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2:03 PM

It happens...

 Once, or even a twice, a year...this city girl takes her butt to a cabin in some type of nature setting. Whether it's more of a wilderness setting or a beachy setting, it's no where near the city life. Not that Sacramento is the hustle and bustle of the likes of SF, but its just city enough for this gal!

New LuLu's just in time for the cabin trip!
A couple of good childhood friends families have cabins in different cities in CA. So almost yearly we go to them and have since we were in high school. This group consists mostly of guys. It used to be a huge mixed of co-ed's, but as we've gotten older and families have grown, we see less and less of the group. However, there is still the core group of guys I'm friends with. Apparently, I'm the only girl standing who can withstand their crude conversations, gross farts, and general grossness. Hahaha!

I will say, at first glance most people think it's weird that I have such close relationships with a select few guys/men. In all honesty, these boys (sorry, feels weird to call them men when they act like dorks when I see them) have really become the brothers I've never had. The treat me like a sister, pick on me, but still have a hint of protectiveness. Mostly they just make fun of me, good thing I have tough skin. There are a few other girls who are close with them, but for the most part, I'm the only one who talks to them on a regular basis. 
The Fat Kids Club

So, to go with them on a pretty much all boys trip, is normal. Normal for me, maybe not everyone else. But this time, the Boy came along and got to see these boys in their full glory, stinky farts and all. I will say, although they are the same bunch, it's nice to see we've grown up a little and we don't solely survive on beer and chips. Now its beer and grown up food - ribs, Korean BBQ ribs, and actual side dishes!!
Matt && I

As any of these trips go, they come with good memories and a generally some of the worst hangovers to date! This wasn't any different. We drove up on Friday night, grabbed some food on the way, and started drinking right when we entered the cabin. The rest of the group had been there for awhile, so we had some catching up to do! This is the only time I think I ever play drinking games anymore, but what else are you supposed to do in a cabin in the wilderness?!?
We'll never outgrow our cabin trips!

After what felt like the hangover from hell, I was out of bed by 4PM. Showered and still not feeling my best, we went on a walk to the local man made pond and also to go see Momma's best friend's families cabin, which was recently remolded. They call it "The Dew Drop Inn," how cute is that?
Dorrington, CA
Cute little bridge.
Just in case I got lost, blue Lulu's were needed!
Hangtree Trail // Dorrington, CA
That's a lot of uphill...
His first trip to the cabin :)

Saturday night was more of the same shenanigans, but this time the only thing I was drinking was Gatorade. The smell of alcohol was still unsettling. So I got to watch the boys get tanked. I don't think I've laughed that hard in a very long time, my cheeks were literally cramping I was laughing so much. Since we had to leave super early on Sunday, we called it a night fairly early...but the boys kept the party going until the wee hours.

Up and att'em to leave by 7AM on Sunday morning. We are dedicated to our passion, no one likes missing a (soccer) game. We got a little lost, but found our way home with a few minutes to spare! Had a great time watching the Boy play and hanging out with friends. The Bestest lives near by the field, so she came and brought her little Lovebug to play for a bit. Then it was off to my game. Both teams started out with less than full teams, but they end of the game we both almost had full squads. 

Since this weekend was plan-less, besides the cabin trip and soccer games, I grabbed a quick bite and a juice and sat and watch the Bestest and her hubs play their game. I also got to play with the Lovebug, twice in one day, lucky me! 

Ate && Levi
I have so many books that are half started and some still waiting to be read. So, of course I had to start my new book that arrived. I took myself on a quick "ME Date" and went to our local Urban Winery and had a glass of Chard and read my book in the lovely spring afternoon. I think I got through a few chapters and it felt nice to relax and enjoy a book.

Revolution Wines
It's not that I don't care for adventure movies, I just don't really go to see them. Unless, that is, that Poppa Bear wants to go. So, we went to see Captain America. It wasn't bad at all. I was tense in some parts, because I am the biggest scardy cat alive, but it was good. Then we went and had a celebratory, week ending drinks and late night happy hour at BJ's. It was the perfect way to end a great weekend. Who doesn't want to end their weekend with a PB pizookie?!? If you are opposed to this, then maybe we shouldn't be friends ;)

Nature's cool, just in small doses...

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