Race Recap - Dirty Girl Mud Run 5k (Sacramento)

10:07 AM

Sometimes it’s just ALL about the ladies...

Dirty Girl Mud Run Sacramento // Sacramento Raceway

Gentleman, sorry…you have to sit this one out…OR be our cheerleader/picture takers/holder of stuff/positive vibe giving friends during this race. And we’re completely okay with that!

Gotta get a #self before the race!
When you think of the word “girly” you do not correlate “mud” with that word. But that’s why we’re here! Gathering a great group of gals, of all fitness levels, we made our way to the Sacramento Raceway. Dirty Girl made it very clear and apparent that parking costs $10 c-a-s-h. They warned you multiple times, so if you didn’t have it, I don’t feel sorry for you. They even asked you to carpool with your girls and your spectators. 

After figuring out what outfit was appropriate – duh, pink had to be included – and waking up extremely early (to be the first wave of Dirty Girl’s), we all met up to carpool together! I could physically have done this race by myself, but that’ would have been booooring! So, I gathered 3 girlfriends and my Momma Bear and we made it a girl’s adventure.

Race Day Fit // C9 Tank / C9 Capris / Balega Socks / Saucony Kinvara 4's
As we walked up to the course we noticed everything had signs and was pink. It’s like pink and brown got married and threw up all over the place. Everything was logo’d to the fullest and we were getting excited! There is definitely a well defined process when you arrive. First you are corralled to the “Waiver Confirmation” station. Oh technology! They have a bunch of volunteers ready, iPad’s equipped, to have to fill out and sign a waiver on their handy little machine.

Welcome, Dirty Girl's!

Waiver Confirmation
Team Dirty Wenches Checking In

iPad waiver

Once you signed your life away, you headed to the “Check in Bib Assignment”. Again, their technology was on point. This where you provided your printout from Eventbrite or used your Smartphone to use the Eventbrite app. They used a little do-hickey to scan either option and scan the bib you were going to receive. After you had your bib in hand you walked to “SWAG Pick-Up”. Our swag was our race shirt and a brown necklace w/ a Dirty Girl charm!

Check-In Bib Assignment
Check-In Bib Assignment

SWAG Pick-up


As if that wasn’t it…there was one last station that was optional. If you wanted to partake in the post race cocktail you had to stop by the “Age Verification – Bracelets Here” table. We decided we’d rather have these, than not have them. Who doesn’t want a cocktail at 9AM?

Age Verification - Bring on the cocktail!

My drinking bracelet!

After we finally got through all the logistics, we had plenty of time to walk around and check out the sights. We saw the Paul Mitchell tent where they would do your hair after the race. A HUGE shout out to Paul Mitchell. They sponsored the race photos and uploaded them all to Facebook so we could access them for free. That's freakin' awesome, what a legit sponsor!  We saw the bag check tent, which we had originally planned on using. Right in front of this tent is where you actually get your clothes pins for your bib. 

Paul Mitchell Tent

Gear Check
Safety pin and trash can station, right in front of the Gear Check Tent.

There was plenty of opportunities to take pictures – solo or with your group. We took full advantage of this opportunity, especially so we could get our “before” pictures. You could even preview the course, although you had to climb a pretty steep hill to see it all. Even that didn’t do it justice. Now I completely understood why they chose this venue. There was tons of grassy knoll to use for us ladies to roam and get muddy.

My sneak peek of the course.
Typical Race Shot
Clean Dirty Girls
Team Dirty Wench - The "Good Before" Pic
Dirty Girls are STRONG!
1-2-3 Jump..or laugh!

As it was approaching 8AM, our cheerleaders arrived. My Boo even surprised me and showed to cheer, it was a sweet surprise. Lucky for us, they held all of our gear so we didn’t need the gear check tent. I had complete confidence that the volunteers wouldn’t lose any of our stuff, if we had decided to use their service. The boys had their jobs – take pictures and hold our stuff!

Where it all starts :)

About 5 minutes to 8AM they gathered us all in the starting shoot. We weren’t a big group (compared to the later groups we saw lined up). But again, we are hardcore and started at 8AM. The Beefcake MC was awesome! He was pumping us up and making sure we were ready to tackle the cold, wet MUD! He also gave a big shout out to all breast cancer survivors we had in our wave. We had one and we all cheered, crazy loud, for her and she was smiling from ear to ear. It was heartwarming to see her out there!

