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Five Things Friday
Today I will theme my usual Friday post around the cooking class I took last night. I am, by nature, not a cook. I don't mind it and can do it (for the most part, with a recipe), but I don't. I prefer having someone else cook my food and paying for it. Sue me!

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Out of my yearning for adventure and trying new things, I signed up for my first ever cooking class. This class was a demonstration class, not a hands-on type of class. The class was titled "Secrets to Cooking without a Recipe" offered at the Sacramento Food Co-op! I'm a member here, so I saved $5 and the class cost me $35. However, they made up for it when they offered $5 glasses of wine during class!

Sacramento Food Co-op
1. Cooking with a recipe is like painting by numbers - Someone said this and it couldn't be any truer. I do fall into the category that follows recipes to a "T" and I can honestly say it does feel like you get lost in following the details and lose the idea of "cooking". Although the name of the class is without a recipe, the instructor still gave out the recipe's. We were supposed to pretend they weren't there. But they will be helpful for guidance and ingredient list shopping when I try to re-create these meals. I got to thinking...maybe this is why I don't enjoy cooking. Following the steps from A-Z seems so boring, if I just went with it and did my own thing I might enjoy it more. I also think part of the reason I don't like cooking is because it is for others. I am nervous  that people won't like what I made. I'm fairly easy to please when it comes to my own cooking, I don't mind plain(er) tasting food. Oh well, time to step out of my comfort zone and give it a GO!

The "pretend" recipe's & a coupon!
2. 3 Staples - Chicken & Rice Soup. Shrimp Linguine. Chicken & Veggie Stir Fry. Our instructor picked three great staples to teach us. Each recipe could be made into something bigger or better OR kept as simple as she showed us. I appreciated that she picked three staples AND that they were all so different. She made them look easy to prepare, but I know they'll be a little harder for me to execute in real life. But I left there feeling confident that I could make all three of these and even maybe get creative with the two of the dishes and add some of my own flair to them!
1st Dish - Chicken & Rice soup w a glass of white wine
2nd Dish - Shrimp Linguine
3rd Dish - Chicken & Veggie Stir Fry

3. Mayumi -Our instructor was awesome. She was a cute, tiny Asian woman. She spoke eloquently and was well versed in all things kitchen related, but was completely laid back. She explained everything, without making us "newbies" feel insecure about being there. She answered all questions that were thrown her way. She elaborated on everything and gave plenty of options to change/alter the recipes she was cooking with. She gave ideas and insights on what types of proteins to use. She didn't have a script and was very natural. She made the class enjoyable and fun, not like it was taking a class for school! Her specialty seems to be Asian cuisine, but she can cook it all. I enjoyed my first class at the co-op and I'm definitely open to taking others!
You pronounce it: my-you-me (as she told the class, with finger gestures and all)
4. De-veining Shrimp - I am always completely disgusted by their "what I've always known as their poop tract". Literally, if I see it, I stop eating the shrimp. However, I got schooled. The little black line that is on the spine (or back, whatever) of the shrimp is their digestive track. As Mayumi pointed out, they aren't mammals and it isn't their poop! She proceeded to say that most restaurants don't take it out and sometimes it will just cook into the food - insert grossed out face! Now I guess I won't feel so gross about eating it, but that's going to take awhile. Luckily the co-op does offer shelled and de-veined shrimp for purchase...

5. Wine makes it more enjoyable - An added bonus of this class was that they sold $5 glasses of wine during class. You could either buy a red or a white. I was the ONLY student, out of 9 to purchase a glass. I think there were a few envious stares, but I was the only one to pull the trigger. They also offered one glass of white wine during the class. So, I was the only lucky one that got 2 glasses. I think that had a lot to do with making it that much more enjoyable.

Cute little logo'd glass!
I'm glad I signed up for this class. I've been wanting to take one forever and finally decided "why not now"? It was very intimate, although the class could accommodate 30 people if necessary. The co-op offers a slew of classes, a few peaked my interest. One that I really want to attend is the Summer Sangria one - more so to drink the fruits of the instructors labor, rather than learn. Even I can Google a sangria recipe and execute it fairly easily. I've had some practice. I think I'll stick with some of the basic classes, before I get into more of the specialized classes.

I was definitely hungry after class, since most of the tastings were smaller than an appetizer serving, so I met up with a soccer friend to have some wine. Sadly, the place we chose closed in less than 10 minutes...so we opted for some good 'ol bar/comfort food for the evening. Catching up and eating fatty food was the perfect way to end a fun evening!
Ink Eats // Grilled Triple Cheese w/ a side of Mac-n-Cheese (order of french fries not pictured)
I'm really thinking about trying one of the recipes...I promise...

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  1. A cooking class sounds fun! I definitely like cooking more when I'm not reading a recipe every 30 seconds and cooking for people always makes me nervous too!

    ps that comfort food looks SO good!

    1. Hi Heather! It was fun, small and intimate. I've been really into trying/doing new things and this has been on the list for awhile :) I don't think I can commit to saying I "like" cooking yet, hahaha!


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