WIAW [3] - Bar Edition

11:51 AM

No, not as in libations...but as in those little rectangle things of goodness...

Peas and Crayons
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I'm always on the hunt to find my new fave bar. There are a few that I buy and that are always in rotation, but lately I've been adventurous and trying new ones I see. Well...as long as they don't have "dates" in the ingredient deck.

Here are my All-Time faves:
Almond & Coconut
KIND // Almond & Coconut
LUNA Bar: Chocolate Dipped Coconut

Chocolate Dipped Coconut
Luna Bar // Chocolate Dipped Coconut

Here are the ones I've tried lately:

1. Clif Mojo Sweet & Salty Peanut Butter Pretzel - to be completely honest, this used to be an all-time fave...and still might be. I liked the new packaging and I also noticed they changed the bar up a little bit more. In stead of large particulates (sorry, I work in food manufacturing) it's all mashed together now. Still the same good taste, just a different mouth feel.

Purchased @ Sac Co-Op
2. Quaker Real Medleys Peach Almond Multigrain Fruit & Nut Bar - It wasn't too bad. A co-worker gave and recommended it - apparently her daughter eats them like candy. I liked the large pieces of dried peaches. This isn't something I'd normally buy, so it was nice to try it and enjoy it. 

Co-worker Purchased @ Safeway

 3. Perfect Bar Peanut Butter - so these have been floating around a lot on social media. They also had a huge display at Expo West and my somewhat vegan co-worker left me a wrapper so I could be on the look out for them. To my surprise, I found them at the Sacramento Co-Op in the deli case. I didn't realize they needed to be refrigerated. Of course I went for the PB bar. This thing is tasty, but very dense. It's like a huge brick of PB goodness. I only ate one half at a time, it was that dense. The taste is good and not over bearing or too sweat. 

Purchased @ Sac Co-Op
4. Pro Bar Meal Chocolate Coconut - so I've come to terms that I am in love with the Pro Bar line, even if they cost me an arm and a leg to enjoy! This was my first time trying this flavor, so far they are 2 for 2 in my book. This one has huge particulates (chunks) of ingredients. I do taste the dang dates, but I keep telling myself they are good for me. I used this one to recover after my half marathon race and before an outdoor soccer game. This one is super dense and I had to choke the last part down, but that was because I had a time limit to get it all down! I love this brand and especially when I can find them on sale!

Purchased @ Sac Co-Op

5. Mariani Honey Bar Trail Mix - I'm pretty sure my co-worker gave this one to me as well. It was pretty tasty. Generally I shy away from things with dates and raisins, but I was hungry. And I know it's probably better to eat this, than to run to the vending machine for CheezIts! It wasn't bad and I enjoyed the random seeds - pumpkin & sunflower! I could do without the raisins, of course, but it was still enjoyable!

Gratis para mi co-worker

I'm trying to be adventurous and eat things that I know are good for me/healthier options. But sometimes these things taste like garbage, so I'm never sure if I want to play bar roulette or just stick with the ones I like. But luckily, the ones I've had recently have been bearable tasty! I generally go for the ones that have - Peanut Butter, Coconut, Almonds, or Crasins - in the title. Why get stuff you don't like, right? But sometimes it's fun to try new ones, especially when they are free!
All this bar talk makes me want a libation...

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