5 Things Friday

2:03 PM

Apparently, I wasn't so original with this idea...

Either I knew subconsciously or I saw it somewhere and thought it was catchy! Damn, I thought I was pretty original, but I guess I'll have to try again! Here is the originator of Five Things Friday .

five-things-friday- must-reads!
Thanks, Clare!

1. Girlfriends - I saw the cutest thing on Pinterest. It had the quote "Thank you for being my unbiological sister"! That is the perfect way to put how I feel about my girl friends. I have met and established an amazing group of girls/women in my life. Each one of them beautiful inside and out, but all with fun and different characteristics! I had to miss our monthly girls night last night, so I was a little bummed. But since SATC is like the bible, I took a Carrie quote and reminded the gals that I appreciate having them in my life!

SATC // Words to live by....

2. Lulu Obsessed - It's pretty much official. I try to only buy one item a month, but I exceeded that the last couple of months. But I will say, I'm proud that I do shop in their "we made too much" section...aka...the sale section. I never forget my baller-on-a-budget roots, at all!! It doesn't help that I'm a complete sucker for a "thumb hole". Lucky for me they put these on almost all of their long sleeved tees!!

I love lulu mail delivery days!

3. To Race or Not?- That is the hardest question I will have to answer this week. I have run once in about 12 days and I am scheduled to race a 10 miler this Sunday. Needless to say, I am not in tip top running shape at the moment. I'm not injured, I just have been crazy lazy. I've played soccer and done conditioning class, so I won't completely die out there...but it won't be pretty. I'm still undecided...
To 10 mile or not?

4. US v MX  - Ties shouldn't be allowed ;) Even if it is just a friendly. The fun rival from our friends south of the border was a great way to break up the week. Minus the copious amounts of alcohol I consumed. I need to remind my 30 year old body, we can't treat it like a 20 year old anymore - hangovers at 30 aren't the business. The game was good and it was an interesting situation to be watching with the Sacramento American Outlaw chapter. I (secretly) think they are there to cheer, sing, and take shots, rather than cheer on their boys in Red and Blue! But they are a fun, albeit rowdy bunch, to be around! World Cup here we come!!

Phoenix, AZ

5. Pretending to be Vegan - If you would have told me 3 to 4 years ago that I'd enjoy (and want to go to) a vegan restaurant I would have A) asked what the hell Vegan was/is and B) laughed at you (after I understood what it meant)! I actually enjoy a local vegan restaurant called The Plum Cafe. I never thought eating vegan could taste so good. Their main entrees are delicious and so is their dessert, but that is a given. I love that we meet here for work meetings, its a win-win for me. It also reminds me to be more adventurous and also that I don't always need beef/chicken to feel full. Vegan meals can be just as filling...

The Plum Cafe // Bruchetta & Hummus
The Plum Cafe // Sample of the Midtown Sandwich and salad
Peace out week, it's time for the weeeeeekend :)

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  1. YES! Race the 10 miler. You haven't run much lately, BUT the race sounds like a good place to get back into it. Right?

    I've got a couple of vegan friends. For the first year or two, they ate a lot of bread and veggies. I visited with them recently and they prepared some really delicious and filling things. Vegan (and vegetarian) can be done in really delicious ways.


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