WIAW - The Carb Edition

8:27 AM

Carbgasm's are almost as good as the other 'asm!

Peas and Crayons
Thanks, Jenn!
Bwaha, sorry if you're squeamish, that was probably too much for you!

Anywho, so I know there's plenty of different articles/research touting different ideas regarding when/how to carb load before a race. I have come to accept and practice the carb loading two days out from race day. I used to focus solely on the day before, especially the night before, but I love carbs. And when I say I love carbs, I'm saying I'd marry them if possible. So, if I can add one more day of openly consuming them, then I sure as hell am!

Yes, I know carbs are not the devil (that could be a whole different post). So please don't misunderstand my love for them in moderation. That's just what it is. I eat the crap out of carbs through lunch, but after that I try to ease off of them.

Since I had a 10 mile trail race on Saturday, I knew I needed to start really carbing and hydrating up on Thursday (of last week). So here goes What I Ate Wednesday for Two Days of Carbloading (and post race)!!


Coffee - Starbucks, because I ran out of rice milk for homemade coffee.
Breakfast Bagel - Noah's Sesame Seed Bagel // 2 TJ's egg whites // TJ's American Cheese Slice // Heinz 57 Salt Free Ketchup
Pronto // Spaghetti w/ Meatballs and a half Cesar Salad - surprise lunch date with The Boy
Sandwich - Hot Blonde w/ Bacon from Dad's Sandwich
Chips - Kettle Brand BBQ from the Sac Co-Op
Wine - Menage a Trios from Costco


Homemade Coffee - Peet's 101 Blend // Rice Dream milk // Raw Sugar
Breakfast Bagel - Sacramento Co-Op Sesame Seed Bagel // Avocado // 2 TJ's Egg Whites // Some Cheese
Chips - I may or may not have eaten the rest of the bag, but I plead the 5th...

Salad - La Bou Chinese Chicken Salad
Bread - La Bou 1/2 Baguette w/ 1 Dill Dipping Sauce (not pictured)

Spaghetti - Sac Co-op Ground Turkey & Meatballs // Trader Joe's Elbow Noodles // Trader Joe's Creamy Tomato Basil Pasta Sauce
Garlic Bread - Safeway Pre-made Stuff

Saturday (RACE Day)

Bagel - Half of a Safeway Sesame Seed Bagel w/ Skippy Reduced Fat Peanut Butter
Coffee - Peet's, Rice Milk, and one spoonful of Raw Brown Sugar
NO pictures, too tired to remember to take a picture or too hungry...can't remember...

Post-Race Brunch
Split Entree - Cafeteria 15L Chicken Fried Steak // Scrambled eggs, biscuit, potatoes, and gravy.
Side Dish - Cafeteria 15L Mac-n-Cheese
Cafeteria 15 L Brunch
Dinner (just because, absolutely nothing to do with race day)
Burrito - Freebirds Hybrid (small option) Steak burrito w/ spinach wrap, rice, guac, and cheese blend
Drink - Pepsi (succumb to a craving) 

Carbs should really be made a food group!!

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  1. I knew I shouldn't read this post because that food looks so good! I've gone a bit overboard on the carbs lately. Says who? Says my pants that are too tight!

    Hows the ankle?

    1. I know...my pants are a little snug...the carb intake to carb burning were not sufficient ;)

      The ankle is better, still tight. I'm hoping I don't have to ice bath it again :( Thanks for asking!!


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