Happy #NationalRunningDay !!

4:06 PM

I know, more often that not, I proclaim to hate running.

Why do you run?
But let's be real. Why would I invest my heard earned pennies in shoes, clothes, and race fees if I hated it that much...

Good question, right! I definitely know it helps my body all around, but I do think I find joy in running (at times)!

For all of the awful, horrible, no good runs I endure, there is always one that counteracts those feelings. A run where I feel strong, don't breath heavy, my legs feel light, and my mind wanders until I realize I've my run is done (this might be an exaggeration)!
November Project celebrating this AM!
For all the moaning and groaning, and lack of training I complain about, here are some reasons why...

I Run...

  • to clear my mind.
  • because there are plenty of people out there who can't run and would love to, I do it for them.
  • so I can eat...and eat lots.
  • because I function better when I challenge myself or set a goal.
  • because I love to set PR's.
  • because I love to people watch at races (and mentally judge them)!
  • to be a part of something bigger than myself.
  • because the running community is something amazing, that I just can't quite put into words!
  • so I can wear and BUY super cute (and neon) running clothes AND shoes!
I'm sure if I sat here long enough, the list could go on and on. So when I whine about hating running or my lack of training, know that deep down in my middle-of-the-pack-runner's heart, I do love like running!

This is how I'll be celebrating!
Since I started this blogging journey, I've become very akin to following and reading a shit ton of running/fitness/health blogs! Maybe it's becuase my active blogging coincided with my marathon training, and I was secretly looking for inspiration, or maybe it's not. I'm not sure. But along the way I found Cori @ Olive to Run and I read her blog daily. I've never seen her post a link-up, so I thought I'd be a part of this one today, since it seems so exclusive ;)
Cori's Link-up today!
I don't really have an I Run story, because secretly I've been running since I was little. It mostly was towards a soccer ball, in addition to a softball and a volleyball. It was a natural progression to start running. That mixed with my appetite of a football player and getting older...it just happened. No great, glamorous story to tell. Just kinda fell into my lap (for lack of a better cheesy term/saying). And it doesn't seem to be going anywhere, anytime soon. Even though I profess I am done running, it never really goes away...
Two blog posts in one day, oh well...watch ya gonna do about it...

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  1. Happy National Running Day! How could I forget about 'neon' being a pro to running?!?! I love the idea of this link up. I've never done one before. It's my fist time visiting your site. I'll be back :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Neon makes you run faster, it's a proven fact (jk) ;)

  2. Your tweet yesterday CRACKED me up! :) I'm so glad you joined in!

    1. First time I've ever used "FOMO" E.V.E.R.!!

  3. I KNEW you (sort of) liked it! I do think that liking the results helps you enjoy something more.


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