Rose & Thorn [4]

11:48 AM

Over it...

Sorry, I sincerely apologize for my lack of enthusiasm for today's post. It was along weekend of good things and some not so good things. So I'm exhausted. I'd love to go about my normal ways of writing you into oblivion, but I won't and you'll get it all in the minimal amount of pictures I have from this weekend!

But, I can't forget my:
Rose: Being present at the wedding and reception of two friends. 
Thorn: Adult emotions and conversations...

Friday "Get out of work early" Lunch celebration and girl talk w/ Jenn!
It's the Gel season again...
You don't eat this during a graduation?!?
I've been to way too many Sac State Graduations!
Cousin silliness
The Grad!
The Boy!
I love this machine, whatever it is...
Hala Madrid! Champion's League Winners!!
1st Mega Bus ride w/ the Bestest
Brotha's from otha Motha's!
Double fisting at Wine Fest!
The Kiss!
My plus one!
Vampire Penguin // Mexican Candy
Exhausted and the reception hasn't even started!
Salud Mr. & Mrs. Nguyen!
We don't need an actual photo booth, we make our own!
Oh, look at that groomsman!
Table 42
Shots! Shots! Shots!
Playing with the cutest little girl!
Just a little end of the night selfie and photo bomb!
Blessed to be there to celebrate with these too!
Memorial Day Family BBQ
I'm not sure how, but I am done with wedding season by May this year :)

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  1. Despite that thorn on your side, looks like you had a fab weekend! :)

  2. Oh wedding season ... just when you think its over for good there will be baby shower season. At least you get to bring dates to weddings!

    I LOVE that dress you wore too!

    1. Yes, the never ending cycle of weddings && babies! I want to pull a Carrie and register for stuff because I am neither (at the moment) ;) HAHA!

      Thanks! I bought it so long ago, I started to resent it, but it ended up working out and being very comfortable and hiding my indulgences for the night!!

  3. That machine looks like something straight out of The Matrix! Ha!

    1. It is the business! But only one gym in town has it :/

  4. You looked gorgeous and like you had a great time! :)

    1. Thanks Rachel :) Weddings never disappoint :)


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