5 Things Friday x 5

10:39 AM

5 is my absolute favorite number...

Five Things Friday
Changing it up today, just for some funsies!

5 Things I love about Girls Night
1. My girlfriends can throw down in the kitchen, so it is guaranteed my stomach will be fully satisfied when I leave for the evening.
2. Each one is different. We get to see every one's homes and a peek into their lives. Every time someone hosts they go above and beyond for the group.
3. It's just a small reminder that I have an amazing support group of women in my life - they are all strong, independent, gorgeous, and kind women.
4. It makes me look forward to the first of the month!
5. It strengthens our friendships with one another. Making time (not always, which is totally understandable) is hard as we get older, but this once a month evening makes each one of us accountable to our friendships with one another!

5 Things about Being In a New Relationship
1. Cupcaking, who doesn't love that?
2. Learning all about the other person, their likes (and I guess their dislikes), their dreams, their goals...and everything in between.
3. Doing "new" things together. They don't necessarily need to be new to either or both, but "new" done together.
4. Finding ways to make sure they know that you care for them.
5. Smiling, just because they make you smile! 

5 Things about Attending a Wedding
1. I have a love-hate relationship about finding the right dress for attending a wedding. I love shopping, duh! But, sometimes there is too much pressure to find a new dress, especially if you wait until the night before (like tonight)!
2. Love everything, but the bouquet toss. So this time, I'm technically not "single," but that still qualifies you to go out there to pretend to catch the bouquet. Everyone knows I'm unmarried, I don't need a silly tradition to tell everyone that.
3. I love seeing all the details, all the hard work that the Bride & Groom (or wedding planner) put into their special day!
4. The father/daughter and mother/son dances are one of my favorite moments. They are sometimes the most sentimental, tear jerking part of a ceremony...well besides some of the speeches.
5. Open Bar, duh! 

5 Things Going on in My Head
1. I'm feeling real unhappy about my body. I need to start eating better.
2. Busy weekend ahead, but a fun one!
3. I have a half marathon in t-minus 30 days and my longest run to date has been 8 miles. If I want to PR, I better step my game up.
4. The beach. Sand in my toes and wind in my hair. I'm craving a trip to any beach.
5. Finances. Working on figuring them out and getting everything situated, trying to live like an adult ;) 

5 Things I'm Looking Forward too!
1. The freakin' weekend, as usual!
2. Women's outdoor soccer tournament in a few weeks. Stoked to be playing, just can't get hurt for my Halfer two weeks after!
3. SF Giants Wine Fest game, we go every year, so why wouldn't we this year! Wine and my G-men, perfect marriage made in heaven.
4. A quick little day trip (and a wedding) with the Boy tomorrow :)
5. The WORLD mutha effin' CUP! Sorry about that language, but I'm so excited!!

Happy (almost) weekend y'all!

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  1. a) I want to see the dress you picked!
    b) I'm married and still think bouquet tosses are stupid
    c) I WISH I could run 8 miles ...

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Of course, I always post my weekend pics :) I settled, but I think it turned out okay, especially since I wore a sweater the entire time! Haha, so then did you do the bouquet toss? You can run 8 miles girl, I know it! Hope your weekend was amazing!!


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