A Love Letter

8:34 AM

Dearest Momma Bear,

I love you, Mom!
For all the grief, nasty things I muttered as a teenager, (all my) soccer/softball/volleyball games, the races, the big and small favors, being a bank account with no limit, and for loving me through all my faults, you are my everything!

Not every one is as lucky as Lil and I are, and as I get older this is more and more evident. Not all Mom's cater to their family, especially their children, as you have continued to (and still) do so! Your love, support, and encouragement have shaped the woman I am today. Literally, everything I have and am today are because of what you and Poppa Bear have instilled in me.

As any Mother-Daughter relationship goes, we don't alway see eye-to-eye, but I have the utmost respect for you as a mother and as a woman. You work hard and have never asked for anything in return.

I can only hope, when I'm lucky enough to have my own child(ren), I can be half the mother you are.


Your favorite daughter...

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