WIAW - Costco for One

8:57 AM

Who owns a Costco membership when they only shop for ONE person?!?

Peas and Crayons
Thanks, Jenn!
Oh...this girl does!! It felt weird to foot the bill, because until about two years ago Poppa Bear had been footing the bill. During our college years he liked us to be able to buy cheap gas if we wanted or just so he didn't have to be pestered by us asking him to take us there or worse, to buy us stuff!

I have to go here for work once a month, so it makes it easy to swoop a few things if I need it. And by need I mean want. It generally comes in bottle format and is of the liquid variety. I'm no wine snob, so my $6.59 wine suites me just perfectly.

I love perusing the isles. And by perusing, I mean searching for my next sample to taste. This trip, I cannot even lie, I went back to one stand for a second sample. They were making pannini's and they were amazing! They should have just sampled a whole sandwich, that would have been fabulous!

Please don't even get me started about their food court. I'm beyond pleased they finally, after my entire life, switched from Coca Cola to Pepsi. The drink God's were listening to me, of course there is no WCP, but Pepsi will suffice. Ohhh, their pizza. Again, I am no pizza snob, and Costco's $1.99 offering is just fine! It's a two-fer, two slices for one nice baller-on-a-budget price! Oh, I am always craving that Chicken Bake! It is soo good, but has to be at least 2,000 calories! There is no way I can just stop at half...the other half taunts me until I eat it and end up walking around with that 'itis!!

Working in food manufacturing has lead me to know more about Costco than the average bear. I don't know if that's a good or bad thing! But I am still a patron and will continue to be so! Because I know everything I wanted to share some wisdom, some of the items you see are regional so if you are in a different area you might not have these items. Vice versa, I might not get to have cool items that yous sells!!

So here's what I took home from my last trip, I might add, this is MORE than I ever take home from any given trip: 

Smart Water Case: $11.89 (-$2.50 Coupon) (+$1.20 CRV) - I like to buy this when it is in the coupon book. It comes out to less than $1/bottle and that's a great deal. Maybe I'm all about the hype, but I'm all about drinking water with electrolytes :)

Smart Water
San Pellingrino Case: $14.99 (-$3.30 Coupon) (+$1.20 CRV) - this is my vice. Instead of soda, not including WCP, I drink these! They are amazing. I was bummed, because last year they had a whole flat (aka case) of the Blood Orange flavor, which is my absolute fave. These will suffice, but I love that one much, much more. I'm also dying to try the new flavors, but I'm not sure where they are being released yet :/
San Pellegrino
Ace Cider Case: $12.99 (+0.20 CRV) - Since my first purchase was such a success, I had to buy them again. No brainer here! Berry is my fave out of the bunch, but all four are tasty. You can't go wrong. I wish they sold a whole case, instead of the larger (22oz) bottles. A girl can wish, right?!?

Ace Cider Pack
Menage a Trios Wine: $6.59/each - I normally buy 2, then kick myself for not buying more. So this time, I bit the bullet and bought four. In the long run I know I'll be much more happy. This is by far my fave baller-on-a-budget wine. Its tasty, reasonably priced, and good!
Menage a Trois
Organic Beets: $7.99 - I buy one pack a week at TJ's, so I figured why not buy them here. I can keep one package in the fridge and freeze the others. Genius! They average out to about the same price as TJ's packs, but I'm not sure which package offers more product/price. These seem larger in size, but there is about one less beet/package. However, I don't think TJ's are organic. I'm not so hippy dippy that I have to eat organic, but it's nice if I can.
Organic Blend: $3.69 - This is way more salad than I can consume before it goes bad. But at the price point, it's worth it. Veggie week was coming up, so I knew this would be a good investment, as long as I didn't go out to eat too much! I love that it's a blend of spring mix and baby spinach, and again it's organic. Not necessary, but welcomed nonetheless.

Organic Salad Blend
Late July Chips: $5.99 - So normally I'd shy away from these style of chips. But when I hosted game night I needed quantity over anything else. I saw these and grabbed them, without really thinking. I am SOOO glad I did. They are so delicious and I feel way less guilty eating these versus other chips that I'd normally eat. They have a great flavor and I can eat them by themselves without dip! This is almost a catch 22 - they are so good and I have such a huge bag, it'll be testing my will power for sure!
Late July Chips
And just for shits and giggles: This is a fitting Buzz Feed article for all of my alcoholic purchases: Struggles Women Who Can Hold Their Alcohol Definitely not me ALL the time, but a GOOD majority of the time ;)

Costco, making my bulk dreams come true...

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  1. I had the Late July lime tortilla chips and they were really good! I'll have to keep my eye out for the sea salt flavor!

    1. I've seen those, now I might have to buy one of the smaller bags. Their "Dude Ranch" flavor also intrigues me...

  2. I know you pitied me when I said I've never been to Trader Joes. Well ... I've never been to Costco either - I haven't even seen one anywhere! Your life is so much cooler than mine.

    1. No, I don't pity you at all, you probably save much more money than I do!! I just hope when your in CA you stop by one of each them! You need a membership at Costco, but some birdie told me if you say you want to buy alcohol they let you. But that's all you can buy, but at least you can meander around and enjoy the bulk life that is Costco :)

  3. Another place for good deals on that sort of fancier food is Grocery Outlet. Have you ever been there? That's kind of my weakness lately. :)

    1. Ooh yes, we've been going there for wine! Good deals and we get to try a bunch of different ones. Only problem with that is, if we like it, it might be gone the next time around! I need to get in there and really peruse the isles more, thanks for the idea :)


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