5. Things. Friday.

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Friday, you're my only friend...

Five Things Friday

Birthdays, booze, and Boston...it's been a fun week...

1. Brohams - It hasn't happened in a verrrry long time, but all the boys (myself included) will be getting together and heading to one (of two) cabins we used to visit during high school and post high school, college era times. This cabin is one that has so many ridiculous memories for all of us, most are a drunken debauchery blur. This will probably be no different, except the hangovers will be brutal now that we are all in a different age bracket. We must have been good kids, to let all of our parents let us go to a cabin with a co-ed group and stay for days on end (not missing school of course)! It should be fun to get some quality broham time in, which I'm looking forward too.
My weekend forecast, calls for a run and some booze!
2. 2 Years - I mustache you a question, how do you celebrate one of your fave lovebug's birthdays? We had the funnest little birthday party, mustache themed, for my little nephew! It was very low key, but the decorations were on point! He was so adorable and I love watching him grow up and develop such a fun little sassy personality. He really is a handsome little fella...
We mustache you about being 2!
Birthday treats!
Ate (aka Auntie) Juice
3. Kings - This year has to be a record, three Sacramento Kings game in one season. I can't remember going to that many in a looooong time. Good thing I have friends in good places, who let me tag along to these games! Apparently OKC is a good team and Durant is a boss, which I did not know when I signed up to go to the game this week. I was more excited to spend time with my Bestest and her little lovebug. It was his first game, so it was fun to be there to experience it with their cute little family...and their other cousin (huge giants fan, woot! woot!).
!st Kings game for this lovebug!
4/9/14 // Sacramento Kings vs OKC
Durantula - apparently he's a big deal...
4. Boston - The one year anniversary of last years tragedy is less than a week away. The reminder has given me time to reflect on what happened last year, my passion for running, and being empathetic in general. I am excited for all the runners to go out there and be united, but also sad for the tragedy that happened last year! Locally, we are having a small fun run and charity beer drinking session after. I can't wait to be a part of it, and get 3 miles in, while sporting my Boston shirt. As a runner, my kindred spirit hurts for those closely affected by the tragedy, but I also know that this community of people are strong and resilient. Without violence, but determination and passion, we will unite and show them they cannot hurt/diminish our spirit as runners! Good luck to anyone running Boston and I can't wait to (virtually/spiritually) cheer you on!
If you live in Sacramento, come join the fun!
5. November Project - I know I've already talked about this. But when I showed up on Wednesday, we had a DC transplant! It makes me crazy, happy to have someone from another tribe come visit us. I try not to compare our small tribe to others, but sometimes I feel like attendance at these free workouts is the essence of success. We have a great, strong group, but we are small. When I look at all the other tribes they have anywhere from 50-100 people there. We just aren't there, but I know we are trying! So to have Ta Mara join us was amazing. She even gave us out shout out, which made my heart happy on hump day!!

Facebook // Ta Mara

I'm already anticipating this weekends hangover...

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