Weeknds Are for Wine!

2:44 PM

Age and wine are similar...

Freeport Bakery // Champagne Cake

The older you (it) gets, the better it becomes! 

Although my birthday isn't until the 5th, I started celebrating really early this year. I don't think I've ever started celebrating in February. But, hey, what are you supposed to do when someone asks to celebrate with you...you GO?! Duh!

This weekend was packed with the most insane amount of activities, but I wouldn't have changed it for the world. There are a hundred more pictures on my iPhone, but here are the good ones from an amazing weekend of family, friends, and wine :)

Friday Night

Foundation // Pama Cucumber Martini & Passion Fruit Lychee Martini
Foundation // Gouda Burger w/ Fries

February Family Birthday's // Mark & Isaac
Love bugs are being cute, as usual!

Babysitting Treats // Rip van Wafels Carmel Filled Wafel & Kona Coffee

My little rockstar!
CPK // Butter Cake w/ Ice Cream
I (kinda) learned how to make a star, after 5 hand cramps!
Prepping for J's & Tracy's big day - I was just there to hang out ;)

Surprised by awesome SF Giants themed decorations!
Blessed to know that not everyone can find 21 friends (people I talk to on a regular basis) to celebrate with!
My boo!
IG Collage - easiest way to put  tons of pictures in one!
Platinum. Golden. Copper. Ganeeban Girls.
The Brohams attempting #duckface and being US!
Caught cupcakin', enjoying the rain together!
I have beautiful (inside & out) friends!
These two spoiled me and took care of everything!
Hey - I'm almost 31 ;)
It was an amazing weekend, to say the least. If there is a word to describe the feeling of beyond blessed, then that's the word I would use right now. But because I have no idea what that word is, you will have to just get what my sentiment represents...

There were some big firsts this weekend, all of which added to how amazing this weekend was. Oh, if you are a Northern Californian and are looking to wine taste with a group of friends and family, Lodi is definitely a great option! Just don't go to the Michael David winery, long story short, they SUCK! But they weren't going to ruin my celebration, I wouldn't let that happen!

Although the last part of our wine adventure is a blur, I know that I had an amazing time with newer and old friends. Surrounding yourself with positive, supportive, and good people really does reflect how good it is to age (gracefully)! I couldn't have asked for a better way to start birthday MONTH ;)

I can't wait to get through the week, because I will be in sunny AZ in less than four days with 4 of my favorite girls! Lounging by the pool, watching my G-men, and relaxing :)

This weekend was amazing, but I'm ready to get my "Gamer Babe" on in AZ!

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