5 Things Friday - NOLA Style

10:09 AM

The Big Easy, baby!
I've come to appreciate working in food manufacturing. It means that at least once a year I get to travel to a different (or repeated) city for a few days. This year, I find myself back in NOLA (New Orleans, if you aren't with the lingo) for what I believe is my third time. By no means is this a complaint, but I've done all the touristy stuff the past two times, so there won't be much of that this time. I will eat my way through the city again, but it will be more low key than my previous trips.

The only thing I've never done is a swamp tour, but I'm okay with that. Luckily, a good friend from high school lives here, she goes my prescribed nickname of Hollywood! I came in a day early to spend it with her (and meet her new man)! The last trip here I actually helped her move into the current place she lives, so I'm fairly familar with my current surroundings.

Magazine street is a huge popular street that stretches much of the city. The area where Hollywood lives is super cute - great restaurants, little shops, bars, and just a cool vibe in general.

I'm keeping it simple with five things from my last day and a half in NOLA:

1.  Hollywood's casa requires you walk through the creepiest alley way. Yes, I'm a wimp and this picture is in the day - at night it is much worse...

2.  Hollywood requested that we take more pictures this trip, apparently last trip we didn't take too many OR to many that were cute enough ;)

 A stroll down Magazine...
3. Whaaat? A juice bar literally three shops from her front door? I'm excited and it was delicious!

Juice Porn!
Let a juicer, juice!
4. NOLA = no filter, I love the random shit they sell, make, and have on display around here!

If you don't laugh...I'm sorry!
5. Only Hollywood would take me to a gay pool bar. Yes, you read that correctly...please use your imagination...and that probably still isn't good enough HAHA!

The Country Club // New Orleans, LA
Poolside beverage!
Back to the World Cup and Beignets...

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  1. I'd be scared to go down that alley too at night! Those signs are hilarious!! LOL

    1. I know right, I feel like the biggest scaredy cat ever when I walk down that alley way :) If you laugh at those, then I know we could be friends!!


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