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What does that have to do with a weekend recap, may you ask?!?
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It's the cute way my friend and her family highlight the "high" and "low" of a day...but in this case I'll do my regular (bloggy style) weekend re-cap and highlight my rose = high and my thorn = low. 

By far, my rose was attending a wedding in the cute little city Sebastopol, CA. I was a plus one for the Boy. His good friends were getting married and I was grateful I was there to celebrate with them!

My thorn is hard, it was a great weekend. I think it would have to be not working out the entire weekend. I did get on the pitch and play a outdoor soccer game, but no running or weights. 
Saturday consisted of a super early AM wake-up call. Had to get semi-ready for the wedding, because I wasn't sure where I'd get ready for the out-of-town wedding. Hair all did, which would eventually fall before the wedding starts. After I house sat for the homie, I get to feed a cool ass bird that whistles at me (who wouldn't love that?), it was time to get on the road.

Before a couple hour drive, we needed some fuel for the day. Good 'ol Mimi's cafe comes in clutch for breakfast. After that we set off to get to Sebastopol, however, we made two shopping stops that were necessities. And by necesities, I mean we just wanted to puruse two different outlets (in two different cities). The boy is overly obsessed with Nike, so that the only stop at the first outlet. Then we met some homies at the next outlets and hit up a few more spots, because we were killing some time!

After realize we only had an hour until the wedding, we skated out of there and rushed to get ready quickly. My dress shopping on Friday night was fruitful, but I wasn't too excited about the dress I bought. I ended up wearing it and it worked out, I just went with the flow. I was over it. It was a little short, but it wasn't the shortest there ;) Haha!

A beautiful backdrop, a beautiful couple, a beautiful affair! It was fun getting to know the Boy's friends and family better. The open bar was also a nice touch...

Mimi's Cafe // Breakfast Sandwich (with Bacon, duh!)
Table 14!
Livin' the plus one life!
Twin photobomb w/ his own snack!
Obligatroy IG collage from the wedding // Sebastopol, CA
For some dang reason, sleeping in is now apparently 6AM :/ Up and att'em, way earlier than we would have liked, and ready to start the day. I had the first outdoor game, which is at 10AM. Again, we couldn't field a full team - but eventually we did. My right ankle has been really tight and acting funky, but I just played through it. We lost, but we had fun. 

Then it was a quick shower and off to the Boy's second game of the day. Highlight, I got to stop at Whole Foods because its right near the field. I was like a kid in a candy store. So, of course, I bought the most random stuff for lunch...and by random I mean fairly un-healthy! Ahh well. After the game and a quick nap, it was off to what seems to be becoming a little Sunday night tradition, movies and food. We saw Spider Man and then had late night HH at Bj's! Sadly, I cannot post a picture of a pizookie, because one was not had :(

I cannot forget to mention the cool looking ring around the sun yesterday. I'm not a science buff, so can someone please explain this phenomenon? Or does it happen more often and I just never notice it? Any who, although it was a cool sight, I got sun burnt. May and sun burnt already...I wasn't ready for that!
Love this company! Printing IG and reg pics for a decent price!
Ring around the sun, why?!?
My pictures don't justify how fun of a weekend I had. Or maybe the fact that I don't have enough to show, indicates how much fun I was having (since I couldn't be bothered to stop and take that many). Either way, it was a great weekend (aren't all weekends great?) and I'm still smiling...

Weekends are for shenanigans...if you're doing them right!

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  1. "Cool ass bird" hahaha!

    This is weird, just today my friend was telling me how I needed to go to Mimi's ... it's a sign I must go!

    You look super cute - I like the dress!

    1. Who wouldn't love a bird that whistle/cat calls at you?!? Made my day!

      I've always been a fan of Mimi's! They changed their menu up recently, but it's still always clutch.

      Thanks! Now I have to start the dress search all over again for another wedding in three weeks! #firstworldprobs


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