Rose & Thorn [2]

11:50 AM

I've decided the word weekend is synonymous with plans.

Please don't let me have a pity party here, but every weekend seems to be booked from here until the end of July. Such a case of #firstworldprobs , yes I realize this. I just hope the one day that I don't have much to re-cap you don't stop reading my blog! haha! Anywho, onto the good stuff:

My rose was cliche spending time with my Mom and the other amazing women in my family.
My thorn was my ankle being injured I couldn't run yesterday :(

Because every weekend starts on Friday my book!

I kept it fairly low key because I had a early wake-up call and a race in the morning. A race I was very apprehensive about, because my ankle has been super tight and my lack of training...oh and did I mention, it was a trail race? No biggie, right?!?

After work, I swooped our race packets - aka bib and shirt - at the local Fleet Feet. I did some quick mother's day shopping and was outta there quickly. I didn't do my shakeout run in the AM, as planned, so I literally sped through one after work. A shakeout, by my knowledge, is not supposed to be faster than race pace. But mine was basically at my road race pace, because I knew the Boy was coming over to have a carb dinner.

I hadn't been home, but 10 minutes, and he arrived. I was sweating like a pig glowing. He knew I wanted to shower, so he kindly took over the cooking duties. I could smell dinner as I was getting dressed. Over Frozen, we devoured some delicious carbs, one of my favorite pre-race meals. I was excited to try the ground turkey and the meatballs, both of which were new items I swooped at the Co-Op. They were both delicious, but both only once in awhile things! Those meatballs were legit, they had three different types of meat in them! I feel like such an adult when I order from the meat (or whatever you call it) case and an actual butcher (I don't think the really was the butcher, just an employee working there)!

Sac Co-op // Safeway // Trader Joe's
Safeway // Garlic Bread
Spaghetti // Carb loading
After the Boy left, I did laundry (cool Friday night activities) and headed to have some girl time with a few good friends. They had just finished moving in one of the Besties into her new spot and were eating burgers to celebrate their exhaustion! So, as they finished their dinner, I sat and we all chatted.

There should be something said for a great group of women. The listen fiercely, give advice when needed, and make you laugh even more. It's a great feeling to be able to be expressive and talk freely, while also hearing their thoughts and opinions on things. Sometimes, it is nice to get an outsiders opinion and/or also someone who is more objective than you can be. All in all, they were happy to be kid-free (I was the only non-kid-haver there) and have some good girl time! I always do treasure these talk and laughs! 

I think it just took me longer to recap my Friday night, than the activities actually took ;)

Up and att'em at 5AM. Time to eat my pre-race breakfast, poop (yes, I said it), and get dressed for the occasion!  I don't want to spoil the re-cap, so just know that although we both didn't train, we had a good run. I think the exhilaration of it being a race, I forgot that my ankle was hurting. We had to get back somewhat quickly, so we didn't stay around for the post race pancakes, but we opted to have brunch in town.
Typical IG race collage!
As I parked for brunch I got a phone call. It was either be at the hair salon in an hour or no getting my hair did (my original appointment was for 3PM). So, because I don't play when it comes to my roots, we ate quickly and I went and got my hair all my post race glory..and by glory I mean dried sweat and salt, and mud caked legs.
Cafeteria 15L Brunch // Chicken Fried Steak && Mac-n-Cheese
Good thing the salon is run by the Bestests' cousin. So it's like family. Also, another good thing is that there weren't that many clients I could offend with my post-race odor! The could see I was in serious ankle pain, so they gave me a frozen water bottle and a stool while they did my color. Now that, ladies and gents, is some serious customer service skills.
Ankle issues...
I ran home to shower. I was dying. I'm not a big fan of doing anything after a race, until I shower. I don't like post race parties, unless I can score a KIND bar. I generally race and head home with a smile (of course). So after my beloved shower, I took a well deserved nap. After that, you can only imagine how gnarly my toes were. I was in dire need of a pedicure. With nothing planned, I decided to treat myself to one. I was worried the lady would hurt my ankle, but she never even touched it. I was extra squirmish this visit, probably because my feet were sensitive from running 10.3 miles of trail just a few short hours before.

After that, I went to hang out with the Boy. We finished my Mother's Day shopping and we grabbed dinner. Then we hung out with is family for awhile. I was exhausted. I didn't last too long and was home and in bed by 11PM, I think!