And then we were OFF! Before you even do anything there is a mud pit, BUUUUT mostly everyone (including our group) bypassed it and ran around it. Then it was straight into an incline hill – the steepest one of the day. A total of 12 obstacles, covering 3.1 miles of the Sacramento Raceway. I will say that I wasn’t expecting so much space/gaps between each obstacle. I don’t mind running, but I guess I assumed they’d be closer together. Oh well, who doesn’t love some early AM cardio! At every mile marker they had a water station and music blaring, while volunteers handed you cups. They were always nice to come up too, but it took me 2 of them to realize they were the mile markers! I’d say about 75% of the obstacles had volunteers cheering people on. It was always nice to see smiling faces that were encouraging all participants. It was slightly weird to come up to one with no one there, we did them…but it was eerily quiet as we did the obstacle.

8AM wave is OFF!

Eating a hill for breakfast!

On our way...

Here's a breakdown of the obstacles. (They are not in the order we completed them.)

Barn Burner - Climb up higher than you ever thought you could. Once at the top, there’s nowhere to go but to gently bounce back down to the ground. – We could NOT stop laughing on this one. We literally climbed up the one side, but decided to bounce on each layer on the way down. We were laughing so extremely hard, it was ridiculous!!

Getting ready to bounce our way down!
Teamwork - ready, set, GO!
Booty bounces ALL the way down!

Get A Grip - All that rope ladder training you’ve been doing is about to pay off…kind of. Climb like you’ve never climbed before and holler out when you ring that bell! – We loved this one, ringing that bell felt so gratifying. Also, the boys were at the bottom to capture pictures of our good sides (our bottoms)! It was another fave of ours!

Climbing like little monkeys...see the bells?!?

Just trucking along...

Utopian Tubes - It’s wet and muddy in those tubes. Follow the light as you crawl through the short tunnel and emerge on the other side, muddy and laughing until your belly aches. – Least favorite, for claustrophobic reasons, of course!

Get Over Yourself! - It’s an eight foot wall to climb up and over. And yes, there are a few steps along the way. This is your chance to shine…and lend a helping hand to your fellow Dirty Girls. – We were so grateful for the slats/steps. We were all in agreement that if they didn’t have these we would have never made it over the wall :/

You Go Girl! - Like high-stepping through tires, but pink and with more padding. This one really gets your heart pumping. – This was one of the first obstacles, we were laughing and hoping we didn’t eat it in front of everyone!

PMS (Pretty Muddy Stuff) - Dirty Girls are Pretty and this Stuff is Muddy. Hop in the pit, run through and get to the other side. Pretty Muddy Simple. – Pretty much what the description says, nothing too exciting, besides the mud bath part!

My smile tells the story...

Never give up...

Runaway Bride - As with all runaway brides, you never really know what’s going to happen. Up and over? Down and under? Expect the unexpected and some variety. – Honestly, I cannot remember which one this is exactly…lo siento!

Amaze Yourself! - Twist, turn, step or crawl. Get through the bungee maze any way you can. No one is judging on style points. – This one got interesting, our feet kept getting stuck in the bungees and we kept laughing hysterically. I didn’t know bungees come in pink, it was cute :)

H2OMG - Heard of water aerobics? This is more like muddy-water-aerobics. Your job? Climb in and get to the other side any way you want. Water wings not required. – One of the least liked one’s…you literally climb up a later to drop into a pool of muddy water (about chest high) walk a few steps to another (taller) ladder to climb out. The second ladder was super jankey, so helping hands of the other girls was necessary!

