5 Things Friday - Listing it Out...

10:05 AM

I like lists, like a LOT...

I'm so neurotically overly obsessed with being organized, I even felt the need to apply it to this post!

5 Things Going on This Weekend:
1. Cousin's Credential Program Graduation
2. Giants Game - Wine Fest
3. Champions League Final
4. Wedding
5. Memorial BBQ with the Fam

5 Things I Bought Yesterday:
1. Lulu Lemon - "We Made Too Much" sale section is my FAVORITE. I try to check it daily, but for my wallet sanity, I don't. I hit the jackpot yesterday and ordered a new hoodie and shorts! Hurry up snail mail from Canada 'oh Canada!
2. Abercrombie & Fitch - Okay, I know I'm past my prime and probably a little too old to shop here or be wearing their "short" shorts, but I love them. I already have a handful of their shorts and I wear them all summer. Plus, they were on sale...
3. Nordstrom via the App - It's their Half Yearly sale, so I finally broke down and bought some boat shoes (I've been wanting them forever) and a pair of work appropriate sandals that I've had my eye on. Again, all on sale :)
4. Chanel via Nordies - Needed a re-stock and wanted to see if I needed new colors.

The coveted fancy bag ;)
5. Target - I bought a new swimsuit. I've seen it a couple times, walked past it when I first got there, then made an entire loop of the store only to gravitate back to it and buy it :)

Worst photog ever!
5 Things That Make Me Happy:1. E-cards, these ridiculous things just make me laugh or crack a smile, no matter what...

2. Gems like this, I can't even explain it...

A lil #tbt
3. Making a salad I'm super proud of and get to text it to my Bestest.

Organic Half & Half Greens, Avo, Organic Beets, Croutons, Pumpkin Seeds, Carrots, and Goat Cheese w/ Balsamic Vinaigrette
4. Our new(er) Friday AM swolemate tradition, squats are always involved!

5 Rounds of This - Inspired by Tina @ Carrots 'N Cake
5. November Project always makes me happy!

And this fella too!
5 Most Used iPhone Apps:
1. Instagram
2. Facebook
3. MLB.com at Bat
4. Twitter
5. Font

5 Favorite iPhone Apps:
1. Instagram
2. MLB.com at Bat
3. Nordstrom
4. NTC - Nike Training
5. Frame Swagg (Yes, that's the actual name) - I wish I could add all my photo ninja skill apps, that make my pictures so amazing ;)

5 Dreams I'll Dream, Until They Become Reality:
1. Travel to every baseball stadium there is and watch the SF Giants in all the stadiums that they play in!
2. Travel to every continent!
3. Skydive with the Lil and anyone else who wants to join!
4. Disney World...enough said!
5. Attend a World Cup

Long weekends really should happen more often...

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  1. That TBT picture hahaha! I love that swimsuit and you definitely need to post pictures of your Lulu finds when they arrive! I found a pack of printed cards at Target once and I was too stingy to actually give them away - they are so funny!

    1. I know, that TBT is ridiculous, right?!? But if I can't laugh at myself, then life is not ever going to be fun! You should totally frame them or add magnets and put them on your fridge, e-cards are the BEST!!


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