The OG Freebirds is WAY better :/
Back up, real quick, to Saturday - Haley and I had planned to do a easy run on Sunday. I was really hoping ignoring the notion that my ankle was not hurt. Is it weird that it felt better to wear heels/wedges, rather than flip flops or tennis shoes? I know, I felt like a diva, but it felt much better! So, with the best intentions I set out to meet Haley at 7AM for an easy 6 miler. I did my normal pre-run dynamic stretches and I was in pain, still ignoring the nagging feeling I should just cancel my plans. I walked a few steps and then started to jog, after five steps I stopped! This was NOT happening today! So, I knew Haley would be waiting so I walked the 0.3 miles to meet her. I tried to jog twice and it was a no-go! Met here and broke the news that I couldn't do our planned run. She set off to continue and I set off to walk/fake jog a mile. Since I got up early, ate, and was dressed...I wasn't letting it go to waste!

I got home an knew that I had to do something. So I found a (too) small bucket and dumped ice and cold water in and sat on the couch. I dreaded this, more than anything you can imagine, but I know it helps. Thankfully it was Championship Sunday (all you non soccer fans, that means there were 10 soccer matches going on at once, on TV), so as I plunged my foot in the death bath, I tried to get through the first 2 minutes. Once you clear that, it get's a little bearable...a little! The worst 8 minutes of my weekend!!

My Sunday AM
After attempting to stay warm, I did a little blogging for this week and watching more soccer. I couldn't fall asleep, even though I attempted. Although I just walked you through my injury laden early Sunday AM, do you think it stopped me from going to my conditioning class? My justification was that since I didn't get my cardio workout on, I needed some strength training instead. I made sure Hannah, a new coach, new I had an ankle issue. The first thing we did, was run...haha...again, I fake jogged half the distance as everyone else. The good thing was, I was able to get through the entire workout. The only ankle hurting exercise was the prowler sprints. Mine were prowler crawls, to put it easy!

Since we always have our family parties in the afternoon, I wanted to get in some good solo Momma Bear action. So the three of us (we included Poppa Bear) went out to a light lunch. Lil was missing, because she had to work! The healthy industry doesn't take holidays' off, I guess people can still be sick if it's a holiday ;)

When I say quick, I mean a quick lunch. Some quick conversation, a light lunch, and her opening her gift. They had to prep for the party that afternoon, as did I. Somehow, Dad and I got stuck with planning the occasions for the Mom's.

A low-key affair, by our family standards. There was a handful of people missing. The Mom's still felt the love, but it was just a little quieter than normal. But they were well fed - ribs, tri tip, two types of chicken, corn, zucchini skewers, rice, potato salad, fruit, and dessert. I love family parties, but I always leave feeling gross! Oh well! Gross and loved, that's a great combo!

Just cause it's silly...
My amazing Madre and I!
I don't want to jinx it, but can we just take a second to talk about my G-men?!? They are playing great ball and winning games! They also, just beat our biggest rivals the LA Dodgers, we've taken 3 series from them. We only have one more for the season...I can only hope to take that too. A friend of mine have a friendly bet going, each series is worth $25, yup, I'm sitting on $75 (to lululemon) right now!

Ending a weekend with family, is probably how every weekend should end...

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  1. I get all worked up about having weekend plans! I will complain about any weekend activities that require me to wear real pants.

    I always call the meat department of the store the butchery. It just came out one day and it felt right.

    Sorry to hear about your ankle :(

    Hope you're feeling better!

    1. I've decided, if I must have plans, 90% of them I must be able to wear yoga pants or lulu's! Or I just do it anyways ;) It does feel right and I'm okay with calling it that too...even if it is incorrect! We do what WE WANT! haha! Thanks, it's feel better today, but not 100% yet....

  2. I have to get out of running clothes right away after a run too. Wet clothes are cold. I usually volunteer with my club's races after I'm done running, so I bring a stash of clothes, baby wipes, and a towel with me to every race. I'm getting good at roughing it, I guess.

    1. That's exactly why I dislike hanging out in wet, sweaty clothes. You are freezing! I am now a pro at the baby wipe showers and changing clothes in public places, without offending the masses ;)

  3. Congrats on your race! Ugh, hope your ankle feels better! I'm the same way too- I have to get out of my race clothes before I go out and do something. Nice that you spoiled yourself with a pedi! :)
    BTW, you and your momma look beautiful! Glad you had a great weekend!

    1. Thanks! Seems like my other training is still keeping me conditioned! I think that pedicures are a must...well, I dislike feet (almost hate them) so I don't even want to touch my own ;) Weird, right?!? And thanks, my Momma and I appreciate your sweet words!!


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