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A lot to say about a little of nothing...

Five Things Friday
I want to start backwards, just because I need to spice it up!

5. Juicing - I swear, the world wants everyone to be skinny and rich! $8 for a Suja juice. I read they are the head sponsor for my upcoming Rock-n-Roll race in San Diego, so I thought I'd try them out. Like a newbie, I finally found them, only to be hit with an $8 price tag! What?! For some juice. Yeah, it's cold pressed. Yes, it's organic. Yes, that's ridiculous. However, if you do the cost/serving it's not bad $4/serving. I pay $5 at the Nugget or the Co-op for a fresh made juice. But geeze, this health kick makes me poor! The worst part is, it was good. Not sure it is good enough to buy on the reg, but it was good!
Who only drinks half the bottle?
4. Gluttony - The struggle has been real from Wed-Thursday this week. Look at this food I've eaten. The baseball game was my first excuse for Wednesday, then girls dinner was my excuse for Thursday evening. Okay, got it out of my system, now time to fuel my body with goodness for my upcoming soccer tournament this weekend!

HRD // Mongolian Beef Cheese Steak // San Francisco, CA
Firestone Public House // BLT // Sacramento, CA
Firestone Public House // Pulled Pork Nachos // Sacramento, CA
Cafeteria15L // Skirt Steak Salad // Sacramento, CA
Cafeteria15L // Cheeseburger Sliders & Mac-n-Cheese // Sacramento, CA
Cafeteria15L // Bacon Waffle Sundae // Sacramento, CA
3. Ate - That is what your nieces and nephews call you in Filipino, I'm just not sure which dialect. So, of course, my Bestie's and their kids usually call me this or Auntie. So, of course this onsie is perfect for each one of the lovebugs in my life. I also got to spend some qt with this cute pie on Monday night. We all had byes (soccer) for the week, so we went on a walk and had dinner! Best type of Monday night possible!

Source // Someone's FB
Lovebug and I
2. National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day - I mean really, who wouldn't want to participate in this day. I just happened to "have to go shopping"  for macarons for work. So, it just happened that one of the spots had a delicious choco chip cookie! So, as every holiday is, it had to be celebrated! I also got to macaron's for good measure too! 

Ginger Elizabeth's // Chocolate Chip Cookie // Sacramento, CA
Estelle's Patisserie & Ginger Elizabeth's // Sacramento, CA
1. Trolling - So, social media definitely leads to some serious trolling on my part. From finding new IGers that lead to reading new blogs or vice versa. I don't know how or why, but I started following Tia @ Hands on. Pants off. (I think) originally on IG and then I went to her read her blog. She is funny, in a sarcastic, crass way that I love. As I read her post, I saw she did a link up from another blogger (let the trolling continue).

I'm all about link-ups, why not! I have some content, but not enough to blog with my own ideas Monday-Friday, I know..step my game up!! So, I found my way to Helene's #FirstsTotalSocial . So here is my FIRST blog post for this blog: And So It Goes... I notice everyone was actually copying and posting their first blog, but go take a peek if you'd like! Hint: its regarding my short stint at on-line dated!

You must wonder why I said "this" blog. I created a word press blog where I tried to review a new product from any grocery store every week, but I got so behind, I was over it. That's a lot of work, well I thought at the time. Now, I'm basically blogging every weekday, so I guess I should have taken a little perspective! Oh well, I'm here now with this silly blog...and I'm still enjoying it!!

Randomness at it's finest, enjoy the two days of the week that mean the most!!

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  1. WHY ARE JUICES SO EXPENSIVE?? Bane of my existence, I swear, because I love juicing but hate making my own juice...

    1. Word! Exactly my thoughts! I don't have a fancy VitaMix or anything to make one, so I'm stuck buying them. I can make a smoothie in my trusty Magic Bullet...but it's just not the same...

  2. Oh my god that food! I actually just scrolled back up to look at that beautiful waffle sundae again!

    I'm totally over the $9 suja juice. Even though someone else bought it for me, I just counldn't stand knowing I was literally gulping quarters or dollar bills even - yikes!

    Thats for the new blogs to follow!

    1. Well, when you are in Cali...if you swing by Sacramento you should for sure stop there. It's a great spot for "comfort food"!

      I know. I wanted the green Suja to prep for my soccer tourney this weekend, but "accidentally" forgot to buy it ;)

      No problem, I love finding new ones to follow! Happy reading!! And have an amazing weekend!!


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