Adventures of an Unglamorous Weekend...

3:26 PM

...and I'm completely okay with that!

Seriously, I did the opposite of "glorifying busy" (if you've seen that article going around social media lately). I had a few things planned, but for the most part I was able to go about as I pleased, which was delightful!

I didn't go to target, but I still wish upon a star...
Weekend Play-by-Play
1. Eat
2. Relax
3. Eat
4. Watch Orange is the New Black and soccer
5. Eat
6. Go to strength class
7. Eat
8. Shop
9. Eat
10. Pedicure & cocktail
11. Eat more... 

Saturday Eats
Heart toast, so romantical ;)

Revolution Wines // Fruit Bruschetta

Sac Co-op // Homemade Burger
Oh yeah, it was stuffed w/ cheese :)

I've been dying to wear these shorts, so I did. It wasn't the warmest of weather, but I wore them anyways. This is about as girly as I get - lace shorts and a pedicure!

Typical pic, but not typical outfit!

The highlight of the weekend was that it was Poppa Bear's 64th birthday! Every year I am grateful to celebrate another birthday with him. I know my time with him is not guaranteed, which really hit home after his open heart bypass surgery a few years ago. So every birthday is a milestone that I treasure. 

64 and still amazing as ever!
The Ganeeban's
Poppa Bear deserves the world for putting up with us three!

Blessed to call him Dad!
That's how I feel about cig smoke :(

As our family tradition goes, the birthday person gets to pick wherever they want to go eat for dinner. This year he picked a local Indian casino, Red Hawk. He really wanted to try the Steakhouse, but I think he just wanted to make my mom happy and go to the casino ;) He's such a good guy with a big heart!

Red Hawk Casino - Henry's // Cesar Salad

Red Hawk Casino - Henry's // Aged Cheddar Mac and Cheese
Red Hawk Casino - Henry's // 5oz Waygu Filet

I decided to eat my way through the weekend...

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  1. That burger looks A-Mazing! Definitely one of my favorite meals, especially post race. Where did you get those cute shorts? You look so pretty all dressed up. :)

    1. Hi Kristen :) Thanks, lady!! The shorts are from good 'ol F21, I've been eying them for awhile. Yes, a burger hits the spot any time of the day, especially when someone else makes it ;)


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