Thinking out Loud - Black && Orange Edition

3:04 PM

Black and orange aren't just for Halloween...

Amanda at .RUNNING WITH SPOONS.'s for be BEST baseball team in the MLB! And by best I'm not talking about the best record, even though we are doing pretty fabulously right now (26-15), I'm just talking about the BEST in my EYES! 

My G-men, Los Gigantes, the SF Giants!!

Yesterday I was lucky enough to take the day off, head to the City by the Bay with four of my faves, and watch my G-men whoop on ATL. To be fair, they didn't whoop on them at first, but it ended in a butt whooping for those tomahawks!

Road sodas with these crazies!

1. Superstitious - Why are baseball people so dang superstitious? I mean, I get it...and I totally am. It seems completely archaic, but we still follow the rules. I feel oddly against that I am happy that my team is doing fairly well, but I can't brag about it. Putting that juju into the verbal world, would mean team suicide for the G-men, I would have thus jinxed my team. So I will smile and cheer when they win and curse the TV or whoever when they lose. I just cannot go around town bragging about how well they are doing.

Javier Lopez warming up! #swoon

2. Hottest Day of the Year - The one game we decide to go to, it is one of the hottest days in SF this year. 90 degrees in SF, that seems highly unusual! I am generally layered head to toe when I'm at the games, not in shorts and a tank, sweating balls!

Partly cloudy? Not at all!
3. Good Luck - I thought we had a deal with the seagulls. During the day fly overs are a no-go, but at 9:30PM it's all fair game. Some reason, out of no where a bird decided I was target practice yesterday. Lucky me, I was leaning forward in my chair, so I all I got was splatter to my back. The Bestest got some on her shoulder, but my chair, lucky #12, got the brunt of the business. Sooo gross, the Boy wiped as much of it off of my tank as he could. I felt gross, but I relished in the fact that this is supposed to be good luck! Is that why we won 10-4?!?

Before the bird shit accident!
5. Arm & A Leg - That's what you give up when you go to a MLB game. Actually, I should specify, when you go to a SF Giants game! They don't play! After winning the world series in 2010, the ticket prices have become market pricing. By marketing pricing, I should just say EXPENSIVE! I guess it's a good vice, I get to watch baseball, get out of town, and drink some libations if I choose to do so!

Gamer babes!
6. Day Games -They are just way more fun than evening games. Probably because there aren't any seagulls to poop on you in the 7th inning and on...well not so much our case this game, but most others! Also, probably because it's always freezing at night games. OR maybe because you have to take the entire day off and you get to see your favorite men!!

Sweatin' out the goodness...
7. Sucker - The Dugout Store. Gets. Me. Every. Time! No matter what it is or how much money is in my account, it is guaranteed that I want to buy something in that store. It doesn't matter that I have more Orange and Black stuff in my closet, than anything else, I still want to add more. Jackets, hats, scarves, shirts, tanks, long sleeves, baseball tees, sweatshirts...I draw the line at Giants themed shorts! This time I bought the cutest tank that I found on Twitter. One of the girls who they feature made a tank and it so cute. At first glance you'd think it was just a cute girly tank...BUT if you are a true Giants fan you will notice that the image is actually McCovey Cove!! I also bought a cute shirt on clearance...when did $20 ever seem like a clearance price to you?!? Sucker...

San Francisco, CA // AT&T Park
The yard is my serenity...Namaste...

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  1. That looks so fun! I'm going to San Francisco for the first time this summer! Maybe I can talk my husband into a baseball game! I will at least go by the park :)

    1. How FUN! Yes, a visit to AT&T Park is a must, even if you just check out the outside! It's magical in there, I promise. Just buy a standing room only ticket and check it is expensive, but I promise you'll have fun! What brings you guys to SF? Have fun, it's such a fun city!!

  2. Looks like you had a great time despite getting pooped on! :)
    I had fun at that game but it was too HOT! Such a beautiful day in the City that day too! Go Giants!

    1. Yes, poop and sweat, we were a mess...but a good mess!

      If we didn't drive 2 hours to get there, I'm sure we would have left early too! Yes, always GO GIANTS!


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