March Workout Recap (and February too)

2:45 PM

February got no love from me, apparently...

So here it goes. You will notice that there is exponentially smaller workouts/runs as the months have progressed. Geez, hello wake-up call! I need to get serious about my upcoming Rock-n-Roll half marathon in San Diego. I'd love to get 1:50, but I need to put some serious work in.

February 2014 
Gym Visits: 11 Visits 
Run: 65.76 Miles 
Midtown Strength & Conditioning: 8 Classes 
Indoor Soccer: 3 Games
 Row Machine: 0 Miles 
Spin Class:  0.5 Class (+ 20 mins on the bike) 
Elliptical: 1.75 Miles 
Step Mill:  0 Miles 
Outdoor Soccer: 3 Game 
Walk: 6.16 Miles 
*This is no specific order.

March 2014 
Gym Visits: 3 Visits
Run: 64.61 Miles 
Midtown Strength & Conditioning: 7 Classes
Indoor Soccer: 4 Games 
Row Machine: 0 Miles 
Spin Class:  0 Class 
Elliptical: 0.83 Miles 
Step Mill: 0 Miles 
Outdoor Soccer: 2 Game
Walk: 2.48 Miles
*This is no specific order.

As March comes to and end, I find myself seriously lacking motivation to go out and run. It doesn't help that we've been hit with some rainy days. I shouldn't make excuses, but I am. Cupcakin' and staying in just seem more appealing these days. I'm hoping this is just me having the running blues after my Shamrock'n. I have a 10 miler race this Sunday and it has been approximately 10 days since I've ran.  So, here are some fun motivational quotes for me to remember why to run and to get my lazy butt out there!! 


Alright April, I'm going to be better...I promise...

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