Down & Dirty - It’s like crawling under the fence when you were a kid…you still giggle a bit, but there is a lot more mud and the fence is 40 feet long. This is the first time you have to get your whole body muddy! No shying away, get in there and just get dirrrrrty – but keep your mouth closed ;)

Dirty Dancing - Remember climbing up and going down that huge playground slide in elementary school and landing in a massive mud pit? No? Well, here’s your chance! – By far our FAVORITE obstacle! The climb up wasn’t too bad, even though it was at the end of the race. But the slide was super fun, but be careful – all body control goes out the window when you are slipping down that thing. And try to smile, because the camera guy is there waiting to capture you splash into the pit, face dripping with mud water and a smile! Loved that the fellas were waiting and cheering us on! Couldn’t really ask for a better way to end the race :)

She inspires me!
Doesn't get better than this...
Still smiling...

Such an awesome shot, but so unflattering ;)


Net Working - Watch your hands and feet as they go in all different directions! Find something to grab as you climb up, across and down a massive rope-lined funky fortress. – This was interesting, because you climbed a rope grid, parallel to the ground. You had to go up a ladder to get to the grid and down a ladder to get off. They had mats where the ladders were, but they were super slippery for some reason…

I couldn’t be prouder to be a party of the Dirty Girl nation and that all of us gals completed every one of the obstacles. From the beginning we said we would attempt all, but if anyone wanted to opt out, we wouldn’t give them a hard time. But, by the nature of this event – women can be empowering and help each other out. I think this event is a great reminder that women should empower and support one another, not put each other down. Nothing good comes from that and Dirty Girls prove that with each obstacle they complete!

PSA over! After the big slide, mud water dripping from your face, you run about 10 yards to the last little mud pool. This is where they yell at you to go crazy. I felt like we were finally being baptized into the Dirty Girl Nation! We hopped in and started splashing each other like crazy and screaming! It was the perfect way to end our race and welcome us to the official Dirty Girl Nation! The MC was giving us some serious shout outs and then the volunteers flocked to us with some tasty beverages as we hopped out!

The last hurrah!
They didn't look dirty enough...
Mud party!
Cause kicking water is fun too!
This much energy after a 5K.
The MC was completely encouraging us to do this!
We like each other, I swear!
That's a flattering shot...
Dirty Girls at heart!
Who knew you could find happiness in MUD?!?

Mud soaked, probably smelly, and completely happy we had to get our “after” picture! They had a fun backdrop, so we did as girls do, and we posed the heck out of a picture. Our boys obligingly took 100 various pictures for us. Then we couldn’t decide – shower or cocktail. Shower won and we headed to find it. Boy, were we glad we went in the first wave, that shower tent could get really gross after a few 100 girls used it. After you zigzag through a maze (think a carnival ride line) you get to the back of a tent. Along the wall they have over 25 hoses hanging to choose from. You grab one and go to town hosing yourself off. After you are fully clean, bwahah yeah right, as clean as possible, you head into the changing tent. Where they kindly remind you no photography is allowed! If you have your stuff you can change here, I just walked through this and went to meet the group. I threw on my new swag (aka tee) and called it a day. After we were as clean as we were willing to get ourselves, we decided to get our cocktail.

The "After" shot!

Sadly, one does not really equate a cocktail with Bud Light. But that’s all we could get. We were all bummed, but we took them anyway. We deserved a good job cheers with our girls! I’m not sure who threw it out there, but we thought it would be fun to chug our beer too, not the brightest idea – I’ll blame it on exhaustion from the race ;)

Since when is Bud Light a cocktail?

They also have a huge tent of merchandise, which we accidentally assumed was the cocktail tent at first. We didn’t buy any merch, but they had anything and everything you could image for additional swag. By the time we finished, tons of new DG’s were arriving. It was really cool to see huge groups of women, matching shirts or outfits, participating. We were a small group, for sure, but we couldn’t have had a better time! Waves were scheduled to start every fifteen minutes, from 8AM to 11AM – that’s a bunch of Dirty Girls!

Candid DG!

I’m so glad I did this race. No one should be intimated by the mud or the fact that it’s called a race. They really should call it the Dirty Girl Party, where you show up to party and do some obstacles along the way. I can only speak for myself and our group – but we had an AMAZING time. It was inspiring to see Momma bear and my girl friends push themselves, physically and mentally, doing it all with a smile. If you’re looking for clean fun, then you better go sign up for a local 5K, this is as dirrrrty as it gets...

Proud to be her daughter!
Post race glory!

The dirtier the better…I’m officially part of the Dirty Girl Nation!

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