I Swore I Would Never Say THIS...

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It's taken four and a half months...

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but I've finally answered my own (and a few others) question!

If you read my re-cap of CIM you will know that that was one of the hardest, physical things I've ever done. So if you were to ask me if I'd trudge through another 26.2 miles, I would have cursed at you and then politely laughed (so it wasn't too offensive). 

I was in pain. Severe pain. I could barely walk after my first marathon. Just getting out of the finisher's zone took about 30 minutes, then trying to get my sweats on was another 20 minutes of pure agony. However, the excitement of being a "Marathoner" did not dissipate.

I had a version of a runner's high after that, despite the initial pain. In that hazy high, I signed up for  more races than I generally do. I also signed up for a few new races for the year, which I might have done regardless of running my first marathon.

However, between the high of finishing the marathon and signing up for races, I fell into a small running slump. I have always known that I am not one of those people who run around toting "I love running, running is my life, etc." I guess I give off a good impression that I do, but I honestly don't love it. Anyone who asks (why I run or anything along those lines), gets a very mixed response and my response is never the same.

I appreciate running. I know it is good for me. I am grateful my stems let me log the miles that I do. However, because of the ebbs and flows of running, I don't find it to be the best thing in the world. My good runs are "GOOD," but my bad runs tend to be "BAD"! There is a good mixture of both, but I there are enough of the "ehhh" runs, that I can't sit here and openly profess a love for it. It's challenging physically and mentally and it gives me goals, that's why I keep doing it. Singing up for race after race, watching my bank account deplete. Well, that and all the fun running clothes and shoes I get to buy to support the habit. 

I digress.

So, I've had some mixed emotions about running, which also bled into if I wanted to attempt another 26.2 miles. Lately, I'd been teetering with the idea. I think with all the buzz around Boston and reading more running blogs than ever, I was starting to get the itch (get your mind out of the gutter)! I knew I didn't want to run the CIM again, the weather is too unpredictable for me. I knew I didn't want to travel too far for a race and I thought a run in early winter (not December) or spring would suffice. 

It all culminated last Friday night. After TWO, yes multiple, failed attempts at dinner with my (bad Ass) running couple friends, we finally chose a place. First one was totally my bad, showed up (and made reservations at the completely wrong place...don't ask) and then the actual (agreed upon) location only sells dinner to private parties (go figure). So, we had to find a quick backup that wouldn't be overly crowded on a Friday at 7PM. Good luck, right?!

Over some delicious Thai food with some other random, yet interesting parts and characters in our adventure we start talking Marathon. The husband had just completed Boston and was about to run Big Sur in two days - yes two FULL Marathons one week apart, he's insane a BEAST! While the wife is cooking a bun in the oven, she is spectating and running 5k's to keep her activity level and sanity intact! These two are both speedster's and great people. I met them by chance through years of indoor soccer, but we've remained friends over the years and go out to eat every (or other) month. It's always fun to catch up, talk running, discuss soccer, and life! They are great people.

So it should not surprise you that through our conversation, came the Napa Marathon 2015!! Mind you, I'm intimated out of mind by their speed. I know, comparison is the thief of joy (or whatever saying you want to interject there), but they run F-A-S-T. So I told them about my idea of contemplating running another marathon, which was no surprise to them. I verbalized my hesitation, because of my first experience. Which they both said, they have never felt the way they felt after their first marathon. Promising, right?! After throwing some random races in the mix, the Napa Marathon came up. I know this one, because my fellow NP co-leader, Haley, ran it this year! Apparently it is similar to CIM, with a net downhill for the course. Grreeeattt! After some discussion, nothing was set in stone...yet...
Said FAST lady and I at CIM - she paced me the last 4 miles!
Saturday morning, I got up bright and early to hit the gym before a busy day. As I was logging 4.15 miles on the tready (hills included), I was thinking about my potential next marathon with my friend. She had not fully committed to running with me, but she did say she'd train my long runs with me. She had also reassured me, she would probably be around the same pace, so I shouldn't be worried about pacing/times. During those tready miles I had decided to email her and ask if she wanted to let me know, after she had the baby in August, about the marathon. I assumed we'd go from there...

Off the treadmill I hopped. Not a few minutes later did I check my phone and I had a little nugget nestled in my Inbox. From her, duh! She was sent me the information for the race and to keep an open mind about it. I told her exactly what I'd been thinking and that I wanted to do it. A few hours and a couple more correspondences later, she was signed up for the Napa race. Just like that! Boom! She did so while at the Big Sur expo. She said it was a sign, so she went for it. Well, snap...I guess I didn't have to wait until September for her decision.

So, I haven't officially signed up. I've done my homework and checked out the website. I have until May 30th, 2014 to sign up before the price goes up. Don't worry, my iPhone has a reminder to sign up on May 29th at 9AM - I'm verbally committing and will follow this through!

I will run another marathon...

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  1. Awesome!! I've thought about running Napa too, but they have a very strict no-headphones policy where they actually take photos of everyone with headphones on and disqualify them. I like to use headphones the last 8-10 miles, so until I break myself of that need, I'll have to sit it out. I heard the course is pretty and the race is well organized. This upcoming weekend is the Avenue of the Giants Marathon here, you should consider that one for your 3rd (you know there'll be #3) marathon. :)

    1. Wow, that's intense (of them). I don't use music anymore, so I should be in good shape ;) Yes, I have friends who love that race...it might just have to be...but let me get through number 2 first...haha!! Are you racing this weekend?

  2. I totally get you about running sometimes. I love it one day and then the next day I might be dreading a long run!
    Running a marathon is def a huge commitment as you know since you've done one already. I know you'll make the right decision and it will be exciting to follow your journey! Good luck! :)

    1. Thanks! I'm looking forward to it and hoping to just do better than my first one! Thanks for following and reading my randomness, it's much appreciated :)


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