Thinking out Loud...Pre-Race Purge

11:34 AM

T-minus 3 day's until my first halfer for the year....

Shamrock'n Half
Shamrock'n 2014

So it is only appropriate that I purge my pre-race thoughts upon you, my lucky, lucky reader(s). Thanks to Amanda at I'm bringing you, I think, my 2nd Thinking out Loud!

So let's begin....

1. Training - so let's just say, I haven't been sticking to that lovely little training plan I have printed out, nestled in my workout log. Yes, I glance at it, I contemplate it. Sometimes I do the workout, sometimes I don't (more toward the later)! I feel guilty, but then I don't. I've been know to be obsessive with sticking to my training plan, so we shall see how I fair going this route. I have almost completely disregarded any speed workout, with the exception of maybe 5 out of 12. I can list my excuses here, but let's just get down to it...they didn't happen. And, I'm kinda okay with it. I've gone on a few long (mildly easy) runs, the longest to date was 12.6 miles a month or so ago. I feel confident that 13.1 miles is doable, it is the recovery that might be the issue. Every since I ran CIM, I feel that anything less is, for the lack of a better word, easy. 

2. Newbies - there are so many friends and family who will be running this race as their FIRST halfer EVER! I'm so excited to be a part of it, whether I'm running with them or cheering them on. I am beyond excited that Momma Bear is doing the race and that she finally decided to let Lil run with her. Also, the Boy and I will be running together and I couldn't be happier (also because this means I won't be trying to PR). Also, a few soccer friends are newbies to the sport and have been training and keeping me up to date and asking questions. I love that they come to me for advice, although I feel inadequate in providing answers. Yes, I've done a handful of them, but by no means do I feel like I have the answers, so I just tell them what works for me (but remind them, it might not work for them).

Preach on Kara!

3. Carbs - My favorite part of the whole racing process. My excuse to eat tons of carbs and not have a care in the world! Also, I'm hosting a carb dinner two nights before the race, that's another first. It is definitely situational, because for Lent I gave up going out to dinner - so thus, we must cook! But I'm looking forward to race chatting with the newbies and hanging out with friends!

4. Race Fit - I still don't know what I'm going to wear yet...eek! The weather says it will be 80 degrees that day, which means shorts and a tank, but it has been fairly cold in the AM's lately. I hate bringing things to throw away on the course, but that might just be what happens, because I don't think I'll see anyone on the course to give them my added layers. I better get this situated, only three days until race day.

Work is the title sponsor, so they want us to sport these hats...
...which I won't, but I will for a picture!
5. My Health - After returning from AZ I had a huge flair up of eczema and an allergic reaction, so I'm on a medicine to help stop the itching. I'm not sure how this will affect my body, so I was hesitant to fill the prescription. I did and I'm on day 3 of 5 days, but by race day it will still be in my system. It was a gamble, but these unsightly bumps (think chicken skin) have taken over and I can't wait to get rid of them!

6. The Joy of Running  - I feel like I've lost it, but it's still there. If that makes any sense, at all? I know I enjoy it, but sometimes it is really, really, really hard to make myself get out there and do it - especially if it's a run by myself. Buuuut, every time I finish my run, I appreciate it! So, like probably every other human, I just need that little motivation to get out the door. Which I know is not uncommon, but it's been a struggle lately. Which is why #1 might be the way it is. I try to squeeze in a long run any time during the weekend, I have our weekly runs/workouts on Wednesday's, and then random runs when and if I want to run. After my race this past weekend, I was really happy. Although I haven't been training religiously, I was able to run faster than I ever have before. Granted it was half the distance of a halfer, it was still faster than I've ever ran (I think). So I know I still get joy out of running, it's just the joy of getting out of the door that I need to find again...

The Scottsdale Giant Race // 9k Results

I'm racing, but not really...

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  1. At this point in my life, I couldn't even imagine running that far, so anyone who can do it is basically a hero in my eyes. Good luck on your race this weekend! I'm pretty sure carbs would be my favourite part of the racing process as well ;)

    1. Aww, dang, that's sweet of you, but you are a beast - I know you'd kill a halfer :) Thanks for the well wishes and YESSS carbs are for sure the BEST part about any pre-race activities!!


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