Thinking out Loud - Confessions Style

2:09 PM


because, it just feels right...

Confession... I am not a dog/cat/animal person. Yes, I may think your animal is cute. But that is about it. Actually, I probably think it is gross, but will like your pictures because it is the socially acceptable thing to do. Most people scoff at animal non-likers. I don't have anything against them and for the most part, I don't ever want to own one - especially the likes of the four legged kind. I have always been allergic to cats and dogs, so that ruled them out as a kid growing up. I turned out fine... I don't want my house to smell like animal poop and I hate having the hair all over my clothes/furniture. By all means, your animal loving ways do not affect me, so I don't judge. But, please don't judge me for not wanting to own one, pet one, kiss one, or even like a picture of one.

Confession... I think I may be addicted to my iPhone. I really need to stop looking at it, especially in the car. As I type this, I have a full understanding of how dangerous this is. I just need to actually commit to stop using it. I remind myself to live in the moment, but something about that hunk of plastic draws me in, like every few minutes. Checking for notifications, e-mails, or texts - the instant gratification of that machine is addictive. I am a work in progress, so this will be added to the list. Put down the phone and actively listen and be in the moment!

Confession... I work hard, but still don't appreciate my body. I run, I play soccer, I take conditioning classes, and workout at the gym...BUT I still cannot accept my body. I don't know if I'll ever be fully satisfied. Skinny sounds good in theory, but I don't want to be skinny. Fit sounds good too, but I don't want to be overly toned/buff. Can/Will I ever feel fully comfortable in my own skin? I know I "abuse" it by eating unhealthy foods, I'm human. It doesn't matter how healthy I eat, it's still a very mental game when it comes to your perception of yourself. I don't think my lack of appreciation is anywhere near body dimorphism, but I do know that I need to learn to love my body and how I am cultivating it. I only have one, so I better make sure I treat it right and learn to love it....easier said, than done!

Confession... I'm really happy right now. Everything seems to be in place and I couldn't be happier. Sometimes I feel guilty for being this happy (as absurd as that sounds), because I see good friends going through hard times. I just wish it could spread my happiness to those around me, it's hard to see good friends upset or going through a challenging time.

Confession... I never feel like I have enough money. I am not struggling at all, but at my age I didn't think I would still basically be living paycheck-to-paycheck! I've made some poor financial decisions in the past and am trying make them better, which I am proud about. But I wish I was better at saving. That's all I hear about, saving, saving, and more saving!

Confession... I found my running groove again. It was hidden for awhile, but I think it's back. Nothing seems more calming than a long run these days - with or without the Boy. The only issue seems to be when can I fit it in my schedule.

Confession... I have a strong desire to travel and do new things, lately. I don't need some fabulous trip to a remote destination, even a day trip to a beach will satisfy my travel desires. Doing "new things" is as simple as me recently taking a cooking class or singing up for Foodie Pen Pals. I love trying new things and I'm making it a priority to just go out and try them. Don't think about it or over analyze it, just do it. I have a few work/leisure trips coming up in the next five months...and I think that has a lot to do with my craving for travel. I know I get too, I just have to wait a few months/weeks until I get too!

Confession...A blog post with out pictures feels completely naked to me!

Please forgive me Father, for I have confessed....

(I truly hope I did not offend any Catholic's with my send off)

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  1. I'm a cat person, but sharing a living space with one really is disgusting. I don't have carpet floors, so when the hair collects, it's in little fuzzy tornadoes. It's also on every bit of my furniture. Then the room with the litter box is perpetually covered in little litter pebbles. I agree with your viewpoint. BUT. I like having a 24 hr snuggle buddy when my husband is on midnight shifts and most everyone else is in bed. Someone to talk to that seems to mildly tolerate me. It makes up for all that gross stuff. :)

    1. Haha! At least you can appreciate where I'm coming from. A 24 hour cuddle buddy does sound appealing :)

  2. I think a lot of what you said is true for many people. Like I don't think most people are happy with their current body, which is so sad. Money is also another big thing where we are always wanting more. I constantly pray that I can be happy with what I have right now.

    1. Thanks, sometimes it's nice to just purge some thoughts. It's also a little nice to know others are thinking about it too...sometimes this stuff is taboo to talk about, so thank goodness for my blog and cool readers, such as yourself!! I too, always (try) to remind myself to be happy with what I have, because it is more than some others have. Thanks for the note!

  3. - Sorry, I'm a cat person. We have 2 and you can imagine how much fur I find on my clothes! Haha!
    - I know what you mean about having body image issues. It's always been a struggle for me too BUT we gotta own it and be proud no matter what!
    - Happy that you got your running groove back too. Thanks again for your encouraging words when I was going through my slump!
    - Travel as much as you can! It doesn't have to be far. Just going to a new city or trying a different restaurant is just as good.

    1. Don't apologize, it is just my "allergic to life" ideals. I'm happy for pet owners, I just don't want or need to be one :) Own it, or change it! I love that motto! And you're very welcome. Runners are a crazy bunch and we go through every emotion possible, I just try to remember the good runs/races to get me through the awful ones. Driving to a new city to try a new restaurant is a great idea, thanks! Time for a day adventure somewhere :) Have a great weekend!!

  4. Confession: I'm not really an animal person either. I mean, I really like them, but I'm just not really in a position where I'd like to own one. I even live on my own and people tell me that a small dog or cat would help keep me company, but I kind of just see it as a burden. Shh. Don't tell.

    1. We will be in solidarity together sister, just quietly....


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