Rose & Thorn [3]

11:11 AM

5 soccer games in 2 day will remind anyone of their age!

Perfect weather to ball in :)
My first true love, soccer. I hope I can play until I'm super old, just like the ladies that organize the yearly Valley Cup tournament I played in this weekend! I hope I treat this body and especially my stems good so I can keep ballin' at the ripe old age of 70 (I swear that's how old some of them are...or appear to be)!

My rose was playing in Valley Cup (women's soccer tournament) and our last co-ed outdoor soccer game, FIVE soccer games in total! Tied with my cousin graduating from college, happy Ate over here :)
My thorn playing five soccer games on an ankle/Achilles that is NOT feeling good at all!

Sometimes I make some silly choices, I decided to lift and do legs early in the AM. I love our Friday ritual of Swolemate dates too much to not go! I also added an 11 mile bike ride in the evening, which I haven't done in forever. All before a weekend full of soccer. One would think I probably should have rested, but NO, that wasn't the case by any means. 

Friday night a friend and I decided to hop on two wheels (I'd say for Bike Month, but I'd be completely lying) and head to a nearby bike shop. He's super into riding and I turn to him (or my cousin) for biking anything. I've been needing the basic necessities, in case I'm out riding by myself somewhere (haha, yeah right, again). When we got there, we walked throughout the store with our bikes and he was grabbing things I needed and I just nodded and obliged. I thought I'd skirt out of there $50 poorer, but not my luck. Even though we only got a few things the original cost of the basics came to $75. However, I did have a coupon for the weekend, so phew, it dropped it to $65.

Alex hooking my girl up :)
I find it hard to invest in my two wheeled transportation because I don't use it as often as I'd like. But, I think these investments will make me want to get on it more, now! Here's to hoping...

After we got back to my house, achy butt and all, I headed over to one of the Bestest's houses to check out her new pad. Just us and another gal, chatting, catching up, drinking wine, and me finally eating dinner after a long day. It was nice to relax and hang out! Left a little later than anticipated, but girl talk is good for the soul!

Although it was tourney weekend, I didn't have a super early wake up call on Sat. Our first game was at 11AM, so I didn't have to check-in until 10AM. I set the alarm for 8AM, however, I woke up every hour on the hour (or so) from 4AM on. I have no idea why, I was so frustrated! Why can't I sleep in? Up and att'em. I made some quick fried rice and coffee for breaky, then it was on to the tourney. 

The tourney was held at Cherry Island, which is a huge park that holds about 10 soccer fields. Every weekend you can find humans, of various ages, here playing soccer. Parking is $8/day or $15/weekend! Ugh, the things you do for your first love! You can park outside for free, but I'm too lazy for all that walking ;) Sadly, I missed my youngest cousin graduating from college. He graduated when I had to check in for the tournament! I know my entire family was there to support him, but I still felt bad that I was playing soccer instead of witnessing such a big occasion in his life...

Day 1 Valley Cup collage
Both games didn't go as planned. The scores did not reflect the way our team played. No matter how bad I play or how hard I am on myself, I still love this game and will always keep playing. I could not finish for the life of me. I had so many opportunities, but I couldn't put a goal in :( Oh well, still had a blast!

After grabbing a bite to eat and showering up, we headed to our friends parents house to work on wedding favors and eating our weight in chicken wings! The couple is getting married in T-minus one week (the Boy is in the wedding). We spent the whole evening over there, making the party favors, chillin' by the pool, and going over wedding details. Asian weddings are always so intense, so many ceremonies. Sadly, I'll miss their Vietnamese Tea Ceremony because I already bought tickets to the Giants game :/ But I got to see the girls outfits and it will be a beautiful ceremony. There is something about helping friends prepare for their big day. I'm excited for them and I'm sure you are too, because you know pictures will be coming :)

Okay, no more sleeping in..even though I couldn't if I tried! First game was at 8AM, so I woke up at 6:30AM to have breakfast and coffee, before heading out to the fields.

Ugh...the start of Veggie Week!! I digress...

Day 2 Valley Cup Selfie
2 games today. Also, the possibility of one more in the afternoon if my other co-ed team won their 9AM game. Again, our first game score did not reflect how played as a team. Although we haven't all played together before, we played well for throwing a tourney team together. We literally, just couldn't finish when it came down to it! Luckily we went out with a bang! We won our last game. I would have been real mad if we didn't, this team didn't deserve to be in C-1 division (the 2nd to best division in the tourney). So, we all left on a high night and I had to high tail it over to my last game of the weekend. It turns out my other team won at 9AM.

This was seriously the goalie we played against!
Starving, I headed to the store to meet up with the Boy and a few soccer friends to get a quick snack before our game. The game we were playing in, was to decide who will play in the championship game next weekend. We went into PK's (Penalty Kicks, for those non-soccer readers). The game was getting a little intense, this didn't help! In the end, we ended up losing in sudden death PK's, but a game well played! Can't win them all...

Salt & Potassium Snack
Again, I was starving. So we headed back to the store to grab more sustenance. Veggie week prohibited what I really wanted, to I got a veggie grilled cheese, chips, and a juice! So tasty after all the soccer I'd played.

Nugget Market // Triple G minus bananas, sub blueberries and add ginger
No rest for the weak! Had to shower and get to my cousin's graduation party. One brother graduated from college and the other will soon graduate from the credential program (this Friday). They had a combo party, to make it easier on everyone! My whole family was there when we arrived. There is something relaxing/cathartic about ending the weekend with my family. They might be slightly crazy, but who's aren't?!? Sitting around, chatting and laughing, and eating good/junk food. Such a great occassion, celebrating two huge accomplishments. It was nice to sit and just chat with the fam, play with the lovebugs, and chill. I was drooling over all of the chicken wings, tri-tip, ribs, and lumpia that I couldn't eat. Sometimes veggie week plays me hardcore!!

Dual grad party!
Auntie Coco and I
Silliness ensues...
Soccer truly is my first love...

What was your Rose & Thorn from this weekend?!

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  1. Just reading about your weekend is exhausting! I think the best part of every weekend is the part where I just chill out and do nothing for a few hours. I even got to take a nap Sunday!

    I think this makes me old right?

    1. It was a wordy one...sorry! haha! Seriously, we tried to recall the last time we just stayed at home all day and did nothing...couldn't even pin point the date :/ Ah well, should feel blessed to be so busy :) No, not old at all! You just know what you like!!

  2. Looks like you had a fab and busy weekend! That's so cool that you play soccer. Man, that sucks that you were doing Veggie Week with all that yummy food around you. Not sure if I could hang! Haha! :)

  3. Thanks! Luckily it ends for the wedding and Memorial day, so I'm sure I will get to indulge in plenty of non-veggie goodness :)


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