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I'm hiding healthy in between my unhealthy...
Peas and Crayons
Thanks, Jenn!
I know I only have one body for my entire life. So, at the ripe age of 31 I've decided I better start putting good, even healthy, things into it even if I'm not accustomed to eating them or liking them, for that matter.

I think I could be considered a creature of habit. I will try most things, but when it comes to regular eating habits, I hover over the same items. My TJ's shopping cart doesn't look much different from week to week.

Chia Seeds. Juicing. Quinoa. Flax Seeds. Words that don't frequent my vocabulary or palette...until recently. It's not that I strongly dislike them or that I've never eaten them, it is that they just aren't the best things in the world. So, I decided to force myself to eat them. And by forcing myself, I think I am starting to like them. They don't come cheap, but my health is my wealth (pardon the cheesy, there)!

Attempts at Healthy:
Chia Pod - Blueberry: I honestly didn't think I could muster this down, but I did. It wasn't bad and the texture wasn't awful. The flavor is very light and actually refreshing. I love the packaging, spoon and all. It's kinda pricey, but good enough to justify buying every once in awhile.
From Sacramento Co-Op
Triple G - Minus Bananas, Add Blueberries and Ginger: I have been working my way down the Nugget Market juice list and after harassment from the Bestest, I finally broke down and got a Triple G. My issue was always with the banana's it contained. Finally, I asked the worker what she would substitute it with, she suggested blueberries, so I went with it! It was delicious, now I know why the Bestest drinks one almost every day!
From Nugget Market
Pluot: So, I'm actually in love with these little hybrid babies! They aren't new to me, but I just haven't  bought them in a really, really long time!  Time to start adding more fresh fruit in my diet. Buying apples and letting them rot away in the fridge is not helping anyone! This variety is tiny and tart, but still pretty good.
From Sacramento Co-Op

Annie's Cheddar Squares: So, I was really, really craving Cheez-Its from the vending machine at work recently. Lucky for me, I couldn't scrounge enough change or cash to buy them...so the craving went into triple time! So at Target, I wandered to found the cracker isle. I eyed the Cheez-Its and slowly walked away. Lucky for me, only a few short steps was the Annie's products. I was looking at the bunnies, but then saw they had an alternative that was similar to my beloved Cheez-Its. I know not to compare fully, since one is full of bad preservatives and one has slightly less bad preservatives. They aren't that bad, they have a very buttery taste to them. [I'm not sure this belongs in the "healthy" section for today, but it's an attempt at a healthier alternative, so yeah, it's staying here!]
From Target
Energybits: So technically this is considered food, I didn't chew them, but the company says it's food! One serving is literally 30 little smelly nuggets of spirulina algae. I've seen so many fellow runner friends and bloggers use these little guys, I felt it was time to try them. With my attempt at making healthier choices, this was one that I thought I should add to the list. I took them before I hit the gym to do 1mile sprints + 500m row x3, with some lifting afterwards. I could feel a boost in my energy level. My energy and spirit were high, even if my legs were dead by the 3rd set. I didn't have any stomach issues. The only two complaints are, they smell awful and you have to take so many of them - swallow as many as I can without choking, gulp tons of water, repeat about 6 times (I'm kinda a Sensitive Sally when it comes to swallowing pills)! I'm not sure if I can commit to a full order, 1,000 bits, but an ambassador sells them in individual, single serve packets if you'd like to buy them for her. Out the door this cost me $5. It was worth trying and I might buy a few more packets, for those days that I just need a little more energy. Not sure if I'm ready to try them for race day...
From @pghrunner - She sells individual, single serving packets
The Casual Unhealthy Decisions:
Vampire Penguin - Small Mexican Candy: Sometimes a new place opens up and you try, try, try you best to avoid it. But it haunts you via FB and IG, pictures of delicious desserts that just look amazing. So, I finally was able to get my hands on some by chance this past weekend. It is a version of shaved ice and themed into a dessert. You can get it solo, but that's so boring. The Mexican Candy is mango shaved ice, topped with Tianjin, drizzled with caramel, and fresh watermelon chunks on the side! If you can't tell by my excitement below, it was a foodgasm, if I've ever had one! I can't wait to get back!!

Vampire Penguin
Bacon Beans: Ganeeban is still (and probably forever will be) synonymous with Bacon! A lovely friend saw this in New York and brought it home for me. I cannot lie, I haven't tried it yet. But I will, I'm just a little nervous...wouldn't you be? It was such a sweet gesture, we got a great laugh out of how gross these could end up tasting! The tin is pretty amazing, in itself!!
Bacon Beans
This post wouldn't feel right if I did not acknowledge the loss of a wonderful, spiritual, and inspirational woman. Dr. Maya Angelou. Your words, your thoughts, and your ideas have shaped many peoples minds, hearts, and souls. Sadly, today you were taken from us, but your legacy of words and thoughts will fill our days to come. Thank you for sharing your mind with us, you will forever be remembered for being the amazing woman you were!
One of my fave quotes for Dr. Maya Angelou!
One day, I'll actually do WIAW correctly...one day!

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  1. I've wanted to try those Chia pods! Have you tried any other flavors? Those energy bites on the other hand,I have never seen those before? Weird ...

    I would totally eat those jelly beans! Being a Harry Potter nerd, I've eaten every flavor of jelly bean possible. I even ate the "grass" and "booger" ones because I was just too darn curious!

    1. No, just that one. The other two available had banana's I'm pretty sure! Yeah, the EB are weird, but seemed to work! I've tried the HP Jelly Belly's, but I couldn't do the "booger" one at all. The "grass" one tasted like soccer, like when you get fouled and your face ends up in the grass, type of soccer ;)

  2. You crack me up! I put chia seeds in my smoothies to help them thicken up a bit. Spinach, mangoes, orange purée, water, and ground flax seed. So damn delicious!

    1. I know, a little 2,000 & late with chia seeds ;)


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