was my decision this time, not because I was ill prepared! After a long week of travel and Poppa Bear, I decided that I didn't want to drive the 2ish hours to Lil's casa, only to wake up Sat AM and drive another hour each way to a 5 mile race. Yes, I was sad about it and more so guilty about my choice, but I made my decision. Lil's BF said he' use my bib and run the race, so it wasn't money down the drain. But this is how I know I am "a runner". I have runner's guilt. Normally I wouldn't have done this, but I was exhausted and enjoying a relaxing weekend sounded much nice. Plus, I didn't feel like being in the car for that much time and driving all over. So, I made a decision to skip my race. Obviously I was guilty, but not enough to get out there and run it. Have you ever felt like this? The Boy and the Bestest were sweet and reminded me that life happens and sometimes you change plans, but I still had that nagging feeling of guilt over my head all of Friday and Sat AM. 

I'm pretty sure my guilt is because I didn't fulfill a commitment, running or not, this is something that does not sit well with me. It's not a good feeling. So as I contemplate signing up for more races, I really need to think about it before I pull the trigger. Lesson learned, lesson learned...

For the love of sleeping in, why can't I? Ugh, I had an alarm set for a little before the first WC game of the weekend - but alas, 7AM was my wake up time :( As I was getting settled to watch the first game, my phone rang. Poppa Bear was being released...YAY! So, like a good daughter, I went to pick him up and take him home. The painters were doing their thing at the Parentals house, but it's a nice feeling to see them fixing their house. It's been a long time coming and they deserve to spruce up their casa!
Homemade Breakfast
Literally, for the rest of the day I didn't do much or really leave the house. We grabbed a pizza from Round Table for lunch...WCP (Wild Cherry Pepsi, for those who don't know the goodness that that is) for the WIN! Then started watching the next WC game. I ran home for a bit to shower, do a load of laundry, and grab stuff for the next day. We actually ate a home cooked meal by the Boy and went outside to enjoy the lovely summer night and roasted marshmallows and enjoy the stars!

Asparagus and cheese stuffed chicken, pasta, and garlic bread!
Fire pit and 'mallows!
So sleeping was on the agenda, if you compare it to Saturday! Again, the WC game was on at 9AM and we were up and ready for this one! It didn't go as the Boy would have liked, but all games this weekend were dramatic and great. 2 of the 4 games went into silver goal, then to penalty/spot kicks! As a fan, new or old, you gotta love the excitement of this! I hate that this is a way to determine who wins, but really, you can't just keep playing until someone scores - the game could take way too long for those poor players!

Breakfast and soccer, perfect morning!
Then it was a lovely pool day. I believe it was a triple digit day for Sacramento, but I don't remember checking. The Club House has tons of lounge chairs, a really inexpensive bar with average pool food, and various pools for different needs (lap, kidding, kid friendly, and a kiddie pool)! After some tanning, wine, and book reading we were exhausted! Headed home to cool off and nap. It truly was a weekend of relaxation and enjoying our time together!

Hot Dogs
After awhile, I decided I wanted to at least act like a human and get "ready" and do something. I've been wanting to try a new, local winery that I run by fairly often. So, we went! It was really warm outside, but we decided to sit out there anyways. They had a musician out there, doin' his thing. Very informal, very low key. We decided to try their largest flight of 7 tastes for $20! It let us try their entire wine offerings, so we could decide if we wanted to come back and try them again. We didn't order food, but I'd gladly come back here to try their menu. I was smitten with their little tasting glasses, they were adorable! We were starving at this point and had the hardest time deciding where to eat.

Cabana Winery // Sacramento // Flight 7 for $20
Cutest little glasses
Finally, we decided with the nice weather, to enjoy dinner at Chevy's on the River. Yes, Chevy's is as Americanized as anything can be - but being on the river makes it much less corporate-y and a little more local and fun!

I have absolutely no complaints from my weekend, other than my runner's guilt! A relaxing weekend is exactly what I needed. It also helps that this is a short week with Fourth of July being this Friday and Thursday will hopefully (fingers crossed) be a half day at work!

Some weekends just feel thornless :)

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