5 Things Friday - Fiver

2:41 PM

World Cup has been preoccupying my time...so it'll be a shortie!
I live my life in 5's...just kidding - but it is my ALL TIME favorite number. I try to grab this number in any sport I play. I will claw it out of your hand, I don't care :p  That being said, here's a tribute to my favorite number in the whole wide world!!
5 Workouts This Week
Monday: Indoor Soccer Game
Tuesday: M S/C Class

Wednesday: November Project

Thursday: M S/C Class & Soccer Game

Bestest & I at M S/C
Friday: Swolemate Date

5 Tasty Beverages This Week
1. Sac Co-op Drink - Citrus Zinger

2. Suja Juice - Glow

3. Ruth Chris - Pomegranate Martini
4. Sac Co-Op Drink - Veggie Tonic

5. Vega One Shake - Natural

5 Things I've Been Thinking About This Week
1. World Cup

2. Eeek, I'm headed to NOLA next week!
3. World Cup

4. It's a full moon on Friday the 13th, this will happen again in 2049
5. World Cup

5 Retail Therapy Things I'm in Love with This Week
1. My A&F re-order of a purchase - 3 new pairs of shorts for summer
2. My first pair of Sperry Top Sider Boaties - I've been contemplating them for awhile, but finally pulled the trigger. Next, cow girl boots!

3. A new fedora style hat from Nordies!
4. Cutest backless Lulu top and the new braided headband - it's such an internal conflict, I want to wear it to work out in, but it's so expensive to sweat in... #firstworldprobs
5. Father's Day gifts - can't wait to give them on Sunday :)

5 Running Related Things This Week
1. I swore off running for awhile after Sunday.
2. I ran a little at November Project, but I don't count that.
3. I ran a half a mile was warm-up today, but didn't push the speed past 6.0!
4. I decided I will my 5 mile loop Saturday morning, but all on feel. I'll bring my watch to track my overall mileage, but I will NOT look at it. I will enjoy my run and not worry about the pace :)
5. I signed up for a half marathon in December - the new/inaugural 49ers Half Marathon , which is tricky because it really is the Santa Clara HM touting itself as a 49er race. PS - It is expensive as all hell - $99.49 for a halfer and 1/2 (yes half) the price for a 5K (yes, a 5K)!! 

You should probably be watching the World Cup right now....

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  1. That swolemate date sounds awesome! Things like that make me want to join a big gym again. As always, I will be expecting pics of these new clothes :)

    1. You can have a swoledate anywhere, that's the great thing! Just grab your friend and get a workout in - in the gym, at your house, or at a park!! Duh, I only buy things to post on my blog - I kid, I kid!


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