There Really Should be a Day in Between Saturday and Sunday

2:27 PM

Ya feel me?!

Who comes up with these?

I know it's already Tuesday, but here is a quick little recap of my lovely, although extremely busy weekend. I feel blessed to be able to complain about being busy, life could always be worse.

Because come on, Friday really is part of the weekend!

Bestest y Yo

You and your best friend don't send each other silly #selfies?!? Cause we do! I dubbed this edition #scarfies - you see what I did there (selfie + scarf)! haha! It's funny how you can connect with one person and they essentially become part of your family. I recently read (multiple times) that if a friendship surpasses 7 years, then it will last a lifetime. I guess you readers better get accustomed to the Bestest and all the randomness that comes with the two of you haven't already! Don't get me wrong, we've had our ups and downs as any relationship goes through, but through it all our friendship always prevails! Since we were hanging out on Thursday night, we made a #swolemate date for very early on Friday...5AM gym sesh! We warmed up with a one mile run, then decided we need to lift heavy! Girls, you really should lift weights...

Go Dirty Girl Mud Run // Sacramento, CA

After a tapas and sangria induce dinner, I was too sleepy to function. Early to bed, early to rise. Saturday AM was an early wake up call! It was time to get dirrrrrty with my girls and Momma bear. More to come on this tomorrow, with my lovely re-cap. We had some awesome cheerleaders and we all went out to a lovely breakfast after! Gotta love doing races, it's really the post-race meal that get's me to sign up for these things!!

Starbucks & foils!

Hair did, (I wish) nails did! After a quick shower I was off to get my hair done. Gotta keep up with the 6 week rotation, highlights are maintenance! Instead of sitting in the chair, being super tired, I decided, foils and all, to head to Starbucks for a treat. Thank goodness they had a drive thru, I didn't have to embarrass myself that much ;)

3/22/14 // Capitol Bowl

To make sure I stayed consistently busy, we had a bowling night planned. The Boy and I met up with one of my faves and her family for so good 'ol, G-rated fun! Oh my, I forgot how awful at bowling I truly am. The two little girls beat me in both games we had, granted they did have bumpers ;) There is even a fancy contraption that they can put the ball on and roll it down to assist with momentum down the lane. By no means fancy, but it was genius! The bowling alley is smack in the middle of two very (I strongly emphasize very) seedy motels. But the actual facility is really nice! They had a full bar, which we didn't partake in, and a full kitchen. We were jacked up on Sprite and having a blast. They were playing club music and randomness, then all of a sudden Frozen's "Let it go" came on and we were for sure getting our karaoke on!!

Cal Middle School // Midtown Class

Hives aka Allergies

After some well deserved rest, I was up at a normal hour on Sunday AM. I made myself a legit breakfast sandwich - although veggie week was done, I still opted for an egg white, cheese, and sandwich thins  (I'm not sure why I subject myself to such lackluster carbs). Then it was off to my Midtown class, however, since there was a power lifting meet they held it at a local middle school. I knew it would be fun, but I didn't think it would kick my ass so much. The co-owner, Camilo, ran the class and he worked it! We used all the old school monkey bar equipment, ran prowler sprints, and did burpees (which I broke out in hives, thanks allergies, real cool). It was a great workout.

Nugget Market // Le Cirque

To kill time before my futbol game, I headed to Nugget Market. I'm on a mission to try all of their juices. I treat myself every Sunday that I have an outdoor soccer game, so this day was no exception. Only one, being that I had it before the game - I had an hour to kill and needed to change into my soccer gear, so I bought a snack. I was starving too, so I got a small serving of fried rice and garlic chicken to snack on with my juice. I sat outside, enjoyed the music and people watching until time for my game.

After my game, I skated home to shower and get ready for for work. Yup, I said work on a Sunday afternoon. I have a little side hustle demoing a pretty cool product. So while I stood at the front entrance of Whole Foods for about four hours, I was being tempted every which way with the goodness that is inside of this place. Our Pop-up is right by the bakery, which was killing me by the minute. I snagged some goodies for dinner and salivated at their hot bar, that stuff is amazing! Then I went home to watch as much ONB as I could before I inevitably feel asleep. By the way, Whole Foods $2.49 Cab Sav is pretty good, given it's price point, of course.

Being busy with the right people, doesn't make it feel like you're busy...

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