5 Things Friday

1:52 PM

Friday, nice to see you again...

Well I'll be damned, it's already the weekend!

1. Yelp - It all started as a competition to become an "Elite" Yelp-er. Thus, once I reached that status I felt compelled to keep my status. Now my goals is to get the elusive yellow elite badge for five years of yelping. However, after four years of constant check-ins, photo uploads, reviews, comments, F-U-C's, and attending parties I think I'm all Yelp'd out. Don't get me wrong, I love free food and booze, but the events have become so monotonous that I don't enjoy them as I used too. They set the bar high and have been lagging lately...

Nerdin' out at a Yelp event!

Capital Dime // Sacramento, CA

Tequila doesn't play fair...

2. Self Magazine/#tutusrock/Tutus - Okay, okay. I'm sure I'll catch some flack for this little blurb. I don't like tutu's. That doesn't mean I don't support cancer survivors or Girls on the Run. Yes, if a woman who has survived cancer would like to wear a tutu, then by all means, get your tutu on girl. I don't particularly like them. I think they are cute for five year olds or a mother daughter tandem duo, but that's about it! Yes, the do look cute (albiet silly) on women in races...but this is just my opinion. Just because I don't care to sport one, doesn't mean I don't care about cancer, women empowerment, or anything that along these lines. I'm just a traditionalist, probably boring to most. I'm okay with that, but please know that it's just my personal preference. Tisk, tisk Self - you your photo editor chose poorly and you are suffering from social media backlash. I do somewhat feel bad for you, bad choice = PR nightmare. I bet you will be a case study one day...along with Foster Farms, Lululemon, and a slew of others, more recently!

3. Keeping it in the Kitchen - For lent I gave up going out to dinner. Really, it was an emphasis to spend less money on going out all the time. My lack of wanting to cook makes this a very tough task. However, the Boy has been pretty helpful in this department as as the Sacramento Co-op. They have my favorite salad bar, quick, fast, and fairly inexpensive (if you know how to work it). I also decided that I should stop depriving myself of good stuff in the evenings and just make sure to keep it in moderation. So I buckled and bought Three Twins ice cream. I've seen tons of social media posts touting it's goodness, so I had to try it. Along with a jar of caramel and some almonds, I had the best little homemade sundae. 


4. The boys are HOME!  - My men in Orange & Black are back home. They are nestled in their homes and starting their routines for the regular MLB season to start. I couldn't be any happier to have them home and playing their traditional "Battle of the Bay" preseason games at AT&T Park (yesterday, don't ask about the outcome) today and tomorrow! I'm headed for my first game in a few weeks, so excited!!

5. Party Planning - I love it! I wish I could get paid (decent money) to do it. But for now, I will stick with planning social gatherings with friends and whatever work/retirement parties I need too. I love making sure the small touches are taken care of, and yes they might go unnoticed, but if they make one person smile then I'm a happy camper. It's fun to do things for other people. I wish I could make this a career. Of course I've looked into it and even applied for a few jobs, it's not a hard industry to break into and not that lucrative until you are very well known in a specific area. So for now my services are free, which means I get to enjoy the fruits of my labor!!

Retirement Party // 30 Years

Cafeteria 15L // Prime Rib Dip
Cafeteria 15L // Prime Rib Dip
Cheers to the freakin' weekend!

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  1. I, myself, am a cancer survivor AND I think that tutus in races are silly. If you want to dress up as a fairy princess in a tutu or as a superhero, I'm cool with that. I think the thing that Self is getting bashed for the fact that they accidentally chose a cancer patient (who isn't likely to be in top running form and decided to have a fun, social race instead) to rip on.

    Runner's World did an article about running fashion faux pas a few months ago, but they used their own staffers for the photos. That, in my opinion, is the more tasteful way to go, less than a personal attack on the person and more focus on their outfit.

    1. Karen! YES! I feel the exact same way. Self just picked the wrong person/photo. Everyone has to know that Self was not mocking cancer, survivors, non-profits, or anything along those lines. Thanks for the deets on the RW article, I need to go look for it to read - I just got a subscription for my birthday :)


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