Every girl dreams of...

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… their first day at the yard, of every season!! Okay, it might just be a select few of us, but nonetheless, it is one that should be celebrated!
Fave shirt, says it all :)
I’m sure by now; you get the sense that my family is, essentially…my everything. I couldn’t have been blessed with a better, more supportive and loving family. I am so grateful that we are completely grown, by that I mean (the Lil and I are) financially supporting ourselves, and WE still want to hang out with our parents. They are pretty cool humans, even if we don’t have a choice in the matter.
The Parentals - Almost 35 years strong!
Lil y Boo Thang
We met Lil and her Boo thang in Emeryville to carpool into the city. We always meet in the most perfect, in my little humble opinion, shopping center. It has a Starbucks, a Trader Joe’s, a Togo’s, a Wells Fargo, and a Jamba. Plus plenty of other options, but those are all the places you need if you want to smuggle goodies into the game. We ran into TJ’s to use their facilities and grab some goodies for the game! And because I’m a super baller-on-a-budget, I refuse to pay $5 for a dinky water bottle, so I bring my own!
Trader Joe's // Sunflower Seeds - Addicted, so long David's (unless its BBQ)
Trader Joe's // Mini Milk Choco PB Cups - GAME CHANGER!!

After last year’s lackluster season, I’ve been waiting for this season since October! We’ve had a great run so far, but it was finally time to come back home. Back in the City by the Bay! Let’s just say that the game didn’t go as I’d hoped, but being with my faves always makes it better.
AT&T Park // My Happy Place

Just like last year, we bought a 6-pack of tickets. Two of the games include some fun giveaways, the first being given last night. A Hunter Pence bobble head, just what I need! Bobble heads are ridiculous and sit in their boxes on my shelves, but for some reason, I still want to get my hands on them! It used to be a competition or a challenge to get them, because they’d only produce half the amount of available seats in the stadium (20k). But, they got smarter after about four seasons and now they produce 40K, so pretty much everyone gets one. Unless you are 2 hours late to the game, you will get the giveaway!
4/9/14 // HP Bobble Head Night
Our seats are the same for all six games. We purchased this package, because last year we had the option to upgrade at any of the games we went too. So, this year we waited in the ticket line, only to find out that “NOPE,” that is not allowed this season. The Giants decided that you cannot upgrade any packages purchased. This sucks! We had no idea this was the case, because Poppa Bear had every intention of upgrading each game. If they would offer better (lower box) seats we would have bought them, but they don’t. The ticket seller told us we would have to pay full price for new sets and lose the money we already spent on the current seats. Needless to say, we walked out of the office with our head hanging :(

The Ganeeban's // Right before we got rejected from ticket upgrading :(

Luckily, there was a silver lining, these nosebleeds were better than last seasons for two reasons: 

  1. They are on the home field side – 3rd base line
  2. They are not as far to the top – last year we were about 3 rows from the last row of seats

When the season started last week we started playing the Arizona Diamondbacks at their house. This series, they made their way to our turf for a second series! Tuesday’s game couldn’t have went perfect, but then there was last night…

Timmy, oh Timmy! He did not have his stuff last night. He was flat, he was hittable, and he wasn’t the Timmy we all hope he can still be. Any who, I won’t bore you with the details of the actual game, but know we were struggling and continued to attempt to comeback, but could never get hot. I was happy to see Morse and Posey homer, but we still couldn’t get in position to score. I don’t know how many innings we had two on base with two outs, and the batter would pop fly out. This sport and my team can be torturous, but I still continue to come back for more.
AT&T Park // Timmy's First Pitch v AZ

I tried some new food at the field, a tri-tip sandwich and fried zucchini. Not too bad, but the tri-tip was pretty tough to eat. I ended up passing half of it to our “human garbage disposal,” Lil’s BF. He happily ate it.
AT&T Park // 3rd Level // Tri-tip Sando & Fried Zucchini
The game was loooong, to say the least. So by the 8th inning the seagulls were full effect. The Giants did something I haven’t noticed before. They put two huge pictures of seagulls on the score board and they did a clapping chant and the hundreds of seagulls that were circulating our heads flew away. It was awesome, we all were in awe. We still aren’t sure if it was the images or the clapping, but whatever they dissipated pretty quickly. This meant we weren’t in a current state of fear of getting shat on!

Seagulls && Fog
To make matters worse, during the 7th inning or so, they flashed a warning on the screen – the Bay Bridge closed 3 lanes due to emergency road construction, so only one lane was open. The other lanes might be open around midnight. So what normally takes about 1.5 hours to get home took 3 hours. Needles to say, I’m a little sleepy today and I missed my Strength class.

I might sounds like a Bitter Betty – awful game and horrendous traffic – but I wouldn’t trade my experience for anything. I love my team, win or lose, so being there has its own goodness automatically built into it! There is something about walking into AT&T Park, the masses of people, the anticipation of first pitch, the Kiss Cam, the announcers, the cheesy music and cheers, the walk out song selections, the players, and the GAME! And although when they play my fave Journey song, it indicates we are losing, I still love belting it out in my amazing awful voice :)

My first game at the yard, for every season, is always magical….

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  1. So cute that your whole family are Giants Fans! Oh and I'm all about bringing my own snacks at games! Haha! Enjoy the season! ;)

    1. Thanks, we kinda force Momma bear into it. But she goes because we all love it so much, she's a trooper! I try to bring my snacks, but sometimes those garlic fries and caramel corn are just to dang tempting ;)


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