5 Things Friday - I Got 5 On It!

10:24 AM

Who doesn't like that song?

Before ANYTHING...

Happy National Donut Day!
Carb loading and celebrating the national holiday!
Okay, is it donut or doughnut? I use them interchangeably, but I'm sure one is more correct that the other - but everyone uses both, so I'm really confused. Yes, I have my degree, but I still can't figure this one out, among a bunch of other things...

Orange is the New Black - Season 2 Starts TODAY!

5 Things this Weekend:
1. Shakeout run - 3 miles are on the calendar for Sat AM.
2. The Boy's soccer tournament.
3. Carb loading like a boss!
4. Women's Fitness Festival Half Marathon - still not sure how I will run/approach this race.
5. Wicked!

5 Things to Maintain A Successful & Ongoing Girls Night:
**I thought I'd add this in because we've been going strong for 2.5 years of once a month girls nights. 

Timer Apps are perfect for GNO
1. Use e-vite for each GNO - it helps with attendance and what to bring for each GN.2. Pick one day and stick with it, we use the first Thursday of every month. It rarely ever changes, unless it coincides with a big holiday!
3. Meet at a restaurant every once in awhile, so there is no pressure to cook.
4. Always bring something that is shareable and that most people like.
5. Have amazing girlfriends (and kidlets) who you want to see at least once a month ;)

5 Things I Did to Recover and Maintain Fitness this Week:
1. Monday - 1.5 indoor soccer games
2. Tuesday - Absolutely nothing...but I doubled up on Wed, so that counts ;)
3. Wednesday - 1 mile run and various stuff at NP in the AM and 6 miles with SRA in the evening!
SRA Come Run 5 Miler for #NationalRunningDay
4. Thursday - Midtown strength and conditioning class! 5. Friday - Swolemate date - elliptical, rower/pushups, and a few weights!

5 Things I Ate this Week:
1. Buckhorn Midtown Burger & Combo
Dinner @ the Corey's
2. Vic's Ice Cream - Coffee ice cream in a regular cone
All-time best ice cream spot in Sac!
3. Mexican Taco Truck @ Work - 3 tacos (Carne, Carnitas, & Chicken) and a side of rice.
Too convenient to have at work.
4. American Taco Truck @ Work - Cheeseburger and fries 
Because my tofu dog didn't sound appetizing!
5. Peet's - La Brea Bakery Cranberry Almond Bar - LB bought out Full Bloom Baking Co and changed the packaging, but the product still tastes the same and delish!
Now I realize why Full Bloom wasn't responding to my inquiries!
5 Things or Random Thoughts:
1. I love receiving my weekly update from Twitter, telling me to "check out my week on Twitter". I don't have tons of followers, but its always fun to see the stats :)
2. Nuun isn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. Probably because I bought one of my favorite flavors - watermelon!
I swear I've had them for 6+ months
3. Two carb loading sessions 7 days apart, is pretty amazing!4. Independent - sometimes I think people use this as a negative way to describe people, but I say do your own thing...and do it wholeheartedly and be completely unapologetic. 
True story, bro!
5. Is it still considered a good book if you don't like the story line, but you keep reading it because you started it? I don't fully dislike it, but the storyline is sad/depressing and I don't need to read about that type of stuff...
I can't get that song out of my head now! Happy Friday world :)

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  1. Yum! Great meals this week! Good luck with your carbo loading and your race!!!

    Katie www.LiveHalfFullBlog.com

    1. Thanks Katie!! I definitely indulged, because I know I have two races scheduled within 7 days :)

  2. As, always, I'm drooling over your food pics!

    Have you started season 2 yet? I watched the first episode and it was kind of ... boring :( I'm hoping it picks up!

    1. Thanks, but you wouldn't be drooling all over the calories I have to burn off ;) haha!

      Yes, we got through most of episode 4, we will continue our way through the season 2 tonight! I'm addicted and try to sneak in any OITNB watching time anywhere I can!! Oh no! You thought it was boring? I was getting annoyed that no one would tell Piper where she was going...I thought that was drawn out...

  3. Yum! I always forget to take photos of my meals. When I DO think to do that...I am always staring at an empty CLEAN plate. :)

    1. I get made fun of. I know it's kinda silly/sad, but I go out of my way to do so, so I can take a picture to post :) I always end up staring at an empty plate too!


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