We Were All Bostonian's Yesterday

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Runner or Non-runner, our hearts were in Boston.

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 As I sat at my desk ALL day, I combed every social media account I own and the Internet to see the results of Marathon Monday. I thought it better to not stream the race (at work), so I just kept up via Facebook and Twitter, with a few peeks at the Yahoo Sports live feed. They all proved fruitful and I was up to the minute on all the happenings. Everything from the elite women's drama and then good ol MEB coming in clutch for the Americans. The last time an American won Boston I was just born, so a short 31 years later we have another American winner! Such a great feeling for the race and specifically what it stood for this year!

Yes, I've never once had any desire to run Boston. This doesn't mean that I do not appreciate the dedication and hard work one has to put forth to qualify. As a runner (hard for me to commit to that title) I don't generally have any defined running goals in place. I sign up for races and train (somewhat, at times) for them. Yes, of course I have ideal times I'd like to finish in, which are alas goals, but other than that my running aspirations don't run much deeper. Running an Ultra or at Boston aren't something I strive for.

Well, that was until last year. I would have loved to be in Boston this year, running for that sacred Unicorn logo. Not because it is Boston, but for what the one year anniversary of last years race meant. I could literally feel the excitement through social media. This might sound cheesy, but I got goose bumps reading tweets. How often does that happen? Not so much for me! Seeing all the IG pictures, updates on FB, and tweets were as close to being there as I was going too get. But all of the running bloggers I follow did a fantastic job of keeping me up-to-date. 

It was also really fun to see a group of November Project runners out there, reppin' NP. They had some big and exciting things go down, the co-founders hosted a Boston Seminar with Bart Yasso! Check out this pretty dope post from NPSD's Lauren Padula !! So cool to see the whole tribe and movement doing well. I love her #verbal!!

Leave it to Nike to do something cool too. I'd seen it on social media a few times, but I finally took a slightly closer look last week. They started a movement "Stronger Every Run".
Source // Nike.com
Here are some of the details (straight from the website):

[Nike is challenging the world to run during April 18-21 in support of the Challenged Athletes Foundation®  (CAF) through the #STRONGEREVERYRUN campaign. Anyone with the Nike+ Running App can pledge the miles they run to serve the athletes affected by the tragic events that unfolded during last year’s Boston Marathon. 

The goal of the campaign is to provide opportunities and support to survivors of the Boston tragedy and to other athletes with physical challenges in the Boston community to enable them to pursue active lifestyles. Nike and CAF have a long history of partnering to help individuals with physical challenges get involved – and stay involved – in sports.

Nike is directly engaging the Boston community and Nike+ communities to rally behind this effort and share their passion for sports by connecting to the important work of CAF.

How It Works

  • For every mile logged on in-store treadmills at Nike Boston April 18-21, Nike will donate $100 to the Challenged Athletes Foundation. 
  • For every mile logged through the Nike+ Running app on Monday, April 21st Nike will contribute an additional $1 per mile. 
  • All runs need to be tagged in the notes with #STRONGEREVERYRUN in the Nike+ Running app to count toward the campaign.
  • Under the combined efforts of this initiative, Nike will donate up to a total of $150,000 to CAF.  Nike’s donation to CAF will go directly to providing opportunities and support to survivors of the Boston tragedy and other athletes with physical challenges in the Boston community to enable them to pursue active lifestyles.
To further promote the effort, Nike is hosting Nike+ Run Clubs at stores across North America on April 21 to encourage community members to log their miles for #STRONGEREVERYRUN.]

So, as I was planning my workouts for the week. I knew it was imperative that I log some charity miles. Since obviously I didn't qualify to run the actual race, I felt helpless. Nike made it that much easier to feel involved for the cause and also celebrate being a runner and strengthening the running community. By bringing us together, by doing what we enjoy doing...running! I enlisted any of my IG/FB/Twitter followers to do the same and put (what I thought) was all the details in my posts. I didn't realize you had to hash tag in the app as well. Good thing you can go back and edit a run after, so the Boy and I still were able to log charity miles for CAF! $1/mile, that's pretty awesome Nike, kudos to you!
IG // Ganeeban
As always, if I put it out there on social media (that I will do a run or some physical activity), I usually put a picture proving I did it. Mostly to prove my accountability to myself, more than anything. So this was no different, I posted it to all of my accounts (and now my blog). I was so giddy when I saw @nikerunning responded to my tweet. Hey, it's the small things that make my day. I don't care if it was probably an intern, that intern made my day :)

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So, although I'm a Cali girl through and through, yesterday I was a Bostonian at heart!